Weather Shield Windows / Warranty not being honored

Elkhorn, WI, United States

Never *ever* buy WeatherShield windows. One would expect a good ol' American company to stand by their product, but apparently they only stand by them to about 50% of what a new one would cost, with installation as an additional cost, even though the warranty was clearly unlimited lifetime. Quite a few windows have moderate to severe condensation problems, and some of the nifty elements between the panes of glass have fallen. My window pictured below isn't even covered at all. Nice. This will force our modest townhome association to stick our members with dues increase, which is the worst possible solution because most of them are retirees on fixed incomes. I've read other industry reviews stating how much the company has gone down hill, and I'm sure their inability to stand by their product is part of the problem.

Weather Shield Windows

Feb 17, 2013

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