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Do not do business with West Coast Metal Buildings INC. They do not stand behind their product. They show you pictures of 15 men standing on top of their carports to prove how strong they are . They aren't strong. The first little bit of snow comes and they come tumbling down...on top of your cars no less. We had West Coast Metal Buildings build 5 carports on our ranch to house our trucks and equipment in 2007 at a cost of $12, 000.
(These are the carports you see everywhere in Oregon with signs on them stating they are $895-1195 depending on what you want included) We told them we got occasional snow and wanted to make sure it would handle it. We changed the metal roof from horizontal to vertical so it would be more apt to shed snow. Additional braces were to be added to the barns. When the installers came out, one barn had braces on all trusses but the rest of them had anywhere from 4 to 6 braces. The installers were anxious to finish the job that day so they wouldn't have to return the next day. They worked into the night. They told our son that the carports didn't need all of the braces that they had brought with them and they would just leave them there for us to install if we wanted to. This winter we received about 3 inches of snow on the roof, our 2 trucks were parked underneath, there were no winds. My son had just been out to his truck and came back inside. He looked out later and the carport had totally collasped and was laying on top of his 2 trucks. (My son could have been crushed if he had been under the carport when it came down. ) We called the company the next day and were told the carports were not warranted for ANY amount of time other than warranted not to rust for 20 years. I told them the carport was obviously put together faulty, otherwise, why are the other 4 still standing? Customer service said they would relay the message to the manager, but they didn't intend to do anything about our carport or damage done to the 2 trucks.

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  • Ro
      Apr 23, 2009

    Had these folks actually purchased a builiding designed to carry a snow load then it would not of collapsed. Only one of the four buildings collapsed. I wonder if it was under trees or next to another building that dropped snow on to it. I have a building from this company and it is wonderful. No problems! My paperwork clearly explained which type of building I was getting and that only one style offered a wind/snow rating.

    Thank you,
    A Very Happy Customer

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  • So
      Aug 06, 2009

    Many customers have experienced the same misfortune and have had to deal with a substantial loss.

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  • Ca
      Sep 04, 2009

    As a past dealer for this company, as well as a company out of Idaho, I can attest to the concerns about snow load ratings and the lack of warrantable engineering from these companies. After selling these units for over a year and trying to get a statement of live load ratings and wind ratings for ANY of their structures, I pressed these people hard and was consequently canceled as a dealer.

    A very concerned reseller

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  • As
      Jan 20, 2010

    Look at your contract before you sign it. You only get an Engineered building if you buy it. Once you order an engineered building they send out your drawings right away. A basic Farm Style vs Certified ... Two different things. Don't be dumb!!!

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  • No
      Feb 21, 2011

    I agree with you i sold buildings for them and know from experience that tehy do not tell you the full truth about their employees green card status and not all employees have ss#'s and the continue use in the office and warehouse of drugs is always a standard. Be VERY careful when dealing with these people! Ask for drug tests if possible before letting them onto your property. The continuos coverups of screw ups by the crews and lateness..they always had us say..."yes sir they are 4 hours late due to truck broke down..or flat tire" DO NOT BELIEVE THIS IT IS A LIE!!! I ended up leaving because i didnt feel this was a safe place to work and felt bad lieing to 70 year old customers who just wanted an awning for their RV. Also the certified buildings " yeah you can buy a 12x21 14 gauge building for 795.00...this does not incluse sides ends OR will not be a certified building until you pay for your cert fee which is anywhere from 375.00 to 1175.00 which is wierd when all tehy due is walk into a file and pull out a copy of specs and copy them and mail it to you...they dont even order them! Just thought i would let you know

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  • Bw
      Jun 15, 2011

    Don't believe everything you read, carma always comes back when humpty dumpty falls...

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  • Ad
      Jul 20, 2011

    I have been a dealer for seven years and I have never had a carport damaged by snow or wind! But as an experienced dealer I always ask my customer how much snow they get, there are some places I will not build a building unless they purchase a certified one. You can't win as a business man, you try to help the customer and then they accuse you of trying to get the price up on them. If the customer wants the cheapest I will sell it to them, why not, someone else will. But be sure I inform everyone of the pros and cons, life is too short to have drama.
    If you are looking at purchasing a metal building look me up, I will put everything in writing and be up-front.
    Fred Durant
    All Steel NW

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  • Qw
      Oct 03, 2012


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  • Ad
      Oct 04, 2012

    If you did not get all your parts for some strange reason, they will fix it. All those guys on the crew have been with West Coast for 6 to 11 years, they are professionals and yes some do not speak English well. Again that's why you need to choose a good dealer. I will make sure your order is itemized and you understand what your getting and that way there is no confusion.

    Fred Durant
    All Steel NW

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  • Th
      Jan 30, 2013

    My husband and I were dealers for West Coast Metal Building for 5 years. We allowed them to park one of their carports on our property and several of our customers bought from them. We were never paid one dime of commission and our thanks was this. We leased our feed store out to a Con Man (we found this out 2 months later) and when we had to evict him for non payment West Coast Metal Buildings allowed this guy to remove the carport from our property in addition to all the other stuff he helped himself to. The Con Man had told them we lost our property and our business was closed. They never bothered to call us the land owners with whom they had a contract with to verify any of this. Now an empty spot sits in our parking lot and within 2 hours we had 7 different phone calls and when we explained what happened ...well let's just say this kind of business practice does sit well with people. We live in an Agricultural area of hard working farmers, ranchers and common folk and word travels fast. Let's just say in 30 days when we reopen our store we will look for a reputable company to fill that empty spot in our parking lot so my phone can stop ringing about it. I am a true believer in Karma, they will get theirs when this guys sticks them for the cost of that carport.. p.s. West Coast Metal Bldg. don't bother writing your cya response after my post because you did not care to hear my side before this therefore I could care less what you have to say now and it is apparent by all your comments you cant handle criticism too well.

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  • Ho
      Aug 02, 2017

    @the birds We just had dealings with this company, my Husband ordered a 12 gauge carport for agriculture equipment. My husband is also a 30 year machinist. While putting up the building he noticed it moved when the two guys were in the roof. He took his measurement tool and measured the steel. Behold it was 14 gauge. Wonder how many people got ripped off on the metal car port they ordered. Could be the answer for the snow burden collapse .

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  • Bi
      May 01, 2013

    They are liars and cheats. When they installed my carport on a concrete pad they told me that they would drill 4" deep holes in the concrete to install anchors. They arrived on a date that I did not approve. Well they ended up busting a hole in my water line which was 28 inches below the surface. The installer told my wife, then plugged the hole that had water coming out of it with an anchor and left, not even offering to turn the water line off for my wife and leaving us waterless on a Friday evening of a three day holiday. They claimed it wasn't their fault since they had no drill bits that were that long. Then they also claimed they were not responsible since they are not responsible for underground utilities . So which is it, your installers don't carry 3' bits or they are responsible if they hit a utility? They refused to come out and see the damage and called me a liar. Their crew had previously called me a liar when they arrived with 6' legs instead of the 7' legs I ordered. When I showed them my paperwork they said I altered it. They called the dealership I purchased the carport through and they told them I HAD ordered so they had to make another date to install, which ended up a day when I was not home and that I had not discussed with them. Their customer service is nill, they care not one bit about the customer and ignored any complaint. I ended up having to have my concrete pad cut into and have a contractor fix my water line 28" below the pad on Labor Day Saturday, doubling the cost of the carport installed. They are jerks, liars, and cheats. Do not buy from them!

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  • Oh
      Oct 21, 2013

    DO NOT PURCHASE FROM WEST COAST METAL BUILDINGS...I called to inquire about a carport to store my travel trailer under on my commercial property. My husband went to city hall in our little town and they said we needed engineering papers before they would consider a permit. Off to the place in West Salem to get the papers, well guess what, $375.00. Just for copies of specs for a carport. Then they sent them to the wrong address. When we got them we went to city hall and had to come home and draw a sketch of where it was to be located. With that being done, took all the paperwork back to city hall. Permit ~ denied. Because we had a shop on our commercial property which West Coast knew about. They refused to refund the $375.00. According to the city planner a licensed contractor will (should) know what they are doing and obtain the permits themselves. Everyone is laughing (not funny laughing) at the outrageous price for "engineering" papers for a small carport. They have no idea how to run a business dealing with permits. We've hired many different contractors and never had to go try to get a permit ourselves. Also they DO NOT return phone calls, you have to keep calling back. Sad lesson for a retired couple on a fixed income.

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  • Mi
      Nov 28, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    On September 27 I purchased a building from them. My contact was Maria. From that point until I cancelled the order there was silence from them on the delivery date.
    Maria informed me to expect a 4-6 week delivery.
    On November 1st I called to see if a date could be scheduled and left a message.
    On November 2nd, a Saturday, I wrote an email since I did not get a call back from Maria. That email went unanswered...
    I then called the following week and left a message with the person who answered the phone. No call back. I then called several times and left messages with no call back.
    I finally spoke to Ashlee and advised that if I did not get a call the following day I would cancel the order. Again no one called.
    The following week I called and asked to speak to the Manager. I had the person take my setails and was advised I would be called in an hour. That didn't happen so I called back after 2.5 hours and spoke to the Manager and cancelled the order.
    Literally the worst customer service I had had to deal with.

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  • Mi
      Aug 23, 2017

    @Michael E. Moore I just had the same experience with West Coast Metal Buildings. Placed an order on 1/20/17 and they said it would be 6-8 weeks. After not hearing squat from them I called several times before they told me the PO from our company (regional company with 60mil annual gross revenue), had terms and conditions that were unacceptable. When I asked what was unacceptable the answer was "all of it, we will not accept any terms and conditions". Again it took over 7 months for them to tell me that they wouldn't accept my PO. At this point I guess I'm glad they are not getting my money. Hard to believe how a company like this stays in business.

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  • To
      Aug 08, 2014

    Are there any competent drug free trustworthy metal building sales company and installers out there? Why does this business attract so many losers?

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  • Gd
      Nov 22, 2014

    We had a terrible experience with West Coast Metal Buildings also, Almost identical to the same experience as Micheal Moore in 2013. On Sept 13, 2014 we ordered a carport and was not told when it would be delivered. I called a couple days later to find out how long it would take. We were told 6 to 10 weeks I was shocked because a friend bought one a couple years earlier and it only took 2 weeks. after 6 weeks we called to see if we were on the list yet, not yet and now it could be 6 to 12 weeks. I told them we could have snow by then, she said that's ok they work in the snow.She said she would call me back and let me know when. No call. On Nov. 14, I called again still no delivery date, I told her again about the snow possibility.She talked to her manager and was told it would be delivered the 22nd or 23rd of Dec. I told her no that was more than the 12 wks and we don't live full time on the property where it was being built. We finally cancelled it. We have never done business with a company that has such BAD customer service.
    I checked the BBB before we ordered from them and they had a good rating, I don't know how! Wish I had seen this web site first.

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  • Pc
      Dec 23, 2014

    It's sad that there is so much negative customer service with this company, I had a 30 by 60 foot lean to added to my large metal barn, Price was right, they were there. haven't had any problems. They worked 2 days but only about 10 hours labor. Am considering another(tho smaller) building when I return to the coast in the spring. The agent was Dave in Beaver. This company and agent were 100%. Maybe because I went to a heavier metal helped. I live very close to the ocean and am also on the river which has very strong winds, No problem so far, Tim

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  • Ho
      Aug 02, 2017

    @PC Tim Might want to measure the metal. We ordered a 12 gauge and got 14 gauge.
    Our contract specified 12 gauge. 🤔

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  • Tr
      Jan 21, 2015

    I consider ordering a small garage building from them to put on my tree farm in Western Washington, between Elma and Montesano. Any suggestions as far as how to work with this company? Should I just place an order through their website? Or does it pay to find their dealer first? Can anyone recommend their agent? There are some who advertise their services on this site. Thank you, Andre

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  • Na
      Mar 03, 2016

    Do NOT order ANYTHING from this company! You will regret it! They are a very shoddy company at best and have horrible customer service, which reflects the owners who are out to defraud people. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!
    Stay far away from them. I am headed to court with them right now because they will not refund money they took from me for nothing! They never even set foot on my property and are out nothing. Yet they think they are entitled to keep $391 + the $50 I spent filing a complaint with the CCB. They are trying to state that the carport I ordered us a "custom building" and therefore can keep half of what I paid!!! Ridiculous and fraudulent behavior! Glad I did NOT have them actually come out and install this carport! Anyone else having to take them to court? Please contact me!

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  • Ka
      May 29, 2016

    We had a unit (20X40, 14 feet tall) installed in August of 2007. We were more than pleased with the installation. The crew worked quickly and well. We had 19 inches of WET snow one year, and did not have a problem. However, part of our roof of our house gave way, putting part of the ceiling into our dinning room. We have both sides and one end to the ground, and it cost us $7289.90 including sales tax. (for the shed, not the house :-)

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  • Ja
      Dec 08, 2016

    Ordered the building on 9/9/2016 and they said it would be 6 to 8 weeks before delivery. They arrived 12/5/2016 and that's when the problems
    began.  Two guys showed up and put a laser sight on the ground and said it was not level. Its a drive way that I park my P.U., boat and car in and is
    about as level as it's going to get. I am 70 years old and live by alone. I told them to go ahead and put it up but he said he would have to call the company which he did and then he told me they said no. I said well then take the building back and their reply was it would cost me an extra 750.00 to do that.
    Well here I am with a building that I can't refuse and they won't put it up. I finally had to pay cash for the building and they unloaded it in my back yard.
    I then called the company and asked to speak to a manager and explained the situation to him and he said if they would have put the building up it wouldvoid the warranty . I told him I didn't care about the warranty as it a metal building and why didn't they put it up when they were here. He told me that theywere still in the area and he would call them and get back to me. After three days of calling and no returned calls I am finally giving up. I Have a great familythat have offered to help next spring to put this up. I put a review on their web page but now I can't find it so I guess they remove what they don't want youto review. Buyer Beware!!! This company is by far the worst company I have ever done business with in my 70 years on this planet. If I could give them a minus 20 star review I would. I am going to better business people to lodge a complaint about this company but I feel it will go no where. The people that manufacture these structures should refuse to do business with these people as they are only destroying the reputation of their company.

    Jay M

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  • Je
      Apr 12, 2017

    DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! They calm to have 100% customer satisfactory. WHICH THEY ARE NOT!
    We purchased a canopy (on Sept. 16, 2016)to put over our truck lift. We paid extra to do so. Then they keep putting our build off again again. It was installed on Jan. 13th, 2017. Then time finally came and they made us sign a peice a paper that if it feel off the lift they weren't liable. The didn't give us the 1' eve's on each side that they charged us for. This leaks like crazy. We have called 5 times now and we keep getting the run around. Have to tell the same story over and over. Sent them pictures that they denied getting(it was from our cell so they did get them)
    They are rude and have never returned a call. We have to keep calling them.
    Feel free to contact us to come see their poor workman ship. Be happy to show you. [protected]

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