Wimpyhatfield service and best of both breakfast

Hello there.

My friend and I visited Wimpy in Hatfield (Pretoria) yesterday for the Best of Both Monday special.
When we arrived a waitress just told us to follow her. She walked us to a table that was dirty and cleaned it as we waited. We then sat down and she walked away. She didn't greet us, give us her name or say that she would be back. We then patiently waited. 30 minutes later, our patience ran out and we decided to call another waiter. He then told us that he would go and find out where our waitress is. He later came back to tell us that he couldn't find her and that he would be the one assisting us.

As if our experience was not bad enough, when he came with the food, the food was not up to standard. It looked nothing like a Wimpy breakfast as we know it.
We're utterly disappointed in the service we got. I hope something is done about this.

Please find attached a picture of what the food looked like :(

Thank you in advance
Viwe Saliwa


May 02, 2017

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