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Wageworks is a company designed to get extra money from the unsuspecting employee who is offered this service from their employer.
Some of their rules and business practices are not designed to benefit the consumer using the service, but to fill the coiffers of the wageworks company.
One rule they have is the "pay me back". You pay for the eligible service out-of-pocket; submit the reciept with the appropiate form; then the money is "paid back".
The first two steps are as they advertise, but the money is not sent to you, your atm/bank account or a check mailed to your home/office...the money is paid back to the wageworks account. How is this paying ME back. I was injured during work hours & was out of work for nearly 4 weeks. My orthopedist does not accept the wageworks card anymore "we don't get paid" was what the receptionist told me, so I had to use my personal bank atm card to pay for the visit. I had 2 visits. After 10 days I was glad to see that the money wageworks??
I really could have used that $90 "back" in my pocket - I was out of work, but the bills were not and neither was my daughter's hunger.

Another is that if you pay for the previous year's bills you need to fill out forms to send in. I, unknowlingly, used my card to pay the previous year's statement from the cardiologist in the doctor's office. I have had the same cardiologist for 4 years, paid for my co-pay with the same card at the same office, etc... but now they want to have a reciept for the transaction, paperwork filled etc...and my account is now suspended with ~ $750 remaining.
They advertise as rectify choices:
* pay the wageworks a check [in essence, pay twice for the bill]
* send in reciepts [if they don't like the reciepts they will ask you for something else]
* do nothing [I assume that means that you are ok with the charge, particularly if you have money left over in the account]

Since I have so much money left - they could take the money out again?!

This seems like a lot of work for using your own money...I mean it's not like medicaid or medicare where the taxpayers are collectively paying for this...this is MY money, that I have allowed to be taken out of my paycheck every week to fund this thing...then you do not get a refund?!
What happens to all of those "leftover" monies that do not get refunded?
Wageworks is the biggest scam since the financial 'bailout' money paid to AIG!
What a waste!
I had already made my elections for next year, before I realized that this is really too much hassle for removing $40.00/week from my take home pay.
I can't afford to give away $160/month...but with wageworks, I feel like I am being robbed, literally for my money...
This is not fair and something needs to be done about it or ALL of us should speak to our HR departments to remove wageworks and let's see how long those "extra", non-refundable monies last them.

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  • St
      Jun 07, 2009

    One of the most damnable things about Wageworks is their $75.00-a-month charge if your spouse is covered on your plan but eligible for health insurance at his or her own workplace. This is in addition to the surcharge for covering a spouse on your health insurance. I need my $900.00 a year more than those greedy ### do.

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  • Do
      Jul 09, 2009

    "but to fill the coiffers of the wageworks company." WageWorks makes no money from employee contributions; 100% of the revenue comes from fees paid by your employer.

    'the money is not sent to you, your atm/bank account or a check mailed to your home/office...the money is paid back to the wageworks account." Not true. If you submit a valid expense with the proper documentation, your money is sent to you, or directly paid to your health care provider.

    "My orthopedist does not accept the wageworks card anymore "we don't get paid" was what the receptionist told me" Utter nonsense. The card appears to the vendor as a standard VISA/Mastercard. They just don't want to accept a credit card.

    "but now they want to have a reciept for the transaction, paperwork filled etc." This is an IRS requirement.

    "What happens to all of those "leftover" monies that do not get refunded?" They are forfeited back to your employer.

    You really need to educate yourself on how an FSA works. If you don't submit the required documentation, you will not be reimbursed. Spend some time with your benefits manager and you'll find this is a great money-saving benefit!

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  • Pe
      Jan 20, 2010

    This sounds like a Wageworks employee! You need to educate yourself as a Wageworks customer. I have been through more than 6 conversations with incompetent Wageworks customer service reps. My documentation is accurate and precise. I have resubmitted the requested additional proof 3 times by fax, 2 times by the new uploaded method. Just to be told they need more info; once I was told that the receipts were not received---yet they issue a receipt upload confirmation after the upload has finished. On hold, now to speak with the employer to see if I can cancel Wageworks for 2010.

    Look Wageworks employee (I know you read this board---I was alerted to that in our conversation), I do not submit invalid receipts and you have not heard the last from me.

    To all who are interested in starting a class action suit---email me at [protected]

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  • Qu
      Aug 01, 2018

    @PEPLAdvocate I am definitely interested in a Class Action suit! I have sent receipts over and over and they claimed they were never received. I stay up late organizing and putting things together. My doctor office faxed in receipts while I stood there and watched and they claimed they were never received. I'm sick of it. I spent my summer faxing in receipts and to hear them say "its not legible" "I never received it" or "the code is missing." I have lost more money but I refused to give up my money this year. I will take them to court. They will pay for all this stress I'm going through.

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  • Do
      Jan 20, 2010

    Dear Genius. I am in the industry but not a WageWorks employee. For you edification, there are hundreds of firms who administer FSA's. I do have extensive personal and professional experience with WageWorks and many other vendors.

    Everything I said is fact. You appear now to be having an issue with their customer service. Ask for a manager, file an appeal, but take some action to advocate your position instead of just ### about it. Joe Jackson is their CEO (simple Google search), drop him an email.

    A flexible spending account is a voluntary benefit. You are saving about 25% of the money you put aside. You really need to consider this: is this level of personal aggravation worth the savings?

    Stephan Yo: you have WageWorks confused with your insurance company. WageWorks does not have any $75 charge.

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  • St
      Feb 19, 2010

    The $75.00 a month spousal eligibility fee is in fact charged by WageWorks. Care to see the documentation?

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  • Do
      Feb 25, 2010

    Stephan Yo: Yes, I would. I still believe it is coming from your insurance company or your employer. You can email it to [protected]

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  • Do
      Mar 01, 2010

    Stephan: still looking for that documentation.

    PEPLAdvocate: keep in mind you need to provide proof of the services rendered, not just a receipt. The documentation has to show provider name; date of service; clearly state the services; amount paid; patient name. If you are submitting a "receipt" it will be rejected each time as "Insufficient Documentation".

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  • Op
      Mar 11, 2010

    agree - wage works is a total scam

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  • De
      Apr 04, 2010
    WageWorks - Constant requests for verification forms
    United States

    WageWorks continues to ask me for copies of receipts to prove my medical reimbursement requests are legitimate.I could understand if these were for OTC purchases but they are clearly to Dentists and Doctors. You can never speak to anyone there and all you can do is keep submitting paperwork and hope that someone there comes to their senses. Just who regulates this company becasue they need to be investigated!

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  • Db
      Apr 11, 2010

    II absolutely believe that Wageworks, "Wage Works" (formerly Creative Benefits or CreativeBenefits) is a deceptively fraudulent "scam" corporation. Their whole business model is to make as many ("oops") mistakes and to "manufacture" issues with submitted claim forms which result in making it as difficult as possible to collect on your valid employee health expenses. Do not trust them and encourage your employer to sever ties with this fraudulent and deceptive corporation.

    The responder "Doctor Smartypants, " is appears to me to be neither a "Doctor" nor smart and obviously has a vested interest in the profits and welfare of Wageworks.

    Wageworks should be investigated by the appropriate federal and/or state authorities and the persons responsible for setting and disseminating policy direction and operations (schmucks who direct their phone/email staff to manufacture impediments for valid health care reimbursements) must be investigated and prosecuted under the full force of the laws pertaining to federal/state fraud in business practices.

    I agree with the complainer: Wageworks/CreativeBenefits is fraudulent! I will be emailing [protected] to see what we can do about instigating legal action against these scammers!

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  • Do
      Apr 12, 2010

    "II absolutely believe that Wageworks, "Wage Works" (formerly Creative Benefits or CreativeBenefits) is a deceptively fraudulent "scam" corporation. Their whole business model is to make as many ("oops") mistakes and to "manufacture" issues with submitted claim forms which result in making it as difficult as possible to collect on your valid employee health expenses."

    Let's assume this is true, that WageWorks is a "scam corporation". And they are purposely rejecting your claims so that you cannot get your funds. The unclaimed monies go to your employer at year end, not to WageWorks. How does WageWorks benefit from this? They do not. You either don't understand how a tax-advantaged account works, or you are dealing with bad customer service.

    I suggest you do your homework before you file your "legal action", because you will be laughed at.

    I am a doctor, and I am smart, and I do wear pants, and I do not have a vested interest in WageWorks or any other third party administrator. I do, however, know a lot about employer and employee benefits.

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  • In
      Jun 08, 2010

    The truth will ultimately be revealed after an extensive Federal investigation. WageWorks is a dubious operation that is not only for-profit but obtains its profit through an intersection of false marketing, cozy kick-back relationships with participating corporations and the ill-informed, often gullible employee.

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  • Do
      Jun 10, 2010

    Yes, you are right! WageWorks is an enormous conspiracy. A scam perpetuated by thousands of people, including the Federal Government and Martians. By all means, go forward with your "Federal investigation". And don't forget to wear your aluminum foil hat, because, you know, "they" can read your thoughts.

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  • La
      Aug 26, 2010

    Hi Dennis D. I am having the SAME EXACT ISSUE with them. They are asking for a receipt with every purchase I've made using the debit card. They've actually denied 2 of my claims, one of which I resubmitted and it was migically approved the 2nd time around. I find their policies questionable, as I have never had an issue with other companies managing flexible spending accounts.

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  • Kk
      Jan 11, 2011

    I am growing tired of their claim denials. The most recent one was an office visit to a G.I. Doctor to determine my needs for an Upper Endoscopy and a Colonoscopy. Their reasons for denial: "We cannot determine the nature of this service/expense..." This company should be investigated for fradulent practices, and their claim reviewers' qualifications to make such determinations questioned. A class action suit should result, as it appears more and more so that this company routinely denies legitimate medical claims for its own pocket. This is grand theft. So far, I have only gotten back $320, with a balance of $1200. I have the feeling that I will lose at least half of that balance to this company if my claims keep getting denied.

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  • Je
      Aug 10, 2011
    WageWorks - They always come up with excuses not to pay
    United States

    went to the Pediatrician and submitted my receipt that says MD on it and my claim was denied. I went to the eye doctor and submitted my receipt and the claim was denied. Do they want blood? DNA. No legitimate reason to deny the claims. I have provided every single detail they have requested. They can call the doctors office if they need more information.

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  • Je
      Aug 25, 2011

    My health insurance company United HealthCare that I do not need authorizations for prior to my visits - is a separate entity than Wage Works who is my flexible spending provider. I send in receipts each and every time with all the information plus more and they still deny every claim. I really hope a hungry lawyer sees my complaints and takes my case.

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  • Je
      Aug 25, 2011

    As another harassed consumer stated: I also wanted to complain about the abuse of unverified charges. How many times can they ask for verification per year. Most times it is always from the same provider or dental charges, then wageworks, just threatens you by saying, "if they don't the paperwork, then the IRS can come after the account holder (me)".

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  • Je
      Aug 25, 2011

    My UH covers my sons pediatrician, my GYN and family doctor without prior authorization, and my Aetna Dental does not require me for pre authorization either. Your husband I am sure does not work for the same company as I do. Hence they probably don't have the same policy coverages. You bet wrong because this is not reimbursement, so you lost your bet there. The credit card by wageworks allowed the charge hence it is covered at the dentist, pediatrician, etc. But wageworks as they harass everyone to make excuses not to cover things even when receipts are being provided to verify that it was in fact a Dentist visit - everyone in America can't be wrong LOL

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  • Je
      Nov 16, 2011

    Not sure how to advise the public, all of the disgruntle wageworks customers, but we all should forward our complaints to the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE, with all of our complaints, only then can we stop WageWorks

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  • Du
      Feb 24, 2012

    I don't believe that what leftover funds that I don't use go back to my employer. Why would Wage Works send me a debit card with my $1, 000 that was taken FROM MY PAYCHECK to put on a card and sent to me in October - only to deactivate the card in December, not notify me and when I call to see the issue, I'm told I have 1 month to submit all my itemized receipts to them? Why wasn't I notified that my card would be shut off? Why would I have to take $1, 000 out of my paycheck from Oct-Dec, only to then pay UP FRONT for the co-pays and medical bills for my daughter to get reimbursed? Isn't that the point of the debit card? Wage Works is a scam and I will never use them in the future and also would recommend ANYONE I know to not ever use them!

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  • Ba
      Feb 25, 2012

    This may be what stephanyo is talking about:
    "A $100 monthly working spouse fee will apply if your spouse works full time and is eligible for medical coverage through his or her own employer buy enrolls in your J****medical plan as your primary plan. The monthly $100 fee is in addition to the regular premium for coverage. The $100 monthly coverage fee will automatically be assessed for employees and enrolling in Employee and Spouse or Family levels of medical coverage, unless you actively notify WageWorks that the fee does not apply in your situation for one of the reasons listed below..."
    I'll omit the rest of the form. Whether it's WageWorks or the Wisconsin-based business that's imposing this marriage penalty, it's undoubtedly a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

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  • Co
      May 19, 2012

    I have a question, I left the company I used to work for back on 4/5 and somehow I saw a deposit of pretax funds on 4/19, which was for the May benefit, so I figured okay maybe this came from the 2 deductions they made on 3/15 and 3/31. However, now I noticed that once again on May 19th they have deposited pretax funds in order for me to use them in June. I don't understand where this pretax funds are coming from. I no longer get paid, so who is making these deposits? My company told me to close my wageworks account, but when I called Wageworks said that I would have about 3 months to use a funds left in my account fromt he moment I stop working, that is the reason I decided to leave open. I really don't know what to do now.

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  • Dear WageWorks Participant,

    Thank you for your communication concerning your account issues. Your feedback is very important, and on behalf of WageWorks, we sincerely apologize for your experience.

    We recognize your level of dissatisfaction and would value the opportunity to resolve your account concerns. Please contact us at [protected] for additional assistance.


    WageWorks Executive Escalation Team

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  • Ne
      Jun 10, 2012

    Has anyone tried the email address for the wageworks "[protected]"? I ask because I am having major issues with them, and they claim I owe them over $1600 for VALID expenses which I paid for with my card. I won't type much more, because it is so similar to other stories... "somehow" the receipt is jacked and then all of a sudden you are submitting it after the deadline and screwed.

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  • Se
      Aug 09, 2012

    Dear Wageworks
    You don't care about customers experience with you. You cancelled my card till I send You a $68.00 recipt from my doctors office, REALLY!. What do you think I bought bubble gum with my card at the DOCTORS office. Well here is a news flash, they don't sell bubble gum. You would have to be an idiot to think a bill from a doctors office is not for medical expenses. Here is another one for you, I live a long way from doctors office, HIPPA prevents them from doing anything over phone so I have to drive there to get a reciept, Probably won't because it will cost as much in lost work and gas than it will save. So my solution is cancel wageworks and pay in cash.

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  • Wa
      May 22, 2015

    Horrible. They just randomly charged me fees, even when providing me no services. They refused to acknowledge it and claimed some fare hike which they had no evidence of.

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  • Fo
      Apr 15, 2016

    We received this card in the mail with an offer to sign up. Since we already have a different FSA card from my spouse's work, I was confused at what this was, hence I did the research and found myself reading here. I have several serious medical issues, so we opted to have the maximum deducted per paycheck-a little over $100 per paycheck for $2, 500 in the account per year. The benefit iis that money is removed pre-taxes. You just can't claim it on your taxes as you have already used it. It's annoying that any leftover amount is NOT rolled over, and is just "gone." That is probably standard in this industry. You have to be pretty good on anticipating your needs. We cannot use it for over the counter anything, and if somehow we forget the card and pay out-of-pocket, we are reimbursed by sending receipt in without a problem. From what I am reading, the main issues are money is not reimbursed to you after you pay out-of-pocket, and they seem ridiculous regarding documentation besides receipt. If more info, like doctor's notes are needed, our company must just be working behind the scenes and just dealing with the individual offices. I'm guessing they are unreasonable if the medical office staff becomes so bogged down by phone calls and paperwork that they refuse to honor this card at all. Life is too short to have this much aggravation from one measly transaction. Check with other employees in your company. If everyone is having the problems, type it up, outline them, have everyone sign, and submit to HR to change companies. It may cost more to contract with another company, but it may be worth it.

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  • Wh
      Jan 18, 2019

    Wage Works I put money into this account through my employer and Wageworks will not refund my remaining funds or pay my bills, my receipts are continuously denied they need to be stopped, they have kept at least 600.00 in the past yrs till now because they denied the receipts...Even an EOB...with a receipts...

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