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Wawa / employees using profanity

1 Philadelphia, MS, United States
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I stopped in the WaWa located at 6800 Rising Sun Ave; Phila., Pa. 19111 (Store #8066) around 530am on 12/31/2017 after dropping my father off at dialysis and was alarmed at the disrepecttful attitudes of two young employees at the sandwich section. I was at the kiosk trying to determine what I wanted to order and the two employees were using profane language. At first I ignored them hoping they would stop once they noticed an older customer was in their presence but they still continued. I said to the female employee "can you watch your language young lady?" She glared at me then continued having a conversation with her male co-worker. After about 5 minutes at the kiosk, my ticket printed and I was about to pay at the register but held off only to hear the female employee say to her male co-worker "how she gonna tell me to watch my language, she aint my mother". I told her that it is unprofessional to be using that language in front of customers and I told the both of them to cancel my order. I asked an employee who was stocking the shelves to get the manager. As the manager was coming from out the back the young female employee intercepts the manager and tells him this "she just mad cause we were cursing." The manager apologized to me, told me it was inappropriate and returned to the back of the store. The two young male and female employees clearly have an issue with respect. I know I am not their parent but I am someone's parent. When I asked if she could watch her language that was a simple "motherly correctioning" on my part because I know children make mistakes.
I wouldn't have canceled my order or wrote this complaint if she heeded my advice about the profane language. However when she decided to make the comment about me not being her mother and telling the manager I'm mad because they were cursing, I was annoyed. These two young people didn't have any profressionalism and clearly didn't understand what they did wrong. I have children around their age and understand young people do and say things without thinking but if a customer takes the time to correct you, then heed the advice. Don't make matters worse by being belligerent. I hope their atttitudes get adjusted.

Dec 31, 2017

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