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Westin Heavenly Bed by Simmons / Sagging / Denied warranty claim

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Got the mattress after staying at a Westin Hotel and having 4 unbelievable good nights of sleep. It was like sleeping in a cloud so we got determined about getting this mattress no matter the cost. We were told that the only way to get it was thru their online store. And we got it back in 12/2006.

The first year and a half was simply awesome. We were so satisfied with this purchase that we even got one as a present for my inlaws.

Then we started to get restless nights and back pain and ended up realizing that the mattress was starting to sagg, but dismissed the fact that the mattress could be the cause of our pains.

Today we realize that the cause can be no other than the mattress. The sagging is very noticeable and the pillowtop is comforming to our bodies, despite our turning the mattress clockwise regularly. We cannot flip ours because the pillowtop is only on one side. So we called Westin who referred us to the Simmons warranty.

Simmons responded right away and sent a mattress evaluator. It felt to me that the measuring was rushed and it was not measured right on the spots where the mattress shows deeper body impressions.

Despite this, the measurement still reached 1.5". I understand that if the compression/sag is not yet 1.5 inches the mattress is not considered defective, but if it does reach the 1.5 mark, apparently Simmons usually honors its 10-year warranty.

We got our warranty approved for replacing the boxspring and denied to replace the mattress stating the following " Normal impressions were indicted on your mattress. The compaction of the panels in this style of bedding is to be expected. The compression does not affect the product's durability. Please note that this should not be considered a defect. The mattress is contouring to the shape of your body."

I wonder if anyone out there wants their mattress to contour to the shape or their bodies, but that is not what we wanted. We were looking for firm but comfortable support, which is what this mattress seemed to offer at first.

At the time we purchased our mattress, we were never made aware of the fact that "The compaction of the panels in this style of bedding is to be expected" or that "The mattress would contour to the shape of our bodies" in as little as 2 years.

If these statements were indicated in the product's literature or made by the salesperson or the Westin at Home website at that time, we would of not purchased this expensive mattress to begin with. We expected the mattress to maintain its shape and support at least during the warranty period.

Regarding the durability of the mattress, it seems to me that, if initially the mattress is a comfortable one, as this one once was, very very comfortable, the lifetime of a mattress can be as long as it remains comfortable, and then, as long as your body can take the discomfort caused by it's deterioration.

We are requesting Simmons to reconsider their decission and will contact Westin to see if they would honor the warranty when Simmons denies it. I will keep this blog posted.

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  • Al
      5th of Mar, 2011
    -5 Votes

    Sounds like a whinner - I have slept in hundreds of Westins and never had a bad night sleep. I purchased a Heavenly Bed and couldn't be happier. There is always going to be the "one in the crowd" who doesn't like something. Do yourself a favor - get the bed and love it. When I purchase products from a company I make sure they stand behind their product - is Westin in the Bed Selling Business? Or the Bed Renting Business? I would buy from Nordstrom as they really really love their customers & stand behind their products. I bought their Nordstrom Pillows and sheets instead of the Westin and I am glad I did -

  • 12
      24th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I earned Platinum Status by staying in Westins and sleeping on Heavenly Beds for over two years. Upon receiving the Heavenly Bed I ordered from Westin at Home I could tell immediately that it was NOT by any stretch of the imagination the same bed. When I complained to Westin at Home they pointed me to Simmons. Simmons sent their "Mattress Marshall" to VISUALLY measure body impressions with no one in the bed. The fact that the mattress industry needs "marshalls" and a cadre of inspectors says volumes about the quality of product being produced! Of course the mattress, which sagged severely with two adults (who weigh no more than 300 lbs combined), did not have body impressions of more than 1.5". I agreed, only after having my attorney demand my money back from Westin at Home, (Westin hired some schmo attorney to reply and he refuted my claims based on the narrow and shallow warranty provisions), to have a replacement mattress delivered. SIMMONS this time, contracted with a delivery services to provide "GOLD SERVICE" level delivery. The replacement mattress was the same shoddy product, and so I resumed the complaint process again with the warranty department at Simmons. Simmons sent yet a SECOND mattress inspector, who did the same VISUAL inspection, and who put on his report that the mattress had been folded during the delivery process. Simmons said the folding voided the warranty and told me to take my issue to the delivery company - the very delivery company that they hired!!!

    One of the service reps on the phone said that the mattress had to be "structurally defective" to warrant a refund. Of course, Simmons will construe the inspector reports to render anything but "structurally defective."

    I am pursuing a full refund and will sue if necessary.

    As for Already Sleeping, there are plenty in the crowd who have received defective products. Don't be so glib and condescending. Of course companies "stand behind their product." But when the vendor and the manufacturer are two different entities, "standing behind" becomes a finger-pointing exercise.

  • Ch
      28th of May, 2011
    Best Best Advice +6 Votes

    If you're thinking about purchasing a Simmons, please reconsider. I also had problems with my mattress and expected them, as a well-known mattress company, to hear my complaint regarding noisy springs that rhythmically "ting", even though you lie still in bed. This makes sleeping in this bed impossible. Despite the $900 pricetag for a full-size bed, this shoddy company denied warranty coverage due to sweat stains (which are normal), and completely irrelevant to why springs would "ting". It is absolutely unforgivable and needs to be known. Imagine Apple denying coverage on a malfunctioning iphone because it has wear and tear scratch marks on the exterior. This is what Simmons has done. I am astonished by their decision.

  • No
      27th of Aug, 2012
    +3 Votes

    We also saved up for the Heavenly Bed after sleeping on them at Westins all over the country. The minute I layed down on it I said to my husband "This doesn't feel anything like a Heavenly Bed." We started noticing "body conforming" impressions within 3 months, and we are not heavy people. I have started to have back aches now less than a year after buying this mattress, and I even had to switch to a thinner pillow b/c I was getting neck pain from my body sinking lower while my head stayed at the original mattress height. I have been told we won't get our money back, this is "normal wear and tear" not covered under warranty. We'll take the $1800 loss and buy a better, less expensive mattress (trying Costco next!) so we can go back to a good nights' sleep.

  • Np
      21st of Jan, 2014
    +2 Votes

    I have had horrible experience with Simmons. We purchased our original bed in 2012 with in 3 months the mattress sagged considerable on both sides of the bed. We sent the warranty request in and after an independent review were told there is nothing that could be done. I complained enough that they were willing to replace the mattress the only problem is the new one is even worse than the first one! This mattress is like a rock and feels NOTHING like the Westin Mattress! I am a Platinum point level at Starwood Hotels (SPG) and stay in Westin's all the time. The mattresses we have been given are nothing like those beds and nothing like the model we tried out at our local Nordstrom. DO NOT BUY THIS BED! Go to a store with a return policy that makes some sense as working directly with Simmons is time consuming and unsatisfactory. It is now 2014 and I have to go purchase a new bed - terrible investment!

  • Un
      12th of Feb, 2014
    +1 Votes

    This mattress is total garbage. I was excited about purchasing this mattress, after sleeping on it several times at Westin Hotels throughout the country. I initially bought the King Sized Heavenly Bed from Westin at Home in July 2013. By October it began sagging in the areas that we slept in. We are not big people by any stretch of the imagination (180lbs and 140 lbs). I contacted Simmons and they agreed to a one time courtesy exchange. The replacement mattress arrived, and within 2 months the same problem occurred. I contacted Simmons again, and this time they sent out an inspector. The inspector agreed that the pillow top was failing. Simmons agreed to replace the mattress again. The new mattress arrived January 24, 2014. For almost 2 weeks I had some of the best sleep of my life. Then slowly I started noticing the sagging. I woke up every morning with lower back pain from struggling to stay out of the pit in the mattress that developed. It is now February 12th at 4am. Another terrible night of sleep. I finally gave up and went to search the internet to see if anyone else was having this problem. Sadly, it looks like I'm not alone. After reading the other complaints. I doubt I will be able to get my money back from Simmons. I can't believe they have the nerve to charge $1500 for this piece of junk. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this awful mattress.

  • Ja
      12th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I bought a Heavenly bed several years ago, at least 6, for a vacation home that only gets used weekends about half the year. They delivered it to the house, found the key I left for them, and put it in the bedroom- incredible service! We have really love sleeping on this bed and I was considering buying one for my full-time home as well as a vacation rental I am in charge of. BUT, after reading all of the complaints, not only about the bed sagging but also about the company's handling of disputes, I can't feel comfortable doing that. Perhaps in the future, if reviews look more positive. I love the hotel Heavenly beds and the sheets, and will continue to stay in Westins...

  • Ki
      2nd of Feb, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I've just experienced terrible sagging after 2:1/2 months from my new heavenly bed.
    I've never hurt more in my back. I'm 124 5'6.- not heavy.
    I can sleep in most beds except a saggy couch fold out. The best was at I purchased through pottery barn.

    I'm waiting to see how they will handle what is a very apparent, common occurrence.

  • St
      26th of Jun, 2015
    +3 Votes

    My back really hurts! I want a replacement as well. Please let me know who I can talk to!

  • Ba
      12th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I now have a bad back. I have also been told to contact Simmons directly. I know this is over the inch and a half. Will update when I find out the determination by Simmons. I don't understand how the westin store isn't responsible for selling the product though.

  • Di
      26th of Aug, 2015
    +1 Votes

    We've had the same experience with the same form response from Simmons except that ours was sagging within a few months.

  • Ha
      6th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    We purchased our Heavenly bed through Nordstrom about 3 years ago. We too are having terrible nights sleep & wake up with a backache. I just returned from staying in various hotels for past 5 nights. 2 hotels were Hilton Garden Inn & others were 2 B & B's. Not expensive hotels like Westin. I had better night sleep in all of these hotels. I have been home two nights & am waking up with back pain. Our mattress appears to be sagging as well. Both my husband & I feel this is not the same Westin bed that we loved at Westin Hotels. Never has been the same comfortable bed & we are very disappointed that we have to replace our bed after only 3 years. I would NOT recommend this bed as I think it is being marketed falsely as a Westin Heavenly bed. I hope Nordstrom will stand behind this sale & not refer me to Simmons as they sound like a nightmare to deal with.

  • Sl
      8th of Oct, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I work for Westin and have stayed in many Westin hotels and love their hotel bed. I bought the Heavenly bed for my home and noticed immediately that it was not the same bed they use in the hotels. It does not have the same structural integrity or firmness. The retail version feels like a cheap imitation of the bed used in the hotels. I can only guess that Simmons is using cheaper materials e.g. narrower gauge wire for the springs and cheaper manufacturing processes for the retail Heavenly bed. I started going to the chiropractor shortly after sleeping in my new "Heavenly" bed but never attributed the cause of my lower back pain to the bed. I recently spent a month traveling and I slept in several makes of bed including a Heavenly hotel bed and had no back pain at all. Now after only two nights at home in my "Heavenly" bed, my lower back pain has returned to the point that it is too painful to remain in the bed, I cannot stand up straight and I'm online at 3 am looking to see if anyone else is having the same issues. It is a shame that the bed is being marketed as the same bed they use in the hotels, seems like a case of false advertising. As an employee I won't get anywhere complaining to Westin or Simmons so I'll buy another less expensive bed later today because I cannot sleep another night in what has been the worst bed I have ever slept in.

  • Li
      9th of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Westin (and SPG) you should be ashamed. Several months ago my husband and I purchased a Westin Heavenly Bed for our home. Starwood properties are my hotel of choice when I travel, which is more than 100 days a year. One of the reason I choose Starwood properties is the quality of the bed. It is consistently comfortable, I sleep well, and I wake up refreshed.

    The Westin Heavenly Bed is garbage. Not only is not the same bed as in your hotels, it started to soften and develop sags within 3 months. It's so bad now that both my husband and I wake up with backaches every morning. Sleeping through the night has become difficult.

    Researching the Westin Heavenly Bed online over the past few days, I learned that our experiences were confirmed by many, many others. The reviews stink. Neither Westin (Starwood) nor Simmons (the manufacturer) acknowledge that the bed is not the same. Despite numerous complaints, Westin refers all of them to Simmons, who sends out "inspectors" to check for sag. If it does not sag more than 1 1/2 inches, the company does not consider it to be defective.

    The FAQ on the Westin website states, in response to the question "What if I don't like the bed?": "We are certain that you will love your Heavenly® Bed. The bed is made for your order and cannot be returned." Oh yeah? What if I HATE my Heavenly Bed?

    This experience is enough to have me reconsider my loyalty to the Starwood brand. Shame on you for putting your name on such a shoddy product and doing nothing to help those of us who are experiencing problems.

  • We
      29th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    I have had the very same experience as all of you. I've had my bed for 4 years I stay at Westin Properties over 60 nights per year. I can tell you for a fact the Heavenly Bed I purchased from Nordstroms is not the same mattress. My question to this crowd is does anyone know of any class action lawsuits that might be underway. Like most of you my wife and I have endured a great deal of back pain, chiropractic care and sleeplessness (pain and suffering) for 3 1/2 years.

  • Li
      29th of Jan, 2017
    0 Votes

    @WestinHeavenlyBedCon We purchased ours from Nordstrom as well. They took it back no questions asked.

  • Ka
      27th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    @lisa1404 I need to contact Nordstroms. How long between buying and returning?

  • De
      18th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    I'm having the same issue. It's started to sag within 6 months. I've rotated the bed and it happens on both sides. I have a king sized bed. I also have a Heavenly bed in queen and use it in the guest room. Sometimes I go in there to get a good night's sleep! Because it's not slept on every night, it hasn't start d to sag. My bed is definitely nothing like the hotel bed.
    BBB should be contacted.

  • Ca
      14th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    Within 2 months the pillow top (which is sewn to the mattress) came undone and created bunches. I loved this bed for the first few months and then within 3 months i couldn't get out of it the sag was so bad (and i'm not a heavy person). I called @PotteryBarn and they said their warranty was only 30 days. So i called the mattress company but because we weren't using the box spring i read it was likely to not go anywhere (plus somehow there is no tag on our bed? This was an almost $2000 bed! Unacceptable. I've searched for reviews the last 2 years and am comforted to know its not just me.

  • Gu
      28th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    Same issues as everyone else - bed sagging - SPG Lifetime Platinum, this is my 4th bed and current one had problems after a year - all prior ones were great. Before recent purchase it had been about 8 years since purchase. Quality is down a lot - I am going to look for an attorney that will take this case on as a class action, if enough SPG members join in maybe Starwood will do something - I will keep you posted.

  • Me
      3rd of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    My W Hotel bed cost a small fortune and now, after three years, I have to discard it because it sags so badly I can't sleep on it anymore. I contacted the company and am hoping the 10 year manufacturer guarantee will cover a new mattress. I'm not optimistic, but maybe I'll be surprised. I've had so many less expensive mattresses that lasted years and have never had this problem before. So disappointed.

  • Jd
      7th of Jun, 2017
    0 Votes

    And here we thought we were the only people with the same problem! We have had our bed since November 2013, purchased from Nordstrom's. When we called them after about 3 months the sales person said the same thing "it's normal for the bed to dip where you sleep". We too contacted Simmons/Westin and they sent the "inspector" out and wow he said the same thing, the "dip" wasn't deep enough to warrant a new mattress. I can tell you the "hump" in the middle of the bed is much more comfortable but you tend to roll off into the dip! My husband and I are also small, 160 and 124, so there should be no reason what so ever for this mattress to dip on either side. I'm in for a class action! And it's just amazing, we just stayed at the Westin Villas in Scottsdale and what a difference in beds. I just don't understand why they don't sell the same ones to the general public. The Westin is our choice when we travel also. Have been members of SPG and timeshare since 2002.

    Also I want to ask the person above who said Nordstrom's did refund with no questions asked. Did they pick up the mattress and pay for the return?

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