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Washington Mutual / They stole my money!

1 Dallas, TX, United States

Incident = On February 28, I requested two different stop payments from my WaMu checking account. These were stops on two different loan payments to two different companies(not WaMu), after I had refinanced the loans and changed the payment dates. Not only did WaMu NOT stop the payments, they still charged me the fees for the stop payments that they never did!

This caused a $1300 shortage in my checking account, which in turn caused 6 different other checks/drafts to bounce, including my March mortgage payment! To top it off, they have hit ME with 6 overdraft fees totaling $210.00 Add it all up and they have shafted me for $1574.41, leaving me more than $900.00 overdrawn, and they had the nerve enough to leave me a voice mail saying they needed to speak with me about my NSF activity!

I called their customer service 1-800 number and was led around in circles by customer service agent A.J. Zapata about how their computer system could not let them refund the money. I then called their corporate headquarters and was told by executive rep Eddie Ramirez that not only would they not refund my money, but that he was going to report me to WaMu's corporate security if I ever called again to harass HIM!

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