Washington MutualAnyone that considers opening accounts with them should beware!

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On 09/18/2006 I noticed that a customer Withdrawal had been made from my joint account (my husband is on it also) for $471.65. Neither myself or my husband authorized any withdrawal from our account since all the money in there was for bills and gas till next payday. I called customer service and they said they couldn't help me, I had to go to the branch. My husband went to the branch the next day and wa told they couldn't help hin, He had to call customer service, On 09/19/2006 I called customer service again about the withdrawal and was told that I had to put in a dispute about it and They would contact me in 7/10 days. It is now two weeks later and having made numerous phone calls to them, it is still not resolved. All I want is my money back. I will never do business with WAMU again. Anyone that considers opening accounts with them should beware!!! I am about to take this up with the banking commissioner and the attorney general.

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    Neggon85 Mar 13, 2011
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    WaMu Fraud is the top news headlines. But Washington Mutual securities fraud is a separate cause of action from what many shareholders presume. Shareholders are in the hole and are desperate to recover their losses.

    A law suit filed by an individual investor in Los Angeles County fails to state cause of action. The crux of the case is, a shareholder who left without his investment sued Washington Mutual and JP Morgan Chase in Municipal Court of Los Angeles, Santa Monica Branch. The law suit that was filed alleges fraud on the part of both companies involved in the Washington Mutual and JP Morgan Chase merger.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Sep 16, 2009
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    get a lawyer on it !!!
    completely illegal.

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  • Ga
    Galina25 Sep 16, 2009

    So you think you money is safe in the bank. better think again it may be much safer in your sock drawer. I May of this year I opened a CD at Washington Mutual with $75, 000 from the sale of my last home. The CD was in my name alone since I was single when I purchased the house and had just gotten married when I sold it. In California we call this separate property.

    It never occurred to me that the funds might not be safe or that someone could remove them without my permission but that is exactly what happened. Beginning in August my then wife systematically transferred the funds out of the CD and quite without my knowledge. She did this over the phone by simply calling Washington Mutual and making the transfers. I had a joint family account with her in order to pay our mutual bills that she managed and it was to this account she initially transferred the funds before removing or spending them.

    During this period I never received any communication with Washington Mutual regarding this CD. I went long my happy way secure in the fact that my money was safe in such a wonderful institution. When I discovered the loss I immediately went to the local branch and spoke with the manager. She determined that my wife had committed Bank fraud and had even deposited a bad check for 75, 000 dollars to try and hide it from me. he indicated to me that if I filed for bank fraud they would prosecute my wife. I chose to do exactly that and to my surprise the banks fraud department determined that because the funds were transfer to a joint account I had received benefit from the transactions and the problem was between my wife and me. Ridiculous as this seems the bank denied my appeal on the same basis.

    I have since filed a complaint with the Department of thrift supervision but for 6 months I can get no response out of the OTC. Now I come to learn that the CEO of Washington Mutual is on OTCs' board “Wow talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop”.

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  • Ex
    exwamooer Sep 08, 2009

    I once had a mortgage with WaMu a few years back before the housing market plummeted. I have since sold that home and I did not get my new mortgage (or checking/savings) with WaMu because they cheated me out of $700 on the mortgage for my previous home. I didn't forget what they pulled on me. On my first home, WaMu required I pay a penalty of $189 PMI, monthly in addition to my mortgage payment even though I had a very high credit score because I only put 20% down. I didn't think it was all that unreasonable because it was spelled at for me before the closing so this wasn't a surprise. It was clearly stated in the purchase docs that they would remove the PMI as soon as I had a little more equity in the home, based on the LTV ratio.

    BUT ... when the price of my home and others in the area suddenly skyrocketed only one year later after the closing, they refused to remove the PMI. I had also made double mortgage payments during this year to pay down the loan and never once had a late payment. My income increased and my credit score was still very high. So, there was no excuse for this whatsoever. They didn't believe the price jumped that high and that I went from little equity to a lot of equity in such a short time. They also would not take the double mortgage payments into consideration. Major pubs, such as Newsweek, Times, etc ran articles about the housing shortage in CA and skyrocketing home prices. At the time, housing prices in Silicon Valley, CA jumped in a very short time. I provided lots of proof of this but they refused to listen to me. After 7 months of arguing, I refinanced instead of continuing to pay PMI on a home with lots of equity.

    I refinanced at a lower % rate and no PMI with no problem. Although this happened many years ago, they lost a good customer because of unethical business practices. My current mortgage, as well as my checking and savings, are now with a more reputable bank. I will never do biz with them again.

    Greedy people are also stupid.

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  • Fu
    FuWaMu Jul 21, 2009

    Stay away from WAMU (now Chase).
    BBB gave WAMU an 'F' rating, with many consumer complaints filed.

    There are so many better banks and lending institutions out there.

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  • secondson2002 Jun 18, 2009

    Just so the above letter I received is clear. Someone wants me to send $3, 410.00 to a person from or out of this check I am to deposit in my bank-account and mine you, withdraw off of. Yeah right, and who thinks this is right to do and not be responsible for the withdrawal when the bank find out the check is fake. The letter has some names and addresses to pick from toward who you choose to send this withdrawal too. I have tried to up-load the letter so you could read all that it said but, I keep losing the web page. This letter was a job offer to be a Mystery Shopper and there are people who do this very thing as a job. But everyone knows or should know Western Union and Money Gram can't be tested because they are the only way to go if and when a person wants to send money from State to State or country to country, testing them is not going to do anything but have you pay for the service like it or not. Don't be GREEDY for money were you risk your neck for an anonymous person who just wants you to go in the hole so they can get rich and leave you to cry, "poor me. The true don't need to hurt you, you can do that all by yourself said secondson2002

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  • secondson2002 Jun 18, 2009

    Here is what I got in the mail today and new right away to visit this web site first before going to the bank with the "Mystery Shopper's check". I received a letter in the mail (USA mail service) and the letter went along these lines: Here is a check for $3980.00 and our company, Frank W. Kerr Company, (listed with the better Business Bureau) is a service provider for the mystery shopping industry. When actually Frank W. Kerr Company is one of the largest, independent wholesalers in the county (USA) distributing brand and generic pharmacies and specialty pharmacy providers to cooperatives, chain drug stores, chain drug warehouses, grocery and mass merchandisers, in short, Key Word "PHARMACEUTICALS".
    ( I just www.BING.com the name.)

    So when this letter went on and said : As one of our possible research personnel selected for this program, you will be under cover and visit selected businesses in your area and pretend to be an average customer. While there, you will secretly evaluate things like customer service, store cleanliness and product quality. If you accept this offer, the current consumer services evaluation you are undertaking will attract a pay of $300.00 a week to you. " that sentence makes know sense at all, " and this paragraph is me quoting the letter word for word".

    Anyway, the letter goes on and gives me a break-down of what to do after I deposit the check.
    "Please find enclosed a check bearing the required funds to cover your first week's assignment. It must be expended as follows:"
    1. Your first week pay...$300.00
    2. your first assignment, to evaluate Western Union or Money Gram money transfer system...$3, 410.00
    3. Estimate sender's fees, to be paid to Western union or Money Gram...$175.00
    4. Your second assignment-shopping (you will choose the merchandize(not my spelling of the word merchandise) to buy, they are yours to keep)...$95.00
    Total...$3, 980.00

    The bottom line:
    If I (you) deposit this check into my (your) bank and then withdraw $3, 410.00 of it and send it to the person(s) they (who ever wrote this letter) gave me in the letter to send this amount too, I'm responsible for covering that withdraw by every law in this county, and I'm not going to do that for anybody including my own family, no less, someone who just up and send me a letter anonymously. Sure, Frank W. Kerr company is a real company but, the list of names of people in that letter they sent was, WHO? And I'm suppose to go and send one of these people money, I think not.

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  • Su
    Sullivan Jun 15, 2009

    I received a letter in late January from Washington Mutual stating they would be changing our service over to Chase Bank so I thought maybe the billing cycle date was going to change as well and I never received a bill. Then I get a letter in the mail stating it was a friendly reminder to send a payment, at which I immediately called to let them know I did not receive my bill so I made a electronic payment as I always do thru my checking account for the amount they were requesting in the letter that same day.

    When I asked if I would be charged a late fee I was told they could not do anything about it because my payment was late. So, I paid the bill and then waited 5 days (as I was instructed to do) for the payment to be posted to my account. Then I call back andget a extremely rude rep on the phone that said they could not help me and did not offer me any options as far as disputing or appeling this decision, rather he said he would just cancel my account.

    I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and they told me they couldn't help either. I then sent a written appeal disputing the late charge and was again told I would not be credited. I have asked them to send me a copy of the statement that I never received, and to this day I have not received anything. My statement date on one bill is closing date 12-3-08, then the next one with the late charge is dated 2-3-09.

    In response to my written dispute from Chase Bank they sent me a letter with 'tips for avoiding late fees'. Did they even review anything I sent? I doubt it! I am appalled that they can not understand why my payment was late. It obiviously wouldn't have been late had they sent me a bill in the first palce. I realize there are people that may call in saying they never received their bill, but if they looked at my payment history they would find that I have never been late with a payment once!

    I really thought that Chase Bank would be more considerate than Washington Mutual was to me since they might have been losing their jobs, because I have never had a credit card company NOT fight to keep my business until now. Its only 39.00 but it is the principal and I still do not no what was on my credit card for the month of January.

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  • Bo
    boop55 May 18, 2009

    I made a double payment when I was informed that chase was taking over wamu and the website would be down a few days (chase did not process it as I requested and said I missed mays payment) then I recd my bill with a $39 late fee and my apr raised to 29.9% from 9.5% they said they would not even discuss chasnging my terms UNTIL I brought the acct current with a mandatory payment of $224 (which i did) then was told the late fee would remain but my apr would adjust back to 10.2 the following bil...it DID NOT and they will not change it as promised also stating that i rec d a notice of enrollment thaty if i sign up by june 30...i will pay new rate of 23% and if good history for 12 mos. it will revert back to 10.2%...

    IS this DEAL or NO DEAL and LEGAL

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  • Na
    Nataly Apr 08, 2009

    Like many Americans that find the economy squeezing our pocket books, I am even more overwhelmed when my credit card companies arbitrarily raise interest rates to painfully high amounts on existing balances. Recently I was raised to an interest rate of 23.85% on my Washington Mutual credit card, which has now been taken over by Chase. This occurred during a time when my credit score was rising into the higher range of “average". I have never missed or been late on a payment, and I always pay more than the minimum payment due.

    When I spoke to two supervisors in the credit card department of Washington Mutual/Chase, I was told that they “are unable to negotiate interest rates." They said that they monitor their client's accounts constantly and “IF" an offer for a lower interest rate comes up, I will be contacted. This is a joke. I have never received an offer for a reduction in interest rate on an existing balance. Usually the only offers for lower interest rates come from competing credit card companies trying to lure me away from other companies. They offer misleading rates which jump tremendously when the honeymoon is over. After reading online comments at numerous sites, I find myself almost feeling lucky to be asked to pay “only" 23.85% on this Washington Mutual Credit Card, because for some are going even higher. This interest rate is more than 10% above any other card I hold. I fully expect to hear from other companies that just haven't yet gotten around to raising the interest on my other cards. They want to get their shot in before new rules take effect in 2010. It's like telling a criminal that he's going to have to stop stealing in 18 month, so he better get to it.

    I was told by one supervisor that I had received a notice that this raise would occur if I didn't “opt out" by a date that has now passed. We check our mail carefully and if we received such a notice it must have been very well hidden in the fine print. These practices by banking companies have to be regulated and controlled before 2010. I am hopeful that The Credit Cardholder's Bill of Rights: Balanced Reform, will pass and take effect quickly. Please do all that you can to help those of us that find ourselves at our wit's end in this very tough economy. The very companies our tax dollars have been given to without restriction are now gouging us for every cent they can. Only you in Congress have the power to stop them.

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  • Ds
    dstarr Apr 06, 2009

    Why do you have 2940 things to through to make a payment on my credit card? This kind of crap has cost me probably hundreds of $$$
    and I cant make any headway getting this paid off.

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  • Ca
    carol Apr 02, 2009

    i had a business account & a personal account with wamu much to my surprize they jacked my interest rate to 26.26. i have never been late .i payed over min. & never went over limit. I called them .since I closed my accounts they said there was nothing they could or would do. they told me they did this because the company needed to do this for more money. i would think this would be illegal. how about any lawyers out there willing to let us know if they CAN do this

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  • Si
    Sick of WAMU Apr 02, 2009

    My father is very old school and loves to keep his money under the mattress but I told him it would be better to open up a checking account, that way he wouldn't need to buy money orders to pay his bills and he can get checks and his refunds directly deposited into the bank. He did that. He still doesn't really go into the bank so I usually do his banking and I do have access to his debit card information. In Feb of this year, my father was a victim of fraud. They were 4 ATM transactions withdrawing a total of $1000. He didn't by the way even have that money available so how the thief was able to get it out still confuses me. Anyhow, I placed a fraud claim and he received the provisional credit. After their "supposed" investigation they came to the conclusion that it wasn't fraud and they reversed the credit. They want me to have my father fill out a police report but the police report won't help because they say those funds are FDIC insured and we should deal with the bank.

    I'm so frustrated and honestly don't know what to do.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Gm
    GMaRon7 Mar 22, 2009

    We have also been Washington Mutual for over 5/7 years and we also have been trying to get the PMI deleted but they will not take it off. I worked in banking for over 15 years and I know this can be done if everything is in compliance.. (as we are also) but still they refuse to remove it.. Anyone else have any solutions..? or have you had your PMI removed by them?

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  • Ev
    Evan Mar 16, 2009

    I received a check from my aunt a few years ago for my birthday. It was a Chase check, as she works for Chase. I brought it to my Washington Mutual bank and deposited it, then made some purchases. I got a letter in the mail the next week stating that the check had not cleared in the account and that several of my purchases were overdrafts because of it. I went to the bank and paid the $100+ that they told me I owed them, but resolved to look into the issue more.

    I called my aunt and explained what happened. She asked me why the check had not cleared and when I read the whole letter from the bank, they said that they could not find the account it was coming from. She said this was impossible and that I should call Washington Mutual. I called their headquarters and explained the situation, but was told that Chase's stamp was on the check, making it their fault.

    I relayed this information to my aunt and she investigated the matter further, talking to several high up managers in her Chase office. They said that it was most certainly not their fault, and that Wamu had affixed their stamp to the check. This went back and forth several times and I spent countless hours at my Washington Mutual branch and on the phone with many managers from Wamu. I never got a firm answer from Washington Mutual and they refused to refund my money.

    To this day, they haven't corrected the problem.

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  • Gl
    Glen Mar 13, 2009

    Once again I have tried to find out what will happen to my loan when it is paid off May 1, 2009. I have auto pay. My last payment will not be as much as my auto pay has been. Do I need to cancell further payments at the bank or will WaMu stop taking money out of my account once my May payment has been made? There is no number on the phone answering tree at WaMu that addresses pay off. There are no live people to talk to, only machines. I sent an email from the web site and got this reply:

    On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 6:28 PM, Personal Banking wrote:

    Please visit Chase.com at http://www.chase.com to refinance, apply for a
    new home loan, check mortgage rates or talk with a Mortgage Consultant.

    If your inquiry is regarding your existing WaMu Home Loan, please
    contact Customer Service at (866) WAMU-YES. Thank you for your


    Privacy & Security: To access the Washington Mutual privacy policy go

    Please note that you are unable to respond directly to this message. If
    you have any questions about your account or need further assistance,
    please contact Washington Mutual Customer Service. Products and services
    offered by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

    JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and its affiliates are not responsible for and
    do not endorse any information, advice, opinions, or services from
    third-party news information or service providers. Washington Mutual, a
    division of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

    All products are subject to credit and property approval. Rates,
    program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without
    notice. Not all products are available in all states or for all
    amounts. Other restrictions and limitations apply. © 2009 JPMorgan
    Chase & Co.

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  • An
    Ann Mar 04, 2009

    Wa Mutual raised my credit card interest rate from 16.99% to 29.99% for no other reason than
    I've been told 'they did sent me a notice about rate'll jump'
    I have never been late, over the limit, and I often make more than the minimum payment.
    I am also not late or over the limit on any other cards or accounts.
    This is outrageous!If there is a class action lawsuit count us in. My email is "[email protected]"

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  • Be
    bewitch Feb 28, 2009

    yea i open the acct and was told 0% on all purchase bought some things then my first bill has fc charges called them and they said it was on balance transfer fax them the paper that said prucases they said it was a mis print not my fault so of course transfer the bal off that acct and use my capital one visa love them

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  • Teresa Feb 16, 2009

    I will not do business with Washington Mutual as 2 years ago I opened an account with them and they lost 2 of my deposits in the amount $1, 100.00 and I fought like hell to get them to investigate this and to find out where they put my money. It took them almost 2 months to find my money. They then sent me a credit card and then started charging me all these ridiculus fees each month, so I closed it out and paid it off in full. Then just the other day I get another credit card in the mail from them and I immediately cut it up. No way will I ever do business with them!

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  • Co
    CommonSense Feb 16, 2009

    There are no scam victims, only idiots who think they can get something for nothing.

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  • Ra


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  • Seattle Peggy Feb 10, 2009

    I am very impressed that you did all those steps to show intent and your timely consideration to WaMu as well. I am sorry to hear for your stress. Are they still selling your home? That is awful !~

    Hang in there

    Seattle Peggy

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  • Ki
    Kim Feb 06, 2009

    I saw a couple of other similar complaints as I do so I thought it was worth complaining so people will not get caught off guard.

    I received a 5% APY CD offer from Washington Mutual in September so I went ahead and signed up for it. I waited for micro deposits to show on my bank account for about three days but they never did so I had to email and call WaMu asking when they were going to make those deposits. Only did they then make the deposits and once I verified funding for the new account it took another three weeks for them to transfer my funds. Meanwhile I repeatedly called them and sent them emails to find out what was happening with the account, without any of their representatives giving me one single satisfying answer. It took about a month for the funds to be transferred and I actually did not realize that my rate had been lowered. I'm in law school and I was busy preparing for finals so when I received an email message that the funds had been transferred I naturally thought I would get the 5%.

    I only found out that my rate is now 2.96% and I've been trying to get a hold of one of their product representatives via email, phone, what not but they all keep saying the same thing over and over and over that it cannot be changed because I failed to fund the account within 7 days.

    I just think this kind of deceptive behaviors by financial institutes are what got us into this kind of mess that we are experiencing. I just wish that no one else falls for WaMu's deceptive offer. I don't think I will ever deal with the bank again once my account reaches its maturity.

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  • Ka
    Karen Jan 28, 2009

    WaMu is even worse about holding checks now that Chase has taken over. I had a check deposited 1/15/09, it was paid by the bank upon which it was written 1/20/09. I did not get access to the funds until 1/27/09!


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  • Jo
    Johnnyphx Jan 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I lost my job in May due to the company's filing a Chapter 11. As a result, I paid my mortgage until last October. Prior to that, I sent WaMu letters, copies of which I have (sent certified, return receipt requested) indicating my problem and what I planned to do to rectify the situation, to wit: I would, at the earliest possible time, withdraw a sum of money from my IRA to cover the back payments and to proceed with timely payments from that point. I had sent them the following: a letter to my financial planner, indicating he was to sell part of my IRA, a letter from my financial planner to Wa Mu indicating what he would do, a copy of the check I got from my IRA which needed to be placed in a bank for 11 business days prior to clearing, and two checks for the "reinstatement" and "assorted fees" to their vulture of a lawyer, amounting to some $4, 500.00. To be fair, I still owe them $128.96 -- a letter to them was enclosed with the checks and the schedule of payment for this coming Friday to send the rest of the money by Fed Ex to some clown in Jacksonville.

    What did I get for my pains? Harrassing phone calls sometimes 4 times a day, and just yesterday, a notice my home was to be placed on a sale on April 15, 2009! Tell me the old guy from It's A Wonderful Life doesn't run this outfit!

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  • Re
    Rebecca Jan 14, 2009

    I want to share my story with anyone who is banking Washington Mutual. If you are like me, and like to be provided with decent customer service WAMU is not that bank. I understand that my situation had a bit of bad luck involved, but there was absolutely NO EXCUSE why they treated me the way they did. Hopefully, hearing my story will make you think twice.

    Last summer, someone had hacked into my checking account. They spent my money at big chains like Best Buy, Wal-mart, fast food places, and gas stations just a few hours from where I lived. I noticed the unauthorized charges immediately since I check my account online daily. In one day, they managed to spend over $500.

    Immediately, I called WAMU's customer service line to file a report. After waiting for a good half hour, I got a hold of an operator and explained my situation. She told me she was going to transfer me to another line so I can file my report.

    I must have waited about 3 hours on the phone listening to some of the worst elevator music and then I heard a click. Yep, the phone got disconnected. I call the customer service line again and wait some more. When I finally got a hold of a operator, I told them I got disconnected when they tried to transfer me and I asked for the phone number directly. She told me that she was 'terribly sorry' and their phones sometimes disconnected people when they try to transfer.

    The department she transfers me to must take care of some unusually large number of cases or they are very short-staffed. I waited another several hours to get an operator and was finally able to file the claim. I called WAMU after work around 7pm, and did not get off the phone until 2am. The whole time, I was worried that whoever had hacked my account was still using it! If I had found out while I was at work or school, there would have been no way for me to sit on the phone for that long.

    Anyways, the lady told me that she was canceling my card and sending me a new one. She then told me that WAMU will be investigating my claim and it could take up to 60 days before the money gets credited into my account. I then ask her should I cancel my account and make a new one since my account was hacked? She told me not I didn't need to worry since they were only using my card number.

    It did not take more than a week before I noticed another $300+ fradulent charges in my account. I started kicking myself for not listening to my gut and canceled my account.

    I called WAMU again waited another several hours. When I finally reached the person I was suppose to talk to, she tells me that my card was NEVER CANCELLED!! Again, they are 'terribly sorry'. They are canceling my card right away and sending me a new one.

    A couple days later, while paying for groceries with a check since I didn't have my debit card, the check didn't go through. I was very confused since I had enough money in my account. I had sent out several checks to pay my bills which also bounced! It turned out that WAMU had put a hold on my account because I had filed a claim. I would have appreciated it, if they had inform me about this. To this day, WAMU has not reimbursed me for the bounced check fees.

    The icing on the cake was when I received my card in the mail. They sent me a regular ATM card, without a Mastercard or Visa logo.

    To make a really long story short, I spent the next couple of months calling WAMU when I can. I'm a full-time student and a full-time employee so it was hard to make time when you know filing a complaint takes outrageous amount of time. I ended up making the phone calls when I would go to sleep. I put my phone on speaker and slept with the phone next to my head and I would wake up when someone would go 'Can I have your first and last name?'

    Their customer service staff has a lot they can improve on. Most of them have very thick accents so it is difficult to understand them. They do not know how to answer your questions because they are not trained well. They like to answer your with 'i believe so' or 'let me check with my supervisor' (don't let them check, they will put you on hold forever!). Not a definite YES or NO.

    Once I asked where I can find my account number on my online account page and the operator when into a 5 minute tangent why they are not allowed to post your account number on your account page. A little bit of looking around on the page, my account number was easily found.

    In the end, I eventually got my money back after several weeks. But those bounced checks resulted as late payments on my credit history. I later found out when I bought my Scion. Since I'm only 21 and only have 2 credit cards which I rarely use, I had to call my mom to fax over a sheet to co-sign... more embarrassment.

    The manager gave me a number to a credit agency and he told me I can dispute those late payments, but happened to lost the number. Does anyone know more information about this?

    And if anyone is curious, I closed my account as soon as my claim was closed. I bank with Wachovia now and used their customer service line a couple of times. I am satisfied with their wait times and seem to be better trained to answer your questions than WAMU.

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  • Dh
    D. Howard Jan 11, 2009

    HSBC Finance Auto Loan — hsbc killed my credit!

    Check this out.
    It talks about how the American Arbitration Association ( AAA ) can be contacted and used to get these crooked lenders to cooperate.
    I have a loan with these crooks. I have to work them myself. Right now I am taking down Beneficial. Got them on the ropes. To loose their AAA status.
    becuase if your loan or contract calls for arbitration and you demand it by filing with AAA. Then the company must abide and the Courts can't hearthe cases filied by these crooks that disregard the laws they hide behind to limit you and manipulate.

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  • Ha
    Harold E Smith Jan 08, 2009

    I also had an ordeal. sent in a payment a week or more early. just to be told they had not been received and charged my account 40.00 for being late. and today received another letter in the mail stating that if i didn't send in another 187.00 before 1/22/09 i would be in default again. I believe i seen some where in a book written by Kevin Trudo or something like that. That banking places do this to you so they can make hundreds of thousands of extra dollars a year.

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  • Jw
    J.W. Coons Jan 05, 2009

    Approximately one year ago I took the offer for 0% interest for one year on a balance transfer. Trying to make on line payments have always been a hassle. Three or four months ago there was a glitch in the on line payment and I did not get a confirmation #. It never was credited to my account. I did not find this out till the next billing cycle. Upon speaking with the representative she said there was nothing she could do except take the payment in full and charge me $9.95 for the payment. I also noticed the interest had been raised to 24.24%. I questioned the representative and once again she said there was nothing she could do and I had to call customer service. So I did and was told that was part of the fine print and that is what my interest rate would be till I paid off the balance. It is very convienant for WaMu or JP Morgan or whom ever now owns the account to not notify me that the rate had gone up to the max and I only found that out on my next billing cycle. I have since stopped using the WaMu card since the interest rate on new purchases went to 25.49% and I can only feel for all the other account holders that have fell victum to this outrageous percentage for a computer glitch. The customer service representative even said my account had been paid on time except for the one error. The monthly amount I am now required to pay has went up by approximately $27.00 which is all interest. I feel the establishment once again has taken advantage of middle America. Of course what else is new.

    J.W. Coons

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  • Le
    Leroy Dec 22, 2008

    Washington Mutual, Stole me home. It all started with me wanting a truck to, well get to work every day. So I go to the bank that was handling my mortgage. They give me credit line of 48, 000. I use 3, 800 of this money.I payoff the loan and two years later, there foreclosing on my home. Not because I was late on my mortgage or that I never paid it. They went over the junior loan of not 3, 800 but of 48, 00 and took my home for the 130, 000 I had on my mortgage.

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  • Ma
    Maryo Dec 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Kimberly:

    Webloyalty.com protects its reputation and monitorsthe blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership program, Reservation Rewards.

    We would like to speak with you directly to address your concerns but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Reservation Rewards please contact Webloyalty.com Customer Service at [protected] or send an email message to [email protected] We will be happy to help you.

    Mary O'Reilly
    Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
    Reservation Rewards

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  • La
    Laurie Dec 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are agreed to Reservation Rewards while internet shopping and YOUR FAILURE TO PAY ATTENTION to the disclosures provided. You either completed a survey or took the $$ off offer. Both have full disclosure that you are signing up for a free trial and will be charged if you do not cancel it.

    The Today show did a piece on this a few months ago, based on complaints sent to them. Every website they investigated had full disclosure that no one bothered to read.

    The companies behind these worthless membership programs KNOW that most people MAKE A CHOICE not to read the info provided and take full advantage of it.

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Dec 10, 2008

    I have recently notice a charge made to my personal bank account, in which i did not make. the fraud title is MC-RESERVATION REWARDS (with a bunch of numbers that follow).When i first started to notice these, they didn't make any sense, and i thought they were actually rewards. Somehow it just doesn't ad up. A few months ago, i went through something similar, where it says TRANSACTION TYPE: debit with out PIN. and someone took my card and made a bill charge through T-mobile. of a charge of $250.00. I caught that right away and got that taken care of. I basically had to 'kill' my card, so no one else could made fraud charges, and now its happening again with my new card!!

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  • Sa
    Sage Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You're spot on about the threats, the fees, all of it..I've had the unfortunate luck of bieng in debt with this company, and even AFTER the merger/buyout, the shady practices continue! I'm now up to 30...That's right, 30% interest with them. The one time THEY "misplaced" my payment ended up in nearly two months of harassing phonecalls/threats even AFTER it was resolved..This is one company that should've been allowed to sink.

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  • Fi
    Financial Worker Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Many banks have policies such as this for checks. The idea behind it is that it works to your advantage because large items (rent/mortgage/insurance) which might cause serious disruption will be paid before the smaller, less important ones.

    It sounds like you're talking about debit card charges, though, which are completely beyond the control of the bank (charges get posted as the merchants and interchange companies process them). I won't make any defense of the $33 NSF fees, though.

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  • Fe
    Ferthius Nov 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So I dont know what to do with them. They seem to have a scheme in which they dont seem to get in troupble for, half of which I am at fault for but it shouldnt cost me 400% interest. So I work in a driving position and I primarilly pay for gas and get reimbursed for at the end of the week. Over the past 2 years I have been trying to get them to give me a 100-150 dollar overdraft protection type thing for this occasion, or a small line of credit to attach to my checking account but instead I keep getting declined from this minimal line of credit. So the thievery is this when it comes to processing my charges they seem to adjust the charges to there advantage by putting through the larger sum charge. example I would have a charge $2.50 x3 for parking and later that day fill up for 50.00 for a total of 57.50 in charges and say I have 48.50 in acount the route the charges so that the 50.00 goes through that is 33.00 overdraft for going 1.50 over then they decide it is time for them to put the 3x2.50 in for 33.00 each so I went from being over drawn by 9.00 to an outstanding 141.00 in the hole. how is this legal getting a 1500% markup on 9.00 dollars and unwillingness to work with me in any way. Then I get up one morning and check my account in which I do daily and realize that I have a ballance of -23, 000.00 dollars in which at fault of there own the froze my account of all funds for a week. I have direct deposit so you kinda get an idea of the problem. So im am debating on filing some class action suit to get this out in the air. they are doing what they can to screw the people that are barely making it through this rough time while spending the tax money of mine to benefit them, bailout and such, kind of tired of it but what options do I have

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  • An
    Andy Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company bombarded my mailbox with pre-approved credit cards just as soon as my chapter 7 bankruptcy was completed, after dozens of these were trashed I decided to actually take them up on their "generosity". I was approved for a meager $500 limit card to which I truly tried to use responsibly to help rebuild my credit. This was a HUGE mistake on my part. I kept the balance below the limit of $500 until a few hidden fees later I was well over my limit. Now every month I'm penalized for being over the limit, and my intrest is through the roof. If I am 1 day late on a payment these people would call my home at least 10 times a day. Finally after researching my legal rights I sent them a letter stating they could no longer contact me via phone, only mail. I reccomend this to anyone who is in my dire situation. I quit paying these ### after they became completely out of line with the harrassment. In the past year I have paid WaMu at least two thousand dollars to keep my balance around $670 never making any headway with these jerkwads. They now have turned my debt over to a collection agency and I keep telling these people to F off. They do not controll my finances, I do and no credit report is going to scare me and no threats of bad credit is ever going to dictate who I pay and when. If everyone did this credit reports would be meaningless, stand up to the financial bullies of the world, WaMu is no one to judge anyones finacial mistakes. I could not in a million years rack up the debt they owe...

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  • Je
    Jennifer Nov 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WAMU is one of the worst! As a warning, the only one worse that I have found is the JUNIPER card offered at the APPLE stores, through BARCLAYS BANK. BARCLAY'S BANK OF DELAWARE/JUNIPER raised my interest from 0% to 29.99% because I DIDN'T USE IT within 30 days of my application, which was not mentioned by the Apple store employee. After immediate approval at the store, I found out my dad had died suddenly, so by the time I returned to CA, and used the JUNIPER card, it had been over 30 days (32 days) and now the interest was almost 30% and no one was even interested in trying to lower it. WAMU raised mine without any reason! I cancelled both and will never use either again!

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  • Ki
    Kim E Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also received a letter along with my statement that they are raising my rate from 13.99 to 25.99. I have never missed a payment or been late. I have paid more than the minimum every month. This is outrageous. I called the day I received my statement and the rep said they would send a letter explaining the rate increase. I'm still awaiting the letter. I will not pay 25.99% I'll just close the account but they shouldn't make us pay for their mistakes

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  • Ji
    Jill S Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was also shocked to see my rate change from 9% to 23% no late payments. When I called them to ask why they said they now use our entire credit history, not just your history with them. It was stated in the July 08 statement that this was a new change. This can't be legal. Sign me up for a class action lawsuit!!!

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