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Wen Hair Care / Falling out hair

1 United States

if people would watch chaz dean .s videos very close up... the would have stayed away from his products in the first place ..first of all chez dean took all the hair in one hand.. put some of that junk in the other and put it on the hair . then he stroked the hair up and down, never never separeted the hair to wash it . never never came even close to the scalp to wash the scalp . after he was done stroking the hair with all that junk in the middle of the hair . by never separeting the hair to wash each hair . he let the water run over the stroked hair, still never separeting the hair . or again never coming close to the scalp to to wash the scalp . that should hasve been enough to tell the people stay away from that crook and his fake and dangerous products, but to many people fell for that fake speach and video . what realy showed how fake he and his productsd are . anyone should know . you can not clean your hair with a conditioner . he roped the costumer in . the costumer is loosing their hair . chaz dean laughs behind their backs he found more victims . .. i hope everyone has learned a lesson the hard way . stay away from chez dean he is a fake and a crook . and so are his fake and phony and dangerous products

Jul 1, 2015

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