WifinityInternet scam

I have been here at alan brooke barracks for a year now, and every other week i am here contacting you and complaining that the internet dosent work ITS A DISCRACE you charge people £35 in my case and i have always not even half that speed i pay for the average is even lower alot of days its 1 /2 gb from possible 20 we oay for .at peak times you maint as well just turn it off and after the 900th pbone call youbsay the same thing we will look into it but yet you no your service is below average but you are happy to keep taking money off us ! I pay £25 a month at home and get around 75 meg ! And how do you compensate? You give HALF the money from the complaint time to the resolved email ((BY THE WAY YOU NEVER RESOLVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE ) all tou do is semd a email ! This fraud and you are scaming solgiers and i have no choice but to bring this to the public eye !!!

May 15, 2017

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