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I live in the caribbean, and wanted to build a web site where I could display some information I'm aware of. I searched and came across, went through their advertised products and paid for five years hosting. While in the process of putting my material together, never having published any of it, I got an e-mail from Webstarts stating that they were underselling themselves and that I needed to make further payment to secure my prices, for this year. So many red flags went up in my mind and I immediately deleted all my material from the site and requested a reversal of all charges to my Credit card. I'd explained that the exchange rate was $6.50 of my country's dollars to $1 US dollar. On a credit card, it is much more. At this present time, I'm out over $3000.00 of my country's dollars. I do not buy things on the street to ensure that I'm in no way supporting thieves and keeping within the law and I consider Webstarts to be dishonest and will in no way deal with them. For a few days after requesting a reversal of charges, they refused to even reply to my e-mail. Since then I gotten replies from them indicating that it was some sort of mistake. I do not believe them and refuse to have any dealings with them. I will take my business elsewhere. Those of you out there who may have dealings with on line purchases, please ask for confirmation that the price you are paying is the final price.

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