Wesbankunethical behaviour

N Nov 29, 2017

I received a call from one of your consultants yesterday at about 17.35. He was extremely rude with me. I am also not happy with the service i have been receiving from Wesbank. Apparently i am in arrears with my vehicle that I have paid each and every month. When your consultants could not pin point which month was not paid they came up the story of insurance that was included without my knowledge. Firstly I will not be forced to take out insurance which i could not afford at that time as I was unemployed but i made sure i made my payments on the vehicle. Apparently I am R10 000 in arrears with what??? Insurance?? According to my knowledge if insurance is not paid for 3 consecutive months it falls away! Plus I do have insurance with king price which i sent to you guys as proof!!! so why am i being harassed by your consultants on a daily basis????

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