Western Union / did not make my transfer, and never returned me back my full amount

Pleasanton, United States Review updated:

I submitted S14K for transfer to my Deutche Bank account in India.
Western Union was unable to make this transfer. Apparently they had not heard about Deuche Bank.
1. They could not locate this bank
2. Never informed me of this delay - till I contacted them 3 days later
3. Asked me for a lot of irellevent information - which I supplied. I sent them detailed transfer instructions that my Bank sent me (Which are used by the whole world for remitting funds)
4. They still did not make the transfer.
5. I eventually asked them to transfer back the funds to me - So I could use another means to remit my money.
6. They took 2 more days to transfer my funds back.
8. I complained to the customer service - They did not want to respond, deal with this problem, very uncommunicative, Told me to take a hike !!!


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  • Va
      9th of Sep, 2008
    Western Union - stay away
    Western Union
    United States

    Western Union screwed us over on sending a pymt.

    We usually use them for our car loan; however this time, I lost the receipt, contacted WU for a copy, got the run around by customer service. Mailed in a correspondence letter requesting a copy, I got no response back and my money is missing and the lender has never rec'd my pymt. I finally though I had it taken care of but apparently not. I don't know what else to do. They are costing me a lot of money and stress. I went as far to go to their headquarters.

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  • Sm
      9th of Mar, 2009
    Western Union - money scam
    Western Union
    United States

    I wanted to send my friend some money for some contract work he did for me. He works abroad in places like Shanghai, East Germany, and Canada where I met him. On Sept 20, 2017, I went to Western Unions website and did the online transfer -- I paid with my credit card. This was my first time using their service. The final step is to phone them in person to have the transfer approved. So we went over my transfer over the phone, and I was declined! No idea why. He told me i'd get an email and that was it. Nothing was mentioned what would happen to my $316.00.
    I assumed it would be like any other business -- they would simply credit my credit card and the balance would show a couple days later.

    So, a couple days later, I phoned again. Where is my money? The rep said "oh, your money is on a 1 month hold". Ok. So I believed him. 1 month hold. Just have patience. So, I put the issue on the backburner -- afterall, I'd have to wait almost 1-2 months to see any credit on my credit card summary.
    Christmas came around and I was gone for a week or two, so it wasn't until mid-Jan that i remembered. The issue is still not resolved. I didn't see any credit from Western Union on my creditcard transaction summary in November or December. So i phoned them again. I was told that they'd put in a request to have someone phone me after 48 hours. No one ever did. So I phoned them yet again. I was told the same thing.

    By this time, I had had enough of Western Union. They sounded unprofessional and incompetent. They were telling me that they had nothing on file. I didn't trust anything they said at this point. Everything was lies, and deceptive. So no one ever phoned me -- so I phoned yet again. This time a rep told me that I'd have to "contest it" with my bank -- the one that issued my credit card. So, i wrote my bank an email. I got an email back, days later stating it was my creditcard company I had to contact. So I contacted my credit card company, and they replied back to me, stating that because the transfer had occured more than 100 days ago, they couldn't do anything about it, and I'd have to take it up with "the merchant": Western Union.

    Oh gawd. So, I've emailed western union about a thousand times -- no reply. So that's it. Western Union has stolen $316.00 from me. It's amazing how it's legal for these big companies to steal from people.

    I will never ever do business with these crooks again. And I have half a mind to write a letter to the grocery-store where I shop, to get the western union out of there. Why are these crooks everywhere? If that happened to me, it must be happening to other people! I don't use their service often. That was my first time. And last time!

    Please don't patronize crooks like Western Union. They should be shut down because they think they are above the law.

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  • Gr
      14th of Mar, 2009

    I completely agree, these jerks need to be shut down

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  • Ma
      28th of Apr, 2009
    Western Union - dipensed cash without proper info
    western union
    United States

    my wife sent money to her brother in mexico. He was away from home and did not have his identification. So we had to send it to someone else. We did not give the other person her correct name or the pick up number, just the amount that was sent. Western Union claims that the receiver must have at least the senders name and amount sent. Even with out her name they gave the guy the money and of course he disappeared. We filed a complaint which of course Western Union says they dispensed the cash properly. I think that one or more of their employees are in on the scam and gave out the info from the computer. If you have had similar problems please contact me. [protected]

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  • Ma
      10th of Jun, 2009
    Western Union - not an international company!
    United States

    Western Union IS NOT an "international" company!

    I am in Italy for a month and just tried to send money home using the Western Union website and my credit card to fund the transfer.

    After logging in and verifying my DOB, last 4 of SS, home address, three security questions, employer, and other "security" questions; I was able to enter my online transaction. Upon completion, a message gave me an MTCN number and said I must contact customer service for further verification of the transfer. No problem - or so I thought.

    Before coming to Italy, I purchased an international cell phone to avoid outrageous roaming charges incurred by using a U.S. cell service abroad. This phone came with an "international" (Italian) number.

    I called the Western Union's U.S. number given to me and got a customer service rep who again had to verify the information that I had already entered on the website, at $3.99 a minute cell charge to me. After several minutes of verification, she said the transaction "did not meet their business requirements."

    I asked to speak to a manager. After holding for her supervisor, I was told the same thing. The reason for denial was because they could not call me back at a phone number!! I gave them my husband's U.S. cell number, but they said they could only call me. I told her she could call my cell, but it was an Italian number and she said their systems wouldn't let them call an international number. I don't understand this -- I had just confirmed EVERY security question asked of me except my blood type!!! Transaction was NOT put through.

    I was told that I can go to a location and send cash only, but that creates another problem with getting money from an ATM (daily limits) and I need to send more than $300 TODAY.

    Western Union claims to be an "INTERNATIONAL" company. This is the second time I could NOT get money home to my kids - even though there is no issue with my credit card taking the charge. The first time they wouldn't even tell me WHY!!

    RIDICULOUS -- and definitely NOT an international company!!!

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  • Wu
      1st of Oct, 2009
    Western Union - donot trust wu
    United Kingdom

    Do not believe western union!!!
    Without any valid id, someone picked up our money within a few hours!!! Usd9000!! Their system is the weakest, their service is the worst and their staff are not reliable. The uk police and financial crime department are involving in our case, but without any assistance from western union, the investigation cannot go any further. If you are the victim too, I hope we can unite. I really appreciate that someone can give us the victims any suggestion. Please contact me [protected]

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  • Bl
      18th of Oct, 2009
    Western Union - imf forex
    Western Union

    This man has already received money from me (cot) telling me that this money will be in my account 24 hour after cot was received. he is now asking money for the imf for forex and he is telling me that it is manatory that I pay the imf. he states that I should send the money to the person mentioned in email copied below:-
    Is this a scam?

    Send money worldwide

    Attention :..

    Good day to you today. received approval from united nations organizations fund regulation, as received and gave immediate instructions for determining compliance with the approved transfer of funds have been directed to the office referring the international monetary fund (imf) in its filling remit form authority (x15).
    According to this mandate of the instruction as indicated in the note issued and received today 14 october 2017, the international monetary regulation, have been instructed to immediately contact you to make a payment of $ 1, 550, usd, and that is the only way that can transfer the funds
    You are mandated therefore to follow this directive by commencing immediate payment of this forex charge (s), so that the foreign exchange department of this office can commence immediate conversion of your total entitlement as directed by the eu, un & uk recipient/monitoring authority.
    please try your best and make up the payment befor the end of todays work thank you for your understanding..

    urname (last name):
    address / country:
    amount to be sent:.. $ 1, 550.00 usd

    name: david orobas.
    address / country: abuja, nigeria.

    Yours sincerely,
    phillipe johnson
    call line: tel: 234 705 668 8178

    Western union®

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  • Am
      22nd of Oct, 2009

    i stay in Australia and transfered WU online service. they charges $30 as a transaction fee, which is ok. They must do. but as a online service my back charged $21.90 saying its an overseas transaction. What the hell??????? I did the transaction in Australian WU. Whay the hell this is called an overseas transation. Not going to do any transaction in the future with them.

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  • Yo
      10th of Nov, 2009
    Western Union - no identification at the time of payment
    Western Union Money Transfer
    United Kingdom

    I had transfer the sum of 400 GBP to my family friend through western union money transfer. But my friend didn't recieve the money because the transaction had done to third party without identification & the receipt.

    How can be they are so irresponsible & play with the money of someone, without valid proof or identification.

    here is our detail with original receipt of western union.

    Sender name: Yogesh Kumar Garg
    Receiver name: Dushyant Singhal

    My contact no. is +44 (0) 7574015130

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  • Tr
      8th of Mar, 2010
    Western Union - they tried to keep my money!
    Thomas Rodrigues
    United States

    I tried to send money to a friends bank account online. I had to register with WU, after registering I triede to send the money and got a message that I had to call in and confirm some information. When I called in, my transfer request was refused because my phone did'nt match the records they were checking against. When I questioned what records, they appoligized and said thats all we can tell you.

    Later in the day I went online to check my bank account and found the money had been withdrawn for the money transfer. When I called WU about it they said the money was withdrawn before they decide to approve/dissapprove so they know the money is available, and "I" would have to contact my bank to have them contact WU to have the money put back in my account. I WENT SPASSSSS...

    Not only were they telling me it was my responsiblilty to get the money back, but they never even let me know they took it.
    Had I not checked my account they would still have my money...

    I threw such a fit, that a supervisor from WU called my bank and had the money returned. When questioned about there practices of doing business this way, they said oh well, thats our policy...

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  • On
      11th of Mar, 2010

    Incredible - Even with a valid ID it's impossible to pursuafe WU to hand over money, while i9t invests it and cashes in on it!!!

    I have 800 euros sitting in Pakistan!!! To fly there to collect it will cost me more than 800 euros... so I have to lose it. Despite showing my passport etc... and talking to the chief WU officer in Dhaka (where I am living) there is no way to get my money from Western Union.

    They seem to find it humourous that I intend to black their name on the Internet!!!

    Needless to say I have received no reply from the US or Ireland 'customer relations' department.

    Do they have any customers any more?????

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  • Ch
      3rd of May, 2010
    Western Union - money picked up by unknown
    New York
    United States

    i sent money to my sister in london for her accmodation, and this man asked me to send him the MTCN so that he can verify the amount sent, then when i sent it with in 2 hours he had withdrawn the money on my sisters name by producing her fake ID..

    i feel like the world's biggest fool, but i did this only for the reason that its on my sister's name, and inspite of having the MTCN he cant withdraw it,

    and now when i call him, he denies straightway that how can he withdraw if the money is not sent on his name.
    if i knew it before or heard of such a scam before, that western union has such a bad service. i would hv never sent it.

    if theres someone who can help getting the money back? its my hard earned money.

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  • Mi
      16th of May, 2010
    Western Union - they lie and steal
    western union
    United States

    they lied to me and hid money from me and then told me my state Atturney General does not know the law in the state of Arizona they clam it is a Arizona state law that says they can not rifund my money because it is over $450 how ever I contactred the Attorney general offic and was told there is no such law. And now some low life tell me that the Attorney General does not know the law only hes does.

    I had to give cash of $600 and that is what I want back and I should not have to wait but since I do I want this know that Western Union are lies and give very poor service there has been times when money I sent never go to the party I sent it to and western union says they did receive it but would not give me any proof.

    I will not now or ever do businees with them and I want it know they are thives and liers.

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  • Sh
      12th of Jul, 2010
    Western Union - I certainly will not use that site anymore and I am now fighting to get my account removed
    Western Union
    United States

    I made a small money transfer through First it charged my card the amount and then posting a message for me to call the customer service. I called and the customer service told me that the order could not be completed for security reason. What exactly the reason was unclear since they have their own policy not to divulge specific reason. What a "great" service! Yet, they charged my card and it will take 15 days for the refund! For those who plannin to use Western Unions "service" for money transfer, be very careful. I certainly will not use that site anymore and I am now fighting to get my account removed. You never know if the site serve to keep my personal information and since the site have no use for me.

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  • Ba
      10th of Nov, 2010
    Western Union - gouging the american public
    Western union
    United States

    Western Union has become another American company that has decided to abuse and gouge Americans
    in their fees.
    I sent money last week using their "money in minutes" application and the fees have always listed as $17.00.
    I went to send money today using the same parameters and they have raised their fees to $22.00!!
    In these economically challanged times it is not ethical nor morally responsibile to climb on the backs of the
    America is collapsing and it is American corporations that are helping to bury the consumers.
    I will find another company instead of letting Western Union screw me.
    You just lost a customer!

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  • Ba
      16th of Nov, 2010

    Since you want to call names here's one for ya: Idiot!
    There IS something wrong when the economy is in the tank and every corporation in America is
    jumping on price gouging!
    Marketing practices would dictate that you have a name that is synonomous with working with the consumer to keep fees reasonable.
    So, they increase their fees and loose clients. Smart move! There is ittle enough money flying around right now
    and better to stay stable than increase your fees in $5.00 increments and have the business going out the back door.
    That's the problem with these companies. They would rather still try to keep their massive bottom line than take
    a smaller bottom line and keep the customer. SO, take a pay cut!
    You tell me- who will be alive to tell the story when this mess is over with. There are going to be no more bail outs
    being given to corporatations. They better have a plan B in place to survive other that trying to skid across the backs of their customers.

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  • Ba
      16th of Nov, 2010

    I just did some research on the person responding to my 'gripe" about Western Union's price gouging of consumers.
    Seems to be someone who has all day long to just sit and respond to user complaints.
    Seems to like to call people ###s, silly, etc.
    Now I have a question: Who set you up as Judge and Jury? Did God give you more brains than the normal person.
    If you have nothing better to do with your day, why don't you go volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen.
    Then tell me if $5.00 would mean alot to these people.

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  • Fl
      12th of Dec, 2010

    the same happened to me. i don't know what to do. did you get to anywhere?

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  • Fr
      22nd of Feb, 2011
    Western Union - strange e-mails
    Western Union
    New York
    United States

    Dear Western Union, please help. Why are you continuously sending me information when I have no direct contacts with this bank? And if not you then why are they telling me to go to a Western Union outlet as well as requesting I send additional information
    to " [protected]"? Here is the latest e-Mail: >>>>>
    The below payment has been awarded to you by the Malaysian
    Government/World Bank to compensate you on the past experience had with
    scammers all over the world.

    This year 2017, I write to inform you that we have already sent you
    $5000.00 through Western Union as we have been given the mandate to
    transfer your full
    compensation payment total sum of $250, 000.00 via Western Union by the
    Malaysian Government.

    I have on a good authority email you the MTCN and sender's details to
    enable you pick up the first $5, 000.00, USD and confirm receipt to us so
    as to enable us wire the next USD5, 000.00 by tomorrow and subsequent ones
    since we can only send USD5, 000.00 a day.

    Please pick up this information and get to any western union in your
    country to pick up the $5, 000.00 and email the Western Union outlets
    incharge of the payment so that they could send you another payment tomorrow.

    Western Union contact information:
    Manager: Mr. Lee Jones
    Email: [protected]

    Call or Email them once you picked up the $5, 000.00 today, if there is any
    problem with them paying you make sure to contact this Western outlet with
    the information given to you above.

    Below is the western union information for pick up:
    MTCN: 017-591-6070
    Sender's Name: Micheal Wells
    Question: Colour
    Answer: Pink
    Amount: $5, 000.00
    They will be expecting your call once you pick up $5, 000.00.

    Paul Ben
    Please investigate to determine if this e-Mail is legitimate or not. At this time I consider this very unprofessional, particularly since this is requesting informatiuon from me. Please respond back to me as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your time and help...

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  • Tr
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    Western Union - i-team examinations money wire
    Western Union
    United States

    After spotting large revenue made by money wiring services, the I-Team went undercover to see why companies that earn so much are doing so little to protect consumers from fraud.
    In 2017, Western Union hauled in more than $5 billion and MoneyGram 's take was $1 billion.
    "Most of the people that have this happen to them, don't talk about it, " said Mark Barone, of Fallbrook, whose father Norm Barone claimed he was ripped off in a convincing scam. "They're embarrassed.
    Norm Barone, 80, said, "It plays really on your emotions, " noting how he received a call saying his grandson Justin was jailed in Canada and needed money for bail.
    The group allegedly involved in the scam pretended to be the police, convincing Barone to wire $6, 000 via Western Union for Justin's bail money. However, when Mark
    Barone tried to get some help for his father from Western Union, he said he didn't get any help. "They were very, very uncooperative, " he said.
    The I-Team learned anyone can be scammed, and according to the FBI, all ages are susceptible. Popular scams include the lottery scam, where victims are asked to wire money to cover fees to collect their winnings; the secret shopper scam, where victims send off their own money after cashing the company's bad check; and the scam Barone fell for: the grandparents scam. Many of these cons rely on money wires.
    The biggest players, Western Union and MoneyGram, have signed agreements, promising state agencies they'll aggressively prevent fraud.
    The I-Team tested these companies and the fraud agreements by going undercover sending $1, 000 KGO-TV's investigative unit in San Francisco. KGO sent the I-Team $1, 000 in return. The money wires were sent again and again between San Francisco and San Diego.
    In San Diego, undercover tester Frank told the clerk he had won the lotto and needed to send a money order to San Francisco to pay fees on his winnings. Frank wasn't warned that he might be getting scammed. But the MoneyGram and Western Union representatives told the I-Team they work at preventing fraud and will educate and warn consumers.
    "They all say, 'It's not my responsibility, ' and I'm saying 'Yes, it is, '" said San Diego Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood.
    In San Francisco, the undercover tester told the clerk she needed to send a money wire to San Diego as part of a secret shopper job, which is a common scam. Again, she was not warned. In San Diego, the clerks didn't suspect any scams and provided no warnings, except at a Western Union in San Ysidro where a clerk and manager told our tester, "It sounds like a scam, " said tester Frank.
    "I am looking at this and I do think Western Union and MoneyGram can be doing so much more, " said Greenwood.
    The Federal Trade Commission recently settled with MoneyGram for ignoring widespread fraud over its network. MoneyGram agreed to pay $18 million. In response, Willard Hart of MoneyGram's fraud prevention unit said, "We're working very hard to educate consumers about the scams; working very hard to educate our agents and their employees about the scams and we're working very hard to stop the scams from going through our network."

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  • Po
      2nd of Mar, 2011

    Western Union and Moneygram are not the only resources used in scamming others.

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  • Mr
      9th of Mar, 2011
    Western Union - jamaican scammer
    Western Union
    United States

    'Donavan' from Jamaica (area code 876) called with $550, 000 for me. I'd just have to pay 5% shipping ($555) through Western Union. I posed as an older man who had just lost his wife and was delighted at this good fortune. He will call back at a later time to get the delivery number or, since I made it difficult to predict when I would reach home, he gave me his 876-458-8518.
    Besides upping my age and status, I 'corrected' the spelling of my name and provided no other contact data.
    I'll have some more fun with him unless you get back later with contrary instuctions. I would love it if I could lead the authorities to this ###.

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  • Po
      9th of Mar, 2011

    What you're doing is called scam-baiting and is quite popular.

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  • Ba
      15th of Mar, 2011

    I do volunteer- how do you think I see everyday what is going on?
    You are the one who intially resorted to making personal remarks- can't handle the response then don't call names.
    You attacked first- be prepared for a response.
    i also know what I'm talking about- i am in a position to see what a more logical, less greedy mind will accomplish in the end over a more greedy mind. My opinions are business concepts, tried and true. I've been in a position to see what greed does to highe bottom line companies vs. those companies who are more reserved in practice. Guess who flounders in the end and who survives? I've audited enough of them.
    Have a really nice day.

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  • Ro
      29th of Mar, 2011
    Western Union - money fraud
    Embassy of Iraq in Vietnam

    Dear Sir, I am Rokan Hameed, from the Embassy of Iraq in Vietnam. With reference to the complaint I submitted about two weeks ago concerning the amount of money that the western union in London gave to a person who did not hold the original passport under the name Rokan Hameed, I would like to receive an explanation for this issue because I think that it is illegal for the bank to give money to a person and he/she does not have the original passport or other legal documents. I am pressing for this incident and waiting for a convincible reply in this concern.
    Thank you for your consideration to my complaint.
    Rokan Hameed]
    Iraqi Embassy in Vietnam

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  • Ra
      29th of May, 2011
    Western Union - cash advance fees
    Western Union
    United States

    I recently used Western Union to send money overseas via my Bank Of America Credit Card and was surprised that Bank Of america charged me $10 for cash advance because the way Western Union initiated the transcation charge. I did not authorize Western Union for cash advance so how come they did a unauthorized cash advance without my approval. If I will not get my refund back I will never do any money transfer and will every effort to advise other people on there SHADY practises. A very greedy and ### company who makes money on bad business practises.

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  • Ah
      29th of May, 2011

    You are a dork. Sending CASH via Western Union is CASH. How do you think it ends up on the other end? A credit card? You are stupid, and can whine all you want, but you sent CASH and got charged for sending CASH. This is not a "shady" practice, it is WHAT YOU AGREED TO WHEN YOU SENT CASH. [censored].

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  • Be
      21st of Jun, 2011
    Western Union - wrong transaction
    Western Union
    United States

    I made a cash transfer via Western Union to a specific city in Nigeria - they paid out to a different state - they claim they did nothing wrong - the transaction was fraudulent - Western Union cann ot even be bothered to respond to emails. They are a bunch of arrogant crooks.

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  • Mi
      22nd of Jun, 2011

    Yup, sounds like a scam. But I am not really understanding your post. You don't really have details, beside Western Union Sucks. Did they refund your money, was it fraudulent, ...

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  • Ce
      26th of Sep, 2011

    How could someone be so stupid and still fall for these nigerian schemes? You are lucky you didn't send them hundrends of thousands of dollars, at least I hope not.

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  • Ib
      11th of Nov, 2011

    omg this just happened to me today i almost took the supervisores head off, this western union websire is a total scam, how can you withdraw funds before its even been authorised, a total disgrace to human democracy.

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  • St
      14th of Feb, 2012

    The biggest scam is Western Union itself. Attitude towards clients abysmal. If anything WU Customer Service seem to pride itself in giving the customer the runaround just for kicks
    Another WU is good at is requesting a bank for pre-approval which debits the account immediately then submit a settlement on the same transaction causing the sender to be without funds to send the amount meant for the receivers emergency needs

    The biggest culprit about this scam is the online Transfer. Why it remains unchecked is a case of frustration

    No one but no one absolutely cares about the service and careless after the Corporation is a monopoly long overdue for overhauling and the best way I can see to remedy the problem is to place the monopoly up for bid and the end result should be better service
    FTC really needs to look closely about how WU cause a horrendous heartache to both the receiver and the sender

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  • Br
      26th of Feb, 2012
    Western Union - allowing scammers to receive money.
    Western Union
    PO Box 6036
    United States

    ... Englewood, co usa 80112
    Allowing customers (Senders) movers money in my opinion and truthfullly hundreds of dollars worth of scammed money taken from me also be sent to foreign countries and regions for several years and mtcn transactions be disputed with a ticket confirmation through corporate with no legal advice on the scammers whereabouts and money receiver pickups. (Western union financial services, inc.). Western union financial services, inc. No further issues (2017) to complain on with other corporate businesses going out of business.

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  • Br
      26th of Feb, 2012

    They Don't use Western Union Today or they Use It all the time?

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  • Bo
      20th of Apr, 2012

    I got a check issued by WU, lost it the same day and reported the same day, they told me that they would stop the check and will re issued it in 45 days. after 45 days i called and was told that the check was cashed by somebody else, i requested an investigation, but nobody seemed to care, 2 month late nothing happened, they never bothered to call me back even so many time they promised that they would get back to me. I requested to have a copy of the cashed check, but every coustmer service stated that he/she can not release the information, i keeped calling and never got a person who can release the information. It seemed like that WU is some kind of joke, talking to somebody in WU is like talking to the air, nothing you can see, nothing you can feel and no where you can go. I really think that somebody inside cashed the check. now I begin to think that everybody inside WU is doing a job like that .

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  • La
      8th of Jun, 2012
    Western Union - what a waste of my time
    Western Union
    United States

    I have just spent an hour on the Western Union website, trying to send money abroad to my son. Great website with promise of easy online payment using credit card. I registered as required and entered the details of my card. After completing the lengthy process of trying to send £450, a message was displayed telling me that the limit is £400. Why it could not tell me that at the start of the process I don’t know.

    When I clicked the send button, I then received a message telling me to go to an agent! What is the point in having an online service then? I checked my credit card and no problem. They even wanted to charge £32 pounds to make an electronic payment, which is a rip off. What a waste of my time!

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  • Cd
      26th of Jun, 2012

    Customer service at western union sucks - they sound like robots - all say the same thing without helping you. They keep asking the same question, then keep transferring you to another agent, it is redundant! I think we should start a class action lawsuit...

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  • Se
      29th of Jun, 2012


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  • An
      4th of Feb, 2013
    Western Union - reciept
    United States

    These guys are very bad. Our money orders were lost in the mail. We sent in all of the required info for a refund, including our receipt. They responded claiming that we didn't send a receipt. Whether they lost our receipt unintentionally or not, this is unacceptable. I just hope I can figure out a way to take legal action.

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