Wawa / did not get to use full gift card

I am a loyal customer, love Wawa, and go there frequently. Today, 7/24/18, I went to Wawa to get gas with a $25 gift card I had. I gave the cashier the gift card, and she told me that she put $25 on my pump. I had also confirmed that the card contained the full $25 prior to the purchase. When I went to pump my gas, it shut off after $9.22. I went back to explain that it didn't use the full $25 and she said her receipt said it charged $15.78. I now have two receipts showing on my account: one for the $9.22 of gas and another for $15.78 that is unaccountable. So essentially I was charged for $25 but only received $9.22 worth of gas (just over a quarter of a tank). I am disappointed that they were not able to resolve my issue in the store. Is there any way I can receive some compensation for my trouble, frustration and loss of money?
Thank you.

Jul 24, 2018

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