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Westinghouse SK-32H510S / Westinghouse Fails to Fix a Poor Product

1 United States

I recently sent this email to Westinghouse because my LCD which is a little over one year old seems to be failing.

(In the last two weeks I have noticed that my television goes into what I call a digital scramble after being turned on for a couple of minutes. The picture completely scrambles for a few minutes and then returns to its normal clarity. I can hear the audio fine and have checked to see if it could be my digital cable that is causing the problem but it is not. The problem is happening more frequently and I have only owned the television since July of 2007. I did not purchase the Best Buy extended warranty so I am unable to just return the item to the store. I have the original Best Buy receipt and Credit Card statement but do realize that it has been just over a year that I have owned the television which means its out of its one year warranty. I am hoping that Westinghouse will help me with this problem as it speaks to the quality of your products.)

Westinghouse replied with the following message.

(We apologize for any inconvenience in waiting for our response, but below is what I can suggest to move forward. If you are beyond the manufacturer warranty and do not have an extended warranty, you will need to seek local repair. Any local LCD technician should be able to diagnose your unit and offer a repair quote. If you find a technician who can work on your LCD but needs to know where to get Westinghouse parts, please have the technician contact us by phone or email for that information. If the technician needs schematics for your particular unit, we can provide those to the technician. If you have any further questions, you may contact us through email, or by calling us toll-free at [protected], between 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. One of our technicians will assist you.)

Although Westinghouse is technically correct in there response to my problem I would like to voice a formal complaint about the quality of product that this company produces. I would expect that after spending a good amount of money to purchase this product that it would last more then just over a year. The fact that this product is failing so early is unexceptable and Westinghouse should do everything that they can to rectify the problem. This is not the case which could cause me to have to spend yet more money to either fix the problem or purchase another television.


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