Wimpy / do not bother ordering a take away here

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I recently went to the Take Away service at Wimpy and OR Tambo's Domestic Departures, I ordered a toasted sandwich and and a Iced Coffee. I received my sandwich within ten minutes, no problems. I had just about finished the sandwich when the manager asked if she could assist me, I responded that I was waiting for my coffee.

The lady that took my order seemed to have dissapeared. I then noticed through the window that she was then only starting the coffee. I asked the manager if she was only starting the coffee at that point to which she responded that No, and it was on its way. The manager then proceded to scream through the window. The ingredients then fell out of the blender and lady who was making it picked up all of the ice with her hands and threw it back in.

I asked the manager to please refund my coffee, she ignored me and only acknowledged my request after my last assertive request.

I received my money back but was told I could no longer have my receipt because then it will look as though the manger was ***, she just shrugged her shoulders when I said I would never order from there again (and I fly once a week) and that the service was shocking!


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