WarranTech / maytag 9000 series washing machine - fraudulent behavior

Valley Stream, NY, United States

We originally purchased this item from a local appliance store along with purchasing a warranty from Warrentech (repair master). A year later, there was a problem with the power button, Warrentech came to the house for a service call. Warrentech told us that they could not fix the problem. They offered us cash or a 2015 replacement of our unit. We chose to replace the unit. About a year later, there was another problem with the machine and it stops working. We later find out from Maytag that our unit was replaced by Warrentech with a 2011 model which was supposed to be a 2015 model. We contacted our local appliance store and they contacted Warrentech. We also sent all of the emails from Warrentech to the appliance center with the information that they were replacing our unit. Warrentech has no record of such replacement!!! They claim they never did the replacement!! Can we say fraud? They told us they were giving us a brand new unit and gave us a refurbished and an old model. Now, are family is without a washing machine. This company is so unprofessional, fraudulent and dishonest. We are also contacting the BBB. We want a NEW replacement of our washing machine, not an old refurbished unit.

Model #: MHWE950WW02
Serial #: CS12608037

Jul 05, 2016

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