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My daughter's appointment was at 9:00 AM and was not called until literally a few minutes before 10:00 AM.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Antioch, CAOnce we were there, the doctor relayed a message to us that my daughter should eat before she started on cavities because she will be numb for 2 hours. I ended up leaving and coming back. The appointment setter should have briefed us on what we had to do before we came, and we should have been seen much sooner.

Apr 29, 2017
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  •   Apr 30, 2017

    First off, when you make appointments for dental procedures, they give you instructions to follow before your procedure. Second, if someone else in the waiting room's appointment was at 10, and your dentist was still working on your daughter's mouth, would YOU expect the dentist to STOP what he was doing to make the other appointment on time? You have an unrealistic idea of how medical procedures work. I am glad as hell when my husband had heart surgery and the surgery ran over the estimated time, that the surgeon didn't stop to start someone else's operation.

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  • Ea
      Apr 30, 2017

    @Wine Is Good I appreciate your comment. However, you are missing the point. We had no briefing when the appointment was set. They should have not set an appointment if they could not treat by 9 AM or tell me earlier to reschedule or come back. This was not an emergency, but it was a routine dentist appointment. They have always been late before but not this late. I have been patient with these people.

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  •   May 02, 2017

    Do you think they can tell the future? What if your daughter did get in on time, and there was a problem in her mouth that caused them to run over the allotted time? Are you going to complain that they did not tell you ahead of time that she was going to have a problem? Again, if they were working on your kid's mouth, ran into issues, and the next appointment time had come, would you expect them to stop to make the next appointment on time? I am guessing the answer is NO.

    You are expecting very unrealistic things here. As for not being told, DID YOU ASK?

    Every medical procedure I have ever had, every dental procedure I have ever had, ever exactly followed a clock. Normal times are given, expected times are given, but they can not see the future. What if they had planned 3 hours for every procedure that would normally be about an hour? That means in an eight to ten hour day they can only schedule 2-3 patients. So when one goes quickly, then they are twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next appointment, and you will be [censor]ing that you can't get an appointment for 6 months.

    This can happen at EVERY dentist, every doctor office everywhere.

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  • Ea
      May 02, 2017

    @Wine Is Good That may be. I will try another dentist to be on the safe side. Thank you.

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