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W.C. Value Plus-V / Unauthorized billing

1 United States

This company took money from my credit card fraudulently for $16.95. It occurred after I visited a site that they are involved with; where I had purchased some items for my sister's wedding. I never agreed to any purchased or memberships. I was told by my bank not to call them when I discovered by googling that they had been in trouble with the attorney general of Minnesota for this before. My credit card was canceled, I called and filed a police report with the PA state police, and reported it to the Federal trade commissions of PA and Washington, D.C. as well as the Securities and exchange commission.

I did this because this company may have only taken a small amount from me, but they have been Allegedly scamming people since 2001 and nobody seems to care. It is the principle of the whole thing. They are a huge company and are in business with some very very well known businesses to help with marketing and advertising. They even have a identity theft company, isn't that a hoot.

Anyway, I have done hours of research on this company and the state trooper who spoke with them on my behalf was told I purchased a membership for food and entertainment and received paperwork and a $25 Walmart gift card. All of this was false. If I had gotten a gift card; being disabled, I would have definitely used it.( How funny, this can be easily checked.) When I spoke with the same gentleman, he said I purchased an 'As seen on TV' item and refused to tell me exactly what it was I bought, but had all my important information; demographics, e-mail address, credit card numbers, etc.

I do fear retaliation by this company, but after all the reporting I have done I think they would be not too smart to try that in my opinion. I feel badly for those people who are older or don't speak English well who have also been taken. If you Google the name Provell, Inc. you will even find an article from a former employee who says that Value Plus-V is a' fake company' and that is the name that appeared on my bank account with a different 1-800 number. I hope this helps somebody so that others don't get ripped off as well.


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