Wawa / customer service, or lack thereof!!

Palmyra, NJ, United States
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I visited your palmyra, nj store #460 at approximately 11pm tonight. While there, I was completely disrespected by a young woman employed by your company. I mean, I have never been so disrespected in my life, for doing nothing at all but attempting to help your employee.
When I entered the store, I was looking for the 2-liter sodas. I could not find them, so I asked a fellow customer and she said they are one aisle over. That was when I realized that the reason I couldn't find the soda was because there was a delivery of products for your store shelves, waiting to be inventoried, stacked three shelves high directly in front of every item on that side of the aisle. At first, I was going to move some of the boxes/storage containers myself, but I figured it would be better to ask first. So, I saw a young, short woman come from behind the deli counter and I said: "excuse me. I need a couple of 2-liters and it seems they are behind all of the boxes/containers stacked in that aisle". Your employee replied: "what do you need"? I told her I needed two of the mountain dew 2-liters, which were on the second shelf from the floor. I then showed her where I meant, and she started to move some of the boxes. When she did, a box of ramen style soups started to fall off the opposite side from where she was standing, so I grabbed it and placed it on top of another box so it did not fall. Then, your employee says, in a very smart, disrespectful tone, "sir, please do not touch anything:. I replied:"you do not have to worry, I am not the type to sue a company for injury that would basically be my fault". Your employee looked at me like I had just asked her for change on a street corner... She was very disrespectful! Then, she attempted to move one of the storage containers stacked there, and it was pretty obvious she was having some trouble with it. I immediately asked here if she was okay with moving it, and went to help her. But, again, your ignorant employee gave me the"death stare"and repeated:"sir, please do not touch anything", only this time her tone was much higher. I said okay, and went to grab two 2-liters from the shelf while she was holding the container. When I did, there was still a box in the way, so I went to move it slightly so I did not knock it over and damage it and, once again, your employee gave me the same line. But, the third time she said it, it was as if she wanted me out of the store, yelling it as if I had done something wrong. Finally, after taking your employee's [censor], I could not take it anymore. I bluntly asked her:"why are you being so nasty to me"? She replied with the same line, but with an even worse attitude..."sir, I did not want you touching anything". I replied:"yeah, I figured that out, but I was only attempting to help you... You don't have to be an 'effin [censor] about it"!!!
Then, your employee gave me another death stare, followed by the obvious smirk and said:"have a nice night, sir"!
Who the hell does she think she is to speak to me like that? She doesn't know me at all. I believed she needs to know that treating a customer like that is not acceptable. I own and operate a small it business and I come into contact with some real ignorant people sometimes. But, they are still my customers, and they are always right, whether I like it or not. I would never talk to one of my customers with the same disrespectful attitude that your customer gave me, for doing nothing but trying to help.

Sep 25, 2017

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