Wawa / rude, unprofessional #8072

Bensalem, PA, United States

I visit this wawa everyday. I always get a free coffee or tea with the coupon that is sent to my phone after taking the survey. Today I go around 9pm at night I am told by a supervisor that I can not use the coupon on my phone for my tea because it needs to be printed out. I come here everyday as I previously stated not once have I heard this before so I asked why? The supervisor says, because people use the coupon over and over again she only says I'll do it this time because I explain to her that I come here all the time and this is a first. For one how can you use a coupon more than once when it's a different code every time, two.. doesn't it pop up on Wawa's screen that it was used already if that were the case. So I Said to The supervisor you should in-service your staff if that's the case because apparently no one knows that information but you! Check, her employee says I didn't know we couldn't do that. All's I can say is Get it together store number 8072. Wawa on Street Road Brookwood Shopping Center.

Apr 17, 2017

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