Wet Seal / Exchange Policy is Bogus!

Jordan Creek Town Center, Des Moines, IA, United States Review updated:

On 12.27.2008 I entered Wet Seal with the intentions of buying 3 new hoodies, I had purchased a hoodie like this a week prior and really liked it!! Sale: "Buy two get one for one cent." I looked through the racks at the different hoodies $19.50/each, tried one of the three on (or 2 of the 4 if you add the 1st one purchased a week prior) all the SAME size, didn't appear to be any problems... so I purchased they stated all sales final, which was fine- I had no intentions of needing to return the items, as I had purchased prior and really liked them... anyways, I get home and start pulling them out of the bag so I can get them in the washer and continue to try the other two hoodies on before hand... one of the two was 'marked' incorrectly at their manufacturer because it didn't fit the same as the other three... So on 12.28.2008 I returned to the store with my hoodie & tags still attached and receipt, not to return the item or ask for my money back but to just let them know that their must of been an issue at their manufacturers while tagging the item because it didn't fit the same as the other three of the same size and that I would like to just exchange for the same item... this time the correct size... the original girl was REALLY nice, she was pleasant and seemed even somewhat concerned, but she had to get her manager... not a problem, the manager comes over & the girl very nicely explained the issue... the manager rudely goes on to tell me that I cannot exchange it for an item of the exact same even though there was a problem on 'their end' because it was a Final Sale... now hold on a second, you mean to tell me that your company isn't perfect and I have to eat that purchase because there was a mistake on your part, really??? Where is the Customer Service here??

My significant other whom has worked in the retail business most of his life thought that this was totally ridiculous, we asked for a corporate manager number... The store manager "Rachelle" gave us the number but not without saying in a rude tone, "I don' make the rules, I'm only here to inforce and stand by them, that's why we state that it is Final sale so you will try the items on"

Alright, that brings me to a great point- What if I had purchased that item as a GIFT to someone and it didn't fit, I have to eat that purchase because your company didn't correctly tag the item with the correct size or even if it just didn't fit???

We have placed a call into their corporate office (12.28.2008) and are patiently waiting a return call... This company truly treats their customers poorly, all I wanted was for them to make right by this situation, but now I'm just flat out ticked off! We'll have to see how their corporate offices handle these situations... it appears from the complaints here, this happens often!

If they don't resolve the situation, I will not be spending another penny in any of their stores! They may not consider one person a loss, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this problem and no longer shops with them... the loss of customers will add up after awhile... then maybe they will reconsider their store policies!

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  • Mi
      Jun 11, 2010

    I don't really get your complaint. You didn't try something on, you were told the items were final sale, and when something didn't fit you wanted them to break the rules for you? That's ridiculous.
    Certain items are cut different, you have tro try them on. I can be a size 8 in one style but a size 11 in another while in the same store. You just have to try things on.

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