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Where do I start! The entire project has been horrible. First of all this all started back in March, and here we are in July and still project not complete. Two of the windows were measured incorrectly for the "hurricane plywood", and of course those two windows were "odd size" so plywood isn't going to be able to be used, you have to upgrade to the diamond cover!
Communication is so very poor, it is unbelievable. The project manager did receive any communication from the sales person, so dates were messed up, they never called to confirm with the homeowner when they were going to be here, so guess what, we went to work only to get a phone call when they arrived that guess what, "we are here to install but no one is home"!
My house was such a mess after they installed, they left all the dust, plastic shavings in the window sills, it was horrible. I have never had contractors NOT clean up the mess they make.
Then when they finally come to install the plywood, the cost on the paper was double from what I was told by the sales person, and there was a $900 plus balance owed, not sure where that came from as I financed the entire project...
This was one of the worst contract jobs I have ever dealt with. I plan on calling their corporate office or district manager today. We are even thinking to have them come and pull the windows out and go to a Home Depot that I am sure will be more professional and do a much better job...That is how dissatisfied we are with them.

Jul 18, 2016

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