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Western Dental / fraud

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Agreed that my 6000.00 dollar of dental work at 210.00 per mo. for 21 months included partials, but once the 4 teeth were extracted and a crown with a special hook applied to place partials on was applied then was told the partials were not included in the estimate...why would I have teeth removed when I wasn't covered to have them replaced! I spoke with their office manager about my concerns and was told that the original verbal agreement which included me saying to the office manager so this quote includes my partials them replying yes you are covered...telling me they never even spoke with me… and their name was on my original quote… saying they never even spoke with me...that it wasn't covered!

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  • Sh
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    I am having so much difficulty with Western Dental from Tucson Az. I was told what amount I would have to cover in July 2008, after what United Concordia would pay and promptly paid that off. Here, 3 months later, they are trying to say I owe them over 2, 000.00 for work done on both myself and my daughter. Because I am so frustrated it is hard for me to get into detail about all the horrible experiences- here is a sampler-
    My cavities were filled so poorly that I could not chew for 3 months. When I finally could chew, half of my filled tooth cracked and had to pay over 300.00 to a "professional dentist" to have it fixed. Also, the last visit-my appt was for 4pm- I got the numbing med at 430 and the dentist finally come back to me at 6pm-and told me after the wait was because they didn't have sterile equipment. The equipment they used on me had not been sterilized- I ended up two days later with a huge infection on my inner lip- I am seeing complaints from Ca-does anyone have a bad experience in Az? I would like to file a suit against them for fraud-since that seems to be a popular complaint about them. If you have any info, please let's get together on this. They are using government insurance to entice people- that and their convienant hours -or who knows what else. If I have to give 2, 000.00 away-it will not be for their disgusting gain.

  • Ja
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    Western Dental is one of the biggest scams going. They should be all shut down and half the people running them put in jail. They have severely injured many low income, vulnerable citizens who don't have the time, energy or knowledge to fight back. May God rebuke this evil company for all the pain and suffering they've caused so many people already suffering who were trying to find a little relief. May Western Dental lose it's status. May it go bankrupt. May it be exposed for the evil, disgusting, greedy entity that it is.

  • Gi
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    FYI - When you sign the initail paperwork at the office in Tucson, AZ you actually waive your rights to a trial. In fact, what you sign indicates that you agree to settle any issues through arbitration which shall begin at Western Dentals Corporate office. I'd suggest you get a copy of everything you signed and reviewed it. I for one will cancel my appointment I had to get services.

  • Br
      25th of May, 2009
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    The National City, CA Western Dental Office overcharged my debit card by 122.00 on 5/7/09 and when I caught it I called that office for a refund. Their accounting manager Myra was rude and told me it would take 3 to 6 weeks for a refund. I asked to speak to her manager Cindy and she confirmed it would take that long. I asked for their corporate number and spoke with Diana she told me 5 to 7 days and I have yet to see a refund. It is now 5/25/09 and by 6/3/09 I will owe another payment. What will they do then when I don't pay? They sent a receipt for the amount owed not the amount taken. The only records I have are my bank records that show their mistake. It looks like I'll have to devote even more time to this misshap. On top of the 3.50 charge I encurred for faxing proof of the mistake via my bank records. I don't even trust my bank account is safe now that I sent this information to them.

    I have yet another call in to their financial officer David Joe. Waiting to see if I will get a call back. As of now I have cancelled all my appointments and refuse to do any more business with them. I am unhappy with the cosmetic work they did and now that they can't even accomplish proper ediquite in customer service. I agree with Janey... May this company be exposed for the evil, disgusting, greedy entity that it is.

  • Fr
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Western Dental Co - Bad service
    Western Dental Co
    United States

    I went to Western Dental the first time on an emergency basis and was told how terrible my teeth were. ( Granted I only had 1 cavity at the time, and according to my dentist, my overall teeth were in good shape) They set about doing a lot of unnecessary work and extensively billing my insurance. Fast forward 5 years. I come to the Western Dental office in Hollywood, because it’s on my way home and still open late. I am in extreme pain, so much so that I am, in tears. I go to the office and am greeted by a blonde dentist who looks at the tooth, hits it with a metal instrument very, very hard ( as I am crying) and tells me I need to go to the UCLA endodontics clinic in West LA. It is Friday night, and no one will be available until at least Monday morning. I try to tell her that I am in VERY severe pain, but she just shrugs me off and swears at me, not even bothering to even get an X-ray.

    The next day, I go to the Western Dental in North Hollywood, expecting some form of relief for my pain. I am greeted there by a dentist who had to stop in the middle of doing my root canal to eat lunch, and he “accidentally” ground off half my tooth.

    They are now telling me that the only way they can help me is to remove the tooth entirely. They failed to mention that they had put 3 fillings in the tooth in as many years, and it kept cracking. I offered to pay to save the tooth, but they still insisted they pull it out, and, oh, yes, you can buy a $1500 bridge to save your smile.

    I am seeking monetary damages from the company at this point because of the shoddy work they have done, not to mention the pain I have suffered at their hands.


  • Wi
      17th of Jun, 2009
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  • Fi
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    I take my daughter to the Western Dental in Tucson, AZ.
    Unfortunately, I signed a contract for $4000 dollars for her braces, so I'm stuck.
    I hate that place.
    The dentist and assistants are unprofessional and all look as though they just got out of high school.
    You are placed in a large room with about 10 other people while the one dentist walks around to each patient.
    The unqualified "assistants" do most of the work. Parents are not allowed in the room and don't ever get an opportunity to speak to the dentist. They are so concerned with getting their every cent that you owe them, as opposed to making sure the customer is taken care of.

  • De
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I have dealt with Western Dental before, they tried to bill me and my husband twice once before, but on Sept 24, 09 I went back because I was in complete pain and needed a tooth pulled.. I first called to let them know I was coming and if it would take long because I was in so much pain, they said they would see me right away. Soon as I came into the office they ran my insurance and told me I was not insured, I should of ran then, but I was in so much pain that I stayed and called my insurance myself and they said of course you are insured and gave the phone to the receptionist. After verifying I was insured I sat there for at least 30 minutes, finally I was taken to the back to get x-rayed again. Which I thought was very weird because I already had x-rays on file there. I want to state that the X-Ray technician was very nice and helpful and after my x-rays she tried to get the lady in the front to take me to my exam because she knew how much pain I was in, but the lady never came for me so she took me herself and set me up. While I was waiting for the dentist to come I heard his voice come around the corner as one of the nurses was at her station he came up behind her and hugged her kissing her on her neck and said how are you today, not only was I disgusted I think the nurse was as well. When he finally came to me he asked what I was there for I told him I was in pain as he looked at my chart, he said ok and rubbed me with oral gel and walked away to the next client. I sat there for as long as I could stand and told the nurse can you please give me something for this pain. I sat there awhile longer when the dentist came to my station and looked at my x-rays and told me all the work I needed done. I told him I only wanted my tooth pulled, he asked me why? I needed to have a tooth capped, heavy cleaning, and my wisdom teeth pulled along with the extraction. He asked me to ask him questions. I said I had no questions he then starting asking himself questions about my needed procedures. I said look I only want the extraction done nothing else, finally the dentist gave me a shot I was feeling better. But before any procedures were done the receptionist came in with a pile of papers showing me all the ways I could pay for the other procedures. I told her I only want my tooth pulled and that it is nothing else. She kept on for several minutes telling me how I could easy pay my other procedures. I finally just stopped talking to her and looked away. The whole time the dentist was standing right there.. He jerked opened my mouth and said this is probably going to hurt, and jerked my head up and down for several minutes, his instruments hit my other teeth, it was a horrible experience. I felt like he was really trying to hurt me because I would not get more procedures done. I was incredibly shaken during the whole thing and even after my hands would not stop shaking. I went to the front desk the receptionist could even tell something was wrong and even though the doctor has other patients he came to the front to see me before I left and was telling me again something about the pain I think, I really couldn't hear what he was saying, I was very upset. My tooth bleed for hours after I left and the pain was much greater then even the tooth pain was in the beginning . I woke up this morning with a bit of whiplash and allot of pain. I will never go back to Western Dental and I am only posting this so no one else will have to have this kind of experience. Take the time to find a real dentist don't settle for anything less.

  • Cl
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    Western Dental is a complete joke. I did my research before I went there for my sons braces...and I thought ok so some people had a few bad experiences, it will be fine. You sign a contract that basically signs you into debt for eternity and relinquishes your rights to dispute all the crap they will be putting you through in the near future. I transferred my account from one office to another - $130 charge, THEN they changed my account number based on the transfer so I am sending payments via the payment book I have, then the non-stop calls start...telling me I am late, how the heck am I late? SO after disputing it and fighting with them repeatedly, proving I paid, they tell me oh your account number changed. THEN everything seems fine, continue with the once a month visit AND payments...and they screw up my payments AGAIN and had the nerve to tell my 14 year old son, oh we cant see you, your account is $460 past due. WTF? I am reviewing my contract tonight to see if there is a cancellation fee I can pay to BE DONE DEALING WITH THEM! In a year my sons teeth have barely moved with braces. Such a scam. DO NOT GO HERE...all these stories that people have posted are true!!!

  • Ln
      1st of Aug, 2010
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    I am not surprised that this website was #3 on a Google search! I have had the same tooth filled by them 4-5 times since December! There is very little tooth left now since they have drilled into it so many times and if this last time doesn't work, I will need a crown. I had another tooth filled by them, after they took routine x-rays, that had been dead for about 30 years and not bothered me until they filled it. My daughter had braces put on only 3 brackets were still on after less than a month. I told them that she would be out of state for the whole summer and they encouraged us to get her started anyway. They said if she had any trouble before she left that she could go to another Western Dental and get them fixed. We did that since 7 of them fell off within a few days (4 by them time we got home) and their office had closed early when we went back. The other office did nothing except cut the wires, which I could have done at home and not had to leave work for. I finally got a letter back from them and even though I explained that my daughter was out of state for the whole summer, they said to bring her back within 30 days to have the brackets removed and they would waive the $200 removal fee! What great customer service! They obviously did not even read what I wrote or else they'd know she was out of the state. I also told the office that my daughter would be out of state all summer before they even got started but they denied knowing that. I called the main office after I got the letter and the first woman wouldn't even let me finish a sentence and all I could do was leave a message for her supervisor and the other guy just read the letter to me (as if I was the one that couldn't read!) No one answered the phone in the office at 4:30 on a weekday. I left a message but haven't gotten a call back. The letter said that I would have to fill out all new financial paper work because she missed a month, even though I know other kids who have missed a month, too. They also left an automated call about an appointment for my daughter this month that I hadn't made (since my daughter wasn't here) and even though I called the office, the 800 number and sent an e-mail saying that she was out of town and would not be there, I still got another "reminder" call. They also send letters and make phone calls about late payments even when you pay weeks early! Their imcompetence is unbelievable. No one seems to know what they are doing. I had a girl who said she was an intern do my x-rays unsupervised when I was there earlier this month. They had to be redone repeatedly. Going to them has been a nightmare. I could go on and on but this is too aggravating.

  • Ti
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    TOTAL BS. I have to pay a $130 for transer fees & nobody want to give me a break down of that fee. WHY? Because they are trying to get you for every nickle & dime possible. The reason for the transfer is because you SUCK! I had fallen be hind on my payments due to the economy. Went in with ALL ALL past due amount and they would not see my son cause I did not have the current payment for the month. They hadnt seen my son since I was past due to begin with. WESTERN DENTAL DOES NOT FEEL THE ECONOMY SQEEZE BECAUSE THEY ARE TAKING ALL OUR MONEY!!!

    12-2295. Charges

    A. Except as otherwise provided by law, a health care provider or contractor may charge a person who requests copies of medical records or payment records a reasonable fee for the production of the records. Except as necessary for continuity of care, a health care provider or contractor may require the payment of any fees in advance.

    B. A health care provider or contractor shall not charge for the pertinent information contained in medical records provided to:

    1. Another health care provider for the purpose of providing continuing care to the patient to whom the medical record pertains.

    2. The patient to whom the medical record pertains for the demonstrated purpose of obtaining health care.

    3. The health care decision maker of the patient to whom the medical record pertains for the demonstrated purpose of obtaining health care for the patient.

    4. The Arizona medical board, the board of osteopathic examiners in medicine and surgery or an officer of the department of health services or the local health department requesting records pursuant to section 36-662.

  • Ge
      27th of Aug, 2010
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    Western Dental - Worst dental service
    Western Dental
    United States

    On August 17 my daughter had an appointment at 11 am, as always we had to wait 2 hours minimum. At times the wait could reach up to 3-5 hours & possibly more! The dentists are always rushing you & are extremely impatient. They don't let you ask questions. Their facial expressions looks as if they're jail guardians. My daughter is 11 years old and unfortunately is terrified of needles. She has a cavity, her dentist was female, my daughter refused to get the shot. She didn't say anything. She left her mouth closed. The dentist exploded and yelled at my daughter, "you are so spoiled, you drama queen, if you were my daughter i would punish you, i would hit you and i wouldn't care if you called the police. " when the kids are in treatment the personal dentist doesn't allow the parents inside. They don't care if the kid (S) are two years old. After my daughter refused the shot, they gave me another appointment with a "kids specialist" on august 24, 2010 at 5 pm they attend my daughter at 7:45 pm she refused to get the shot. The dentists assistant was the same guy from the previous appointment. When he saw her, he started to talk bad about her as well. They have no respect for others, and don't deserve to be respected. I hope no one else has to go through this. And for a fact i know i will not be coming back to this so called "dentist" again.

  • Ma
      6th of Sep, 2010
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    I agree. Western Dental in Phoenix is a compete scam. I went there with my own x-ray, and told the dentist that I want to know how much they charge for a root canal. They said a price higher than I expected. The whole encounter was less than 3 minutes. Now they are charging me 120 for the visit that they did nothing!.

    Does anyone know if we can contact the business consumer advocate office or TV stations to expose this horrible business to other people in the area?

  • Ev
      11th of Sep, 2010
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    Western Dental - Stay away
    Western Dental
    United States

    I used to go to western dental to get checkups and cavities filled. I had to get a root canal and when I went in for my appointment I waited for over an hour. After waiting so long with other pissed patients I finally got to go sit down for my appointment. There I waited for another hour with the numbing solution already working. They started working and a lot of the time he would get up and go work on someone else. It seemed like he was the only dentist there.

    They only put in a temporary crown which wore off after time. Now I am at a new dentist office with much nicer people and they are quick and they do a good job on there work. I have to make an appointment with them now to have my tooth pulled which is the root canal that western dental didn't finish. I had to take medicine to clear up an infection that I had gotten because they didn't finish their job.

    I will never be going back to Western Dental. I have better things to do then sit at a dentist office for 3 hours and have horrible work done when I can go and be treated nicer and have a better job done on my teeth. I won't be recommending Western Dental to ANYONE!

  • Ma
      8th of Jan, 2011
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    I agree they rip people off on money they trying to get there pay while while we struggling on paying what they done and its work that we don't even need they just say that you need a root cannel they basicly telling everyone that goes to the dentist that we need a root cannel cause its the expensive work they could do to get more money and they charge more than I expected.. I had comments of friends that they haded pains on tooth and some dental give you pills for pain and infections and it gets you better theres no need for a root cannel it was just pills I needed to take pain away and infections but I didnt thought about it I payer to get a root cannel for nothing western dental you get sued..and plus when I got my root cannel done a fill right next to the root cannel tooth cracked when the temporary one fell off they still were making me pay for the fill in I don't do it.. THEY SHOULD GET SUED

  • Be
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    Western Dental - Don't go to there
    Western Dental
    United States

    I went Western Dental for a cleaning. The quote was for $79.00. The service I wanted to pay for was a cleaning. I came into the office were I was signed in at a computer, no one said hello, I manually signed into a computer which felt very impersonal. My appointment was scheduled for 10:15 a.m., I was called from the waiting room at 11:10(almost an hour after scheduled). I was then taken to an ex-ray room where I inquired why I would need ex-rays for a cleaning? I was told any dentist would require them and it was included in the cleaning price. I sat through the grueling process, were the dental assistant many times left me with ex-ray prongs in my mouth to chat with other employees. After that, I was taken back to the examination room, where I waited another 15 minutes. The dentist finally came in after reviewing my ex-rays he told me my teeth were very healthy and that I have no cavities, this did not surprise me I have never had a cavity. He did say my gum have some problems. He proceeded to look through my mouth and then told me the opposite of everything he had just said, he said that that I have two cavities, bad gums, and my teeth are loose. He left the room and his assistant presented me with a bill of over $1300 that I could pay with payment plans, when I explained I just wanted the cleaning I was promised for $79.00 they told me the y would not, since I did not receive the service I requested I feel I owe them nothing. I did tell them if I was going to be charged the $79.00 anyways could I please have a copy of my ex-rays. In which their response was that the ex-rays would be no good at any other office. I wasted my time and on my way out of the door they informed me because I was not willing to pay for nothing that an additional $250 collection fee would be attached to the $79.00.

  • Mo
      22nd of Feb, 2011
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    Western Dental - Horrible Service
    United States

    I'm so unhappy with the job that was done to my teeth all they did was fillings and still managed to screw that up the lady was in such a hurry to leave didnt bother to trim the fillings when she was done and numb my mouth wrong at of all the times i been to the dentist i had never been numb like that and it felt awful when i got home i wasn't able to bite down or eat anything for 2 days it was the worst i had experienced i went back once they were open again and that dumb ### had the nerve to tell me "i knew you'd be back the fillings were to high" in the back of my mind i was like yeah you dumb ### you knew it and didnt even bother to fix it because you just wanted to rush through the procedure and leave!!! People it's not worth going to ANY WD our teeth are to valuable to just have someone screw with them!!!

  • Sh
      11th of Mar, 2011
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    Western Dental - billing errors
    western dental
    United States

    I have received two bills this week stating that I am past due for western dental . With one stating I owe 69.00 and the next said I owe 183.00. I have called twice and they tell me that I am current and that they have no idea why these statements were sent to me...they have no idea how to bill ...please get new billers...also they just called my brother in law ---who I don't even know his phone number---to comfirm a office visit...please stop horrassing my family...this is enough..I really want to check into 3 on your side or picking this place...

  • Hu
      29th of Mar, 2011
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    I had the same experience. They cracked the tooth in front of the root canal they did. The RCT on tooth 31 took over 7 hours and left me bleding and bruised on both the inside and outside of my cheek. When the pain, which was 10 times worse than when I went in there, continued I called them. They were to call me back and never did. I called the next day and they said you don't have pain after a root canal and refused to get me in to see a dentist. I ended up in the ER for antibiotics and pain meds. After an excruciating 5 days of pain I went to a real endodontist and had a root canal on tooth 30 which took 45 minutes and was out of pain in 2 days. Thank goodness I used a credit card and have been able to stop payment to them and put it into dispute. We are looking into malpractice at this point. Please do not go to this group unless you have no other way to pay.

  • Wo
      29th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Western Dental in Victorville, CA made a partial for me, when it didn't fit properly I was told my mouth would adjust to it. When they wouldn't give me a deduction in my balance I sent the partial via certified mail to their corporate office asking for a reduction in my balance. They signed for the partial but never reduced my balance. And now they have the nerve to turn me over to a collection agency. I have paid over $3000 towards my total amount due, but I refuse to pay a dime more until I see a deduction. Who the hell are these people? The 1950s Mafia?

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