West Elmcustomer service

M Oct 17, 2017

I ordered 3 pieces of furniture on 8/28 . I received one piece that was sent UPS and I put it together myself. The other two were on back order. Since then, I call on a weekly basis and am told it is still on back order. I later found out that one piece is in the warehouse but they wont deliver until the 3rd piece is available.

Last week, I was told that it will be in my house and installed NO LATER than 10/21. I called today to learn that hey have now pushed this to the end of November.

When I inquired about cancelling my order they said that I would have to pay for the return of the piece that they did deliver (in fear that I wont ever receive the matching piece), I would also have to find a box that it would fit into haul it to the post office myself.

I asked about their inventory control and was told that they cant control who is going to order what on the day that I order things . However, they certainly can control expectations after the order is placed and I have been put on back order 4 times. The CS rep said their are 43 like orders in the queue and could not comment where I am in the pecking order. I would have to believe after 4 months, I would be somewhere close to the top (actually, I have had hand made pieces delivered faster than this) .

They should stop over selling, over promising and over pricing for their products . Their customer service could use a lesson in who actually pays their salaries.. its their customers.

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