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I have had two instances where my checking account has been inaccurate. The most recently which happened today the sixteenth of July 2009, really floored me. I had discovered from my leasing office that my rent check had been returned by the bank due to insufficient funds. Concerned, I immediately went to my branch to get to the bottom of the situation. I went directly to the branch manager, who I then asked to pull up all of my account activity for the month of July thus far. I had shown her a copy of my returned check which read July 7, 2009 as the date the check came into the back and then was returned.

She pulled up my information, and let me see the transactions that had posted. There it was, in black and white...July 6, 2009. My balance was high enough that it SHOULD have covered my check. But somehow, it didn't. I asked her why this happened. Her only reply was this: "The ATM puts a hold on cash deposits." My reply was this: " Even with the hold from the ATM, your computer shows the proof that my balance covered that check."

I then proceeded to tell her that because of the bank's error, I had accrued quite a hefty sum of money in late fees and delinquent charges to my rent. I asked if the bank was going to refund the extra money that I had to pay because of this, and she replied, "no one here has the authority to refund that much money." who does?? We're talking more than $200.00 here!! All she could do is try to disprove the proof that was staring her right in the face from her own freaking computer. That was just one incident.

The first incident that happened was back on the fifteenth of May 2009. Three days prior, I had been the victim of identity theft, and had gone to my branch to change my account numbers, debit card, etc. On the fifteenth, I had made a rather large cash deposit in the night drop deposit box. My boyfriend of 4 years had made the drop for me; he had done this several times in the past before Chase came into the picture and there had never been a problem.

2 weeks goes by, and the money still had not been credited to my checking account. Concerned, I went to the branch the deposit was made. I spoke to the manager there, who very rudely told me she could have the security tape pulled. She agreed to this only after me practically begging her to help me. She told me she would call me back whether they found anything on the tape or not. That was over 2 months ago now. No one has even attempted to call me or contact me in any way whatsoever.

When I asked the manager what my recourse would be if they didn't find anything on the tape, her reply was "Well there isn't anything we can do." I looked at her like her head was screwed on backwards. I asked her, "So I'm just supposed to sit back and take the fact that almost $400.00 of my money is missing?!" She shrugged at me.

Are you freaking kidding me?! If this is supposed to be customer service, it's a joke and a half. I have been with Wamu for over a year, and not once have I ever had a problem of this severity until Chase became involved. it's unfortunate they have to lose yet another customer because of their errors. Errors that they caused in the first place, and yet are so unwilling to take responsibility for and resolve. No wonder why people don't trust banks anymore. This is only one example of that.

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