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Westlake financial / nasty and rude

1 MD, United States Review updated:

I brought this broken down jallopy from this shady dealer. I had 18 months to pay for the vehicle. One month I sent in a partial payment and got phone calls telling me to stop hiding the vehicle. I call Westlake to find out why the payment never cleared from my bank. I was told that the check came back unable to locate and now the vehicle was on the repo list. I told them that the payment never came out of my account and the funds were still there. They told me that I had to make the whole payment to get it off the list. The payment wasn't even 30 days late. I traded the vehicle. Westlake called me before the payment was due. I told them that I traded the vehicle in. They told me that I still had to make the payments because the vehicle was still in my name. I told them that I no longer owned the car. I was told my an "Alma" that they would report late on my credit report. I was also told that it takes 1-2 months for a payoff of a vehicle. This is upsurd. If a negative comment ends up on my credit report I will be disputing. Also contacting BBB on these fools.

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  • Kc
      15th of Dec, 2011
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    It is so odd that you talk about this "alma" i also spoke wiith an "alma" just about a month ago, and when i explained to her that my husband had made the payment with his debit card, she told me that was not possible and that my husband was lying to me. Having worked in collections myself for Capital One. I decided to ask her a few questions about what to see what she knew about collections and the laws. So i asked her if she knew who she was talking to as she had no verified that i was the wife of the account holder. she said that she assumed i was his wife, i said that assuming can cause law suits such as third party disclosure. i asked if i could speak with her manager, she said that there wasn't one there, i then asked of her operator id# she said that they don't have ones, i told her that was unusual simply because of the fact that it is a law that every operator has to have one and that others i had spoke with had them, i then informed her that i would be calling back and she would no longer have a job there. she hung up on me. i find this uncanny, i am not sure if this is the same alma, but it seems a strange coincidence. I have no idea if she was in fact fired, but there are laws about collecting, and there are also ethics that most companies hold to. evidently west lake does not folow these ethics, it is illegal to talk to anyone other than the accound holder othat than the wife, unless there is someone put on the account as an ok to speak with. an ok to speak with cannot make any changes to these accounts, such as address changes, phone number changes, and so on. they have to by law verify whom they are speaking with, they cannot tell anyone other than the account holder, or ok to speak with, the information on the acount, they can say who they are with, and that ir is very important that they call back.with the number. if you ever have any concerns of collection practices, llok up the fair debt collections practices act. these are the rules that have to be followed. always get the operator id of the person you are speaking with. that is how they identify the employees, every collector has one. also if there is any issues with your account, then you canrefer to that person. some collecotrs are unfortuanatly trained in this manor. as long as no one says anything, then nothing will get done. perhaps a law suit would straighten them usp a little. lawyers often do not ask for payment on these suits until money is won, then it is pricey. but the overall should not be about the money, but the principle of them having to be retrained. At Capital One we are trained to assume the positive, thus meaning believe anything the customer says because we want to keep customers and steering them in the correct direction for these issues, be it hardships and so on. However, keep in mind that there are laws that protect the collector as well, such as stating that the account holder is dead, when they are not, is illegal, blowing whistles, yelling or screaming inthe phone is telephonal assult. when i say yelling, i don't mean raising your voice, i mean screaming so that you can damage their ears, that has happened and the person did go to jail. a collector only has so much power, they cannot repo your vehicle, they cannot shut of your account, they also would have no idea if you are hiding a vehicle, the repo is contracted out to a different company. a local company that really has nothing other than the repo to do with westlake. never be mean to the repo person for what west lake has done, they have nothing to do with it, they are just trying to pay their bills too. maybe this will help a few people.

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