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Amy Pergola is the rudest person I have ever had the misfortune of having to speaking to. My son attended the local community college and due to an oversight by the college. My son was awarded a pell grant and he enrolled in courses. I paid the difference between what the pell grant covered and what the courses cost and paid for his books as well so he had no debt. We received notice that more information was required for his financial aid and that they pulled the pell grant saying he wasn't eligible for it after all. We submitted the requested information personally and sat with the financial aid advisor to ensure all required information was received. Weeks later the college states additional information needed which we submitted. Yet again a few weeks later more information needed which again we submitted. All of a sudden we receive a collection notice that the amount originally coveredby the pell grant in the amount of $1437.00 was turned over to Windham Professionals and a $479.00 collection fee was tacked on. After receiving numerous calls every single day including Sundays for months I asked them to stop calling my residence as my son no longer lived there and they said "no, this is the number on his file and until he calls and removes it this is the number we will continue to call". I lost my temper and told the representative that he was calling my home, on my phone that I pay for and since I told him my son no longer lived here to stop calling me or I would call and have them charged with harassment. That was on 9/13/12 and I didn't hear from them after that. I have been trying to resolve this issue with the college for over a year and they refuse to do anything or admit their role in this situation. On 12/3/12 my son received an employment opportunity that will pay for him to take precision machining courses but the employer deals with this particular school that screwed up my sons financial aid/student loans. In order for him to accept the employment offer he needs to attend this college and they won't let him if he has an account in collections and they still refuse to do anything to help with the situation.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salem, NHI called Windham Professionals numerous times today and they wouldn't tell me anything because there wasn't a signed release on file and if there ever had been (like I indicated there is) that the college would have submitted it with his file. After going back and forth all day between the college and Windham Professionals Amy Pergola finally called me back stating the college faxed over the signed release which was in fact on file as indicated. I tried to explain to Amy that I would like to pay the $1437.00 and explain why I felt the collection fee should be waived and she kept interrupted me every other word. I asked her to please stop interrupting me and let me finish what I'm trying to say and she started to raise her voice and get very nasty on the phone and started telling me that my threatening them wasn't going to make a difference and that just because I wasn't hearing what I wanted to hear didn't mean they were going to waive any fees and had my son paid his debts to begin with we wouldn't be in this sistuation. I have never been so insulted or been talked to so rudely by anyone in my life. I can not fathom a company condoning this type of behavior from their employees and can not beleive that any College would willingly choose to do business with such unprofessional rude people. Just because an account was turned over to collections doesn't mean it's because of something the lendee did or didn't do. This situation was the direct result of the college not performing their responsibilities correctly or accuratley or following through. I hope I never have the misfortune of having to deal with anyone from Windham Professionals again and have called and left a complaint with the school indicatnig how rude they are and that I can not believe they choose to do business with such people. Once again AMY PERGOLA is the rudest person I've ever spoken to. My wish for her is that something similar happens to her that is out of her control and through no fault of her own and when she tries to resolve the issue that she gets to speak with smoeone who is as rude as she was to me today. Absolutely RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!!!

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      Dec 18, 2012


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      Dec 18, 2012

    Aren't you the intelligent one!!! Did you bother reading my post. This was my son's bill and it was paid in FULL dimwit. If you bothered to read the post you would also know that my son was granted a pell grant and the difference was paid in cash in full then the college turned around and took back the pell grant and never filed the charges against my sons financial aid and instead waited until it was too late and gave him 14 days to come up with $1437.00 when he only worked part time. Maybe before you start making smart*** remarks you should know what you're talking about.

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