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Syndicate BankWaste Bank I have ever seen

I am having the Savings Bank account with syndicate bank, giri nagar branch, bangalore. In the internet banking of this bank is waste, it does not have a facility to add the accounts (other banks) for the amount transfer and instead of that they have NEFT transfer online. I tried NEFT online and got the error that daily limit is zero, approach branch for correction, then i went to the branch and Manager told me that she will look into that issue and resolve it. After one week got a call to check, but issue still exists. This is the waste bank in terms of internet banking...

Pradeep K

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    santosh mahadev sawant Dec 17, 2011
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    Verified customer

    10/12/11 syndicate bank off time 12.00am and date 12/12/11 branch opan is time10.20 am.please branch opan and close rait time.

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  • Ge
    georgefk Jun 14, 2017

    syndicate bank have waste online banking facility ever i seen. if we loos our password or any card based online operation it is failed and there no online banking support from bank area. total waste bank

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Syndicate BankAbsurd and Arrogant Rules

Arrogant, Absurd and Unconstitutional Rules at Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore

I am a savings bank account holder at Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore. I am also drawing my monthly salary through Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch. Due to a recent accident, I felt inconvenient to reach Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore for drawal of salary. So, I decided to change the Bank for the purpose of drawing my salary, to a convenient Bank near my residence.

However, our HR department, have asked me to produce a No-Dues Certificate from the existing Bank, namely, Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch. This act by my Administration is to ensure that no liability exists with the Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch, from where I am drawing salary till date. In fact, this helps the Syndicate Bank Administration, to collect any outstanding dues towards loans availed from them.

So, I submitted a request on 09th August, 2010 with Asst. Manager (Advances), Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore duly enclosing a proforma for certification of no-dues or liabilities. I did not request them to cancel my Savings Bank Account, but only asked them to provide me a No Objection Certificate for transferring the drawal of my salary through some other Bank. Please note that I have no outstanding loan liabilities with the Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch as on date.

After asking me to wait for sometime, the Asst. Manager (Advances), Chennai Egmore Branch told that there was some technical problems for closing my Savings Bank account at Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch. He asked me to come the next day. I told him that I do not want to close the Savings Bank Account at Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore, but only need a No Objection Certificate as I am not due to the Bank on date. However, the Asst. Manager (Advances) stated that No Objection can only be given when the Savings Bank Account with them is closed. He failed to outline the procedure for closure of my Savings Bank account.

When I went on 10th August, 2010, I was asked to submit my Passbook, for closing the Savings Bank account. I was not provided with any instructions regarding closure of Savings Bank Account and moreover, as I did not seek the closure of my Savings Bank account at all. I told them that I did not bring the Passbook along with me and I never wanted my Savings Bank account to be closed.

The Asst. Manager (Advances) and one of his sub-ordinate staff shouted at me stating that I wantonly failed to bring my Passbook. Then I told the Asst. Manager (Advances) that they should have given me proper instructions the day before. The reckless Asst. Manager (Advances) stated that for Railway Employees Savings Bank Account is permitted to be held active only when they get their salaries credited to Savings Bank Account at Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch.

I wonder how this was justified and in fact it is contradicting the Constitutional provisions. Atleast, now the higher Syndicate Bank administrators, amend their arrogant, absurd and unconstitutional rules for operating Savings Bank Account at Syndicate Bank, Chennai Egmore Branch.

S.K. Indusekar
SB A/c No.[protected]

Syndicate BankRude Behaviour

whenever we visit the bank we are treated rudely by the staff..not only one customer or so..its maximum of the customers scolding the bank and hate the bank..many like me will always just wish to close off all the accounts and break off all the relation with the bank and will never wish to see the bank if such staffs are kept..i do visit other banks am not treated so..particularly its in kaup branch syndicate bank i face this problem, always...we customers are iltreated forgetting that if no customers bank will have to close.i was quiet many a time like some uneducated people, they just scold the stafff and move, even i did the same, but at last i lost my patience and had to write to u..

if this continues bank will lose its fame shortly no doubt, and no account will remain...uneducated people are not helped in writing their deposit forms, when most the accounts are of such uneducated and age old people, , some people cannot see to worite the form and they are always jus shooed off as though a cat or dog is arrived when they are so valuable, with so much of amount in their account which is important for a bank..

i just request concern person to take serious action over this especially with the cashier in the kaup branch of udupi dist.and would like to hear for this soon

thank u

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    S.K. Indusekar Aug 10, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Exactly along with rudeness, they are also have absurd rules.

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The Branch Manager
Syndicate Bank
Bhawanipur Branch
Kolkata – 700 020 Dated – 06th October, 2009

From :
Nishant Vasa
12A, Balaram Bose Lane
Bhawanipur, Kolkata – 700 020

Sub : Reversal of wrong debit to my A/C.No.9586/219/990

Dear Sir,
I Nishant Vasa having a savings account with your branch, my A/C.No. is 9586/219/990 am debited a unacceptable charge of Rs.85 dated 03.08.2009 agaist outstation cheque clearing of of Rs.708.69 which I had deposited in your branch for local clearing as the cheque mentioned above was an at par clearing to all HDFC bank branches in India. My deposit was in Kolkata in your branch and was supposed to be sent for local clearing to HDFC bank CMS branch kolkata which was by mistake sent to Rajkot HDFC bank for clearing by your branch employee andyou have charged me Rs.85 for outstation clearing charges.
When I complained about this to your branch I was told that the cheque which was deposited was an outstation cheque of HDFC bank. So, I requested HDFC bank to provide me a copy of that cheque which they honestly Emailed me the scan copy of that cheque and it is clearly written on top of the cheque that it is an at par clearing to all branches of HDFC Bank Ltd.Again when I went with the proof of scan copy of that cheque, one of your branch person explained me that some type of manupulation is done on the proof and is not a genuine proof .
I have attached herewith the copy of that cheque and my pass book Xerox for your reference and I hope that that the amount of Rs.85 will be credited to my account at the earliest.
Next time I hope that can procced my transactions in your bank smoothly without any such mistake by you as it kills my time and wastes my energy to write such a lengthy letter for any such clarification as this is not my job and I think that this matter could be processed without my written application and the revarsal could be made on my first complain to you when I had shown you the copy of the cheque which was deposited as a proof.
Hope for your co-operation and early response.

Yours truly,

(Nishant Vasa)


Syndicate BankBad ATM and rude staff

The ATM does not display the name of the cardholder. When my wife wanted to withdraw money, she accidentally inserted my card instead of hers in the ATM machine. It does not display the name of the card holder and hence she thought it was her card itself and punched her pin number. The machine swallowed the card. The staff gives back cards only the next day or late in the evening, although the ATM is attached to the bank. When asked the manager says "I cannot stop ATM operations for just one card." That is what this bank thinks of its customers, just one card, just one account, just one number. That is right, the customer is "just one number" for this bank.

In another incident, my card was swallowed by the ATM. I have three debit cards and frequently confuse the PIN numbers. At least the other bank ATMs display "incorrect pin" but this stupid bank's ATM machine simply swallows the card and we have to go begging for it from the rude and highhanded staff like Mr. Bhavi Ramdoss in Jayanagar Branch who thinks he is giving us money from his own pocket.

Also, this bank does not give us cards via post or courier upon expiry. One of my old relatives cards expired, and they asked her to come personally to the bank and collect it. When all private banks are sending the cards via courier, why so much penny pinching by this bank?? My old relative is bedridden and cannot come out of the house. She has to be carried physically into a car and then taken. It is very painful for her, but does the bank realize this - NO. For them it is always rules, rules, rules. These bankers come from South Karnataka district who think they are a cut above the rest of India for whatever reason. Big egos, small achievements, petty rules.

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    prakash ingale Nov 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have an acount in rail niliyam, secunderabad branchbearing ac no. 30462010033612 since 10 yrs. i had been issued atm debit card no. 4033 9830 4607 7764 in duplicate, in feb 2008, stilll it is not activated, due to poor staff and worst management, pl look into matter.

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  • An
    Anil A. C. D'Mello Dec 19, 2008

    Refsuse to print pass book of other branches in syndicate Bank Banaswadi branch, Bangalore on 15/12/2008 at 11.30 AM and asked me to come after 3.30 PM for the resaon being a regular customer to that branch by one of the staff named Mr. Pasha.

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  • Th
    think May 05, 2009


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  • Ma
    manvinder singh kohli Aug 25, 2009

    very very poor service manager and staff very roud

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    Ravi 2000 Sep 07, 2009
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    When your wife inserted the card she will type in the PIN number into the system. While typing the PIN number does not she know whose card it is? I think after knowing whose card it is she will type in the rite PIN number.

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  • Sk
    Skynet2 Dec 29, 2009

    My Mom has a debit cum ATM card from the same bank. But the card doesn't have the 3 digit CVV2/CVC2 Number. so i cant use it online as a debit card. When all the banks are giving it why cant they?

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  • Bh
    Bharathsf Jun 01, 2010

    Syndicate bank is one of the worst banks for customer service. The amount of calls I have made and the number of times I have travelled from Chennai to Bangalore (I recently moved from Bangalore to Chennai and my branch is in Malleswaram 18th cross), i have easily spent more than Rs.4000. Of course I do not have any proof to show but the number of mails I have sent I can easily send to any person who is preparing to sue that bloody bank

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  • El
    eldosgeorge Nov 02, 2010
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    in my ATM card i don't have cw2/cvc2 number, my card no is4033980485303479

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  • Go
    GOWTHAM B Dec 01, 2010

    in my ATM card i don't have cw2/cvc2 number, my card no is 4033986124037212

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Syndicate Banknon working of land line

My telephone bearing No. [protected] is not working since 12 days and is totally dead.I have complained the same in person as well as over phone .I am getting the stereio answer the cabels were cut at some where near Kamenai hospatials they may get rectified within two days or may be in one month like that i am getting answers from the concern people compliat made to SDO/JE/lineman etc of Haripuri colony Tele phone office some residents got and some are not tyipical answers are being received isred of givine rectification date they used to console that rental charges will be reimbersed????? when it were the way of the answers where we have to go to whom we have to report ??? kindly look into the mattter do the need full to the customers

Syndicate BankDemand draft money INR 1,50'000 digested by bank Clark!

I got refund D.D of INR 1'50'000 from IDBI Delhi.This D.D was deposited on 24/01/07 in Syndicate Bank Millennium Branch Bhagpat road Merrut. I went several times to bank to get my entries updated in my passbook, but every time I was informed that printer is not working/server down etc.

Day before yesterday i.e 4/07/07 I needed some money so I went to bank and found that till the time my D.D amount was not credited in my account.When I enquired with concerned clerk,he replied the D.D was not processed by bank and was returned to me long back.

I was stunned to listen this as I had not taken back that D.D. He was adamant on this and shown his register. In register the entry was striked off by clark without my signature. Besides this he didn't given any information to me and behaved very rudely.

I had no other option so I went back to IDBI Delhi ,who issued that DD to me. After long harassment and hurdles I came to know that, already amount of D.D had been given to Syndicate bank on 27/01/07.

This was another shock to me as Syndicate Bank Clark was saying that DD was not processed and returned back,on the other hank issuing bank is saying amount is been cleared (Where the hell money has gone). When I yelled in Syndicate and shown all the info given by IDBI bank, then surprisingly Manager said money had reached.

I believe this whole propaganda was to steal my hard earned money, fortunately at the last moment I opened my eyes.