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Waterside By Spinnaker / fraudulent sales practice

1 P O Box 6899Hilton Head Island, SC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8437858105

Spinnaker purposely used deception and fraudulent misrepresentation in getting us to sign a contract and sign over to them a unit that we had paid $8900 for by telling us one time and writing something entirely different. The salesman, Clarke Tefft, told us we were getting a resale unit since that was the only thing I said I would buy since I knew we could get it for about half the price of buying a unit upfront from them. He promised that if we listed our 1-bedroom unit with Resort Brokerage for $199 that it would sell within a couple months, getting enough money to pay off this resale 2-bedroom unit. Since he continued to promise that this would happen, we listened to him and agreed.

After paying 3 payments, hearing nothing, not being able to get in contact w/Clarke with the number he gave us, we wrote to Spinnaker, returning the payment book since we were not going to waste any more money because of what we were promised was not taking place. They ignored this, turning this over to their collection agency and continuing to bill us for the maintenance fees for this unit we never used.

On April 1, 2007, we received a letter from Spinnaker canceling our reservations that we had for the 1-bedroom unit that we had paid for in 2001 because we had not paid for this other unit nor the fees. There were separate owner numbers for each unit. In contacting the reservation department, Wm. Young and John W., we learned that there was much more deception than just promising the 1-bedroom unit would sell to pay off the two-bedroom unit.

Rather than this second unit being a resale as we were told, they charged us $19, 842, the upfront cost, using $8900 equity of our 1-bedroom unit. Both these units were only for every other year. We were told that we could get this resale unit for $11, 342. There is no way we would have paid $19, 842, if we were aware of it, for a unit that could be used only every other year.. I asked how could they do this when we had the recorded deed for this unit. That's when they said we signed a Quit Release Deed giving the unit to them, although at the time of talking w/Mr. Young, he could not locate it, nor were we given a copy when we were given our paperwork at the time of signing this contract. Later after talking w/John W., we were sent a copy of this deed along with a Purchase Proposal that we had not been given a copy of.

The only way that they got our signatures on this deed was Clarke telling us that our fixed unit along with all others were being changed to floating units and we would need to sign, making this change. We had no idea that we were signing our unit over to them.

We have tried to work with them, writing them on 5/1/09 telling them the difference in what we were told and what was actually written. We also told them that the contract signed in September, 2007, because of these fradulent conditions, needed to be voided and the necessary paperwork to be done to return our paid unit to us and our reservations reinstated as maintenance fees for this year had just been paid. We also wanted the report against our excellent credit to be retracted. Spinnaker just continues to ignore what we tell them actually occurred.

It is most unfortunate that these types of sales practices are used in order to take advantage of others and deceive people out of what they own. Researching other complaints that have been filed against them shows that apparently the salesmen are trained in these practices. We would like to do what we can to keep this from happening to other people.

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  • Rb
      18th of Jun, 2010
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    Time shares are a terrible deal to begin with, but even worse when you get involved with someone like Clarke.

    I worked with him at Coral Resorts and was shocked at the types of scams that he and the managers would pull off.

    If you have just purchased a time share and are within your rescission period, cancel ASAP. If you got here by googling Clarke's name, raise as much cane as you can with Spinnaker or Coral Resorts.

    If you stay a thorn in their side long enough (months and months), they will refund some of your money.

    Good luck and sorry you got wrapped up with these people.

  • Tr
      20th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Again what did you think you were buying? Your own personal condo. It's a timesahre people! These sales people are slick and they want to entice you. If you are that gullable please let me know so I can sell you some dirt to put in your yard that will grow $100 bills!

  • Co
      31st of Oct, 2010
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    Amazingly after doing some homework on "rb4187" I have come to the conclusion that this disgruntled sales executive was actually let go from Coral Resorts for POOR SALES PERFORMANCE and for also LYING and DECEITFUL PRACTICE towards clients/owners of Coral Resorts!

    I found this out because I was a client of "rb4187" and as I tried to contact him multiple times with no reply, I decided to contact Coral Resorts and that is when they told me that he was let go for the reasons mentioned above!

    As for Clarke Tefft, I have never met the man while I was there but I am sure that he is a pretty clever sales executive like all of them are but we need to realize as consumers that it is our responsibility to step up to the plate and do our own homework!

    If there is anyone one to be angry at, it should be at ourselves and not the sales executives! If anyone has the right to be upset, it would be me for the deceitfulness that "rb4187" displayed, but instead, I will just mark it up as a lesson learned...

    And trust me, these companies WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY and nor should they have too... Yet just ANOTHER lie told by my "trusty sales executive, RB4187"

    Good luck and have fun shopping!!

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