Westgate Resorts / overbooking

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, United States

I have bought and paid for a time share at PlanetHollywood in Las Vegas Nevada. I called them at the beginning of August 2011 and was told they do not have my week avaiable for the rest of the year. I was wondering if they should have a notice that timeshare owners need to call 11 months in advance of your requested time share week? I was told they can book timeshare weeks 11 months in adavance. I feel that they have overbooked. They are building a second connecting time share building to the original building and have been selling time shares for these. I wonder if they gave some of the 2011 time share weeks to the new timeshare owners? I do not want to just complain. I am asking you the consumer if there is any action I can take to find out what is possibly going on that I have a timeshare but can not use it due to no opening weeks?

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