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Western Union / so they say I am a gold card member??? that means nothing!

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Western Union
I have a minor daughter living in Italy. She is there for one year. I have tried to rely on Western Union to make sure I can send money to my daughter as needed. The first time I went to an agent and the agent took my money and gave me a MTCN for confirmation. My daughter then contacts me and tells me she can not pick up the money because she is a minor. No where on the Western Union website did it tell me this information and Western Union does not educate their agents to know this information either. When I went back to tell the agent this information she did not seem to care anyway. I also sent a letter at this time to Western Union to tell them to add a title of "Important Parental Information" to their contract and to their website and this has not been done NOR have I ever recieved any information back that they even acknoweleged my letter.
Makes no sense my daughter is old enough to be living in another country for a year (on a scholarship to study but she cant pick up money her parents send to her)
Tonight after 7 months of using Western Union and being a (what do they call me?) a Gold Member instead of going into the store (due to time crunch and my minor daughter in need of the money Italy time) I decided to call over the phone to send the money to her. The agent I talked to took all of my information and gave me a MTCN confirmation number and then asked me to hold to go thru some security verification. The next rep which was named Teara ID# 349 again took information and asked questions and then tells me I am not meeting business standards or security permit of Western Union. She told me the money could not be sent. I asked her to hold and I pulled up my online account and behold...the money and the transfer fees were already taken out of my account. I told her to reverse my money IF THEY CANT OFFER THE SERVICES THEN WHY CAN THEY HOLD UP MY MONEY...now I have to wait 48 hours for this to drop off my account. The lady at Western Union told me to call my bank (I made her hold and called my bank from another phone line) the bank customer service rep was also appaulled by Western Union and was asking me to ask the Western Union rep different resolutions for their company to make this right. They could not believe either this company can run your money and then have it held up. It seems they would run the information needed and then tell you rather you meet Western Union business standards before they have the right to ask you your personal banking information and tie up your money for not delivering the goods of their services. Again this is the company I have used for 7 months to send money to the exact same place to the exact same person. The Western Union have given me the title of "Gold Member" and have all of my information from past services on file...I am disgusted with the way I was treated...there was never "thinking outside of the box" never a resolution or solution to the problem and never an attempt made to get with a supervisor to work out this problem. They simply did not care and did not offer any help...Just basically you have to go to a store and start the process all over...oh and by the way...you cant use the money WE CHARGED YOUR ACCOUNT TONIGHT because it is tied up for the next 48 hours!!! The sad part is I am sure there are many transactions for tons of money people do that make business standards questionable...MY minor child needed 70EUR to pay for something and the dead line was tomorrow...the whole transaction was 115.00 dollars...that sounds like it could be something suspecious...huh? What is suspecious is a company that can offer a service... take peoples private information, , , , CHARGE THEM FOR THE SERVICE and give them a confirmation number and then SAY YOU DO NOT MEET BUSINESS STANDARDS...and when asked they could not give an answer of what that means! Yet they have the right to tie money up like that! There has to be action taken it does not seem like this procedure is fair to the American consumer! Please tell your family and friends...especially if it is a need of a young person who needs to be able to depend on their parents when needed...you can count on family and friends but you cant count on Western Union to do anything but jack up your bank account!


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Less than 24 HOURS LATER:

Western Union went above and beyond to contact me and offer apology, resolution and customer satisfaction.

Please make note Western Union made sure to take the issue, handle it and make good on their services!

Everyone from Western Union was very nice and apologetic today and made me and my daughter (in Italy) feel valued as a customer.

This company must take their business seriously to take immediate action and make things right.

I hope as you read this you will see this resolution was made good on the part of Western Union in less than 24 hours...THIS SAYS A LOT FOR WESTERN UNION!!!

There are good companies and when things like this happen and they step up to the plate it lets me know the company is worth my money and business!!!

Thank you Western Union!!!

April Griffin

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