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Wageworks takes your money and does not like to give it back to you or to appropriate doctors. They always deny claims and need more paperwork. They never try to help you and always insist that you need to do more. They are a terrible company with terrible customer service.


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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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WageWorks - Bad service
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
WageWorks - Customer service
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company left an official comment to this complaint.
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Jul 16, 2013 12:26 pm EDT

Here is how bad wage works software is. I have twin boys and if we take them for a physical on the same day wage works will reject one of the bills because their system will not except two bills from the same day regardless of the name of the patient. Wage works says that is just the way the system works and we have no plans to change it. Also when we owe money to a doctor wage works does not tell you where to send it. They get the bill with the return address and then say pay them without without tell us where to send the payment. I think someone wrote this software in their basement and started the company in their garage.

Jun 18, 2012 5:18 pm EDT

Wageworks the THE WORST company I've dealt with in the last 5 years.

Remember people they have YOUR money and won't release it for legitimate reasons. Hmmm, and if you don't spend it all at the end of the year, guess who gets to keep federal law no less.

This organization should be shut down for good. So awful is so many ways.

Apr 12, 2012 8:25 am EDT

I have had a WageWorks FSA card since 2008. I have never once had an issue of the doctor's office not accepting or being paid. Nor have I ever had any issue with being reimbursed for out of pocket medical expenses.
I even got Commuter card with them. The only issue that I initially had with that card was that the specific transit machine that I was used was not registered with WageWorks. Though this was frustrating to my moring commute, I could hardly blame WageWorks for not having every transit maching in the state in their system. After call their customer serivce the machine was set up and I was able to use it the very next day.
Most of what I've been reading seems to amount to not knowing how to use the products they offer. Also, it would be illegal for them to keep your funds. The use it or lose it is an IRS restriction because the government is greedy wants those funds. The IRS has tons of info on their site about health plans.

Apr 09, 2012 7:51 pm EDT

I HATE wageworks.. Everything from difficulty logging in to dealing with customer service. NOTHING is satisfactory. Since the beginning of the year I haven't been able to get any money out of the flex spending acct. Very few of the physicians in this area will even acknowledge the card and don't take it. Our dentist was the only one who had the technical set up for it and swiped the card. It said "Accepted". That was back in February and as of this date our dentist still has not been paid. Tried to speak with HR and they suggested I send Wageworks a "detailed" copy of the bill. I told them I already did that. Then HR suggested we find different providers. Wageworks is wholly incompetent and HR is telling us to find different doctors?!? How inappropriate is that?

Apr 05, 2012 6:24 pm EDT

I just used the card on 4/3/12 for a doctor appt copay and it was fine. Today, two days later, my. Card was declined at my pharmacy. When I called WAGEWORKS they told me someone called on 4/3/12 & requested a new card which means they close original card & I have to wait 3 weeks to receive card. When I informed them that I DID NOT call, they said it was too late & I would just have to wait. Where is the security process to ensure that only I can make requests? Also, they always request further info for my annual eye exam/glasses. I have a certain amount taken from my weekly paycheck for this account. Why should they question anything? IT'S MY MONEY! I am so frustrated with this company. I will see HR in the morning

Sep 01, 2011 1:49 pm EDT

ah i see that i am not the only one who is having an issue with this company! i have been getting the feeling that they are denying my doctor claims in order to keep the "use it or lose it" flex account money. i got an email @ 5:00 am this morning stating that they canceled my flex account card. i had also noticed that any of the bills i paid with the card were being rejected. so i called this morning and got a very polite lady from india on the phone. she said that they required 5 pieces of information for every transaction that is needed by the IRS. i told her that at teh doctors office they only have a Zaun machine (personal ATM card machine) which prints out a recipt. i asked her why should i even use the card then if it is going to be that much of a hastle? i did find out that you can submit your bills to them via a scanned upload to the website. which i plan to do in order to get my monies worth... but i am kind of doubting if it will get paid out. i told her that i was not upset at her personaly, but i was very dissatisfied with wageworks service and that i will not continue to use their service next year.

my thoughts on what they are doing is, they are denying peoples claims so the can garnish the money and keep it for themselves as they know there is a year limit, which would probably be the reason for the 21 day charge limit that i have been reading about.

Jan 21, 2011 3:42 pm EST

I am submitted claim form along with the receipt from the hospital to use my medical spending account that was controlled by the Wageworks, my request was rejected. And they did not bother to give the reason why they rejected it and what should I do to meet their requirements. The customer service people at Wageworks is so bad and so bureaucratic, it takes a good 5 minutes to reach a live parson when you call the number to contact them since you have to listen the message that is not for everyone; and when you talk to them you can feel the person do not want to help you, their are there just because they are getting paid. It is clear that they have wasted a lot of our time and money! Their existence is actually blocked our rights of having benefits, and paying them is a burden to our health care cost, it should be completely shut down. We do not need them!

Any one can suggest how can we stop using them? Complain to the human resources department of your employer? Lawsuit against it to bankrupt it? Or file petitions to government - congressman/congresswoman to shut it down?

We have to do something to eliminate such a costly agency that adding harassment to ourselves.

Jan 21, 2011 3:15 pm EST

Wageworks is so stupid and so bureaucratic that their exist is actually blocked our rights of having benefit, it should be completely shut down. We do not need them!

Any one can suggest how can we stop using them? Complain to the human resources department? Lawsuit against it to bankrupt it?

We have to do something to eliminate such a stupid agency to block our lives.

Dec 14, 2009 1:50 pm EST

Completely agree. I am on the phone right now with them.

My daughter was born 3 months ago and I still don't have my cards. First it was they hadn't received the paperwork from my employer, then it was "They are being processed", then it "was they are in the mail and you should receive them within 2-3 week" 2-3 weeks?!

Well, a month has gone with nothing. Turns out:

1) Oops, they misspelled the city name (but I think my post office would sort that out)
2) Oops, they didn't get my email correct. So, they couldn't contact me.
3) Oops, those cards were canceled. "Carl" can't explain why (though in his defense, he was very polite)

So now, they are going to send me out a new set of cards and I should wait 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, I can fillout a claim form and wait 2-3 weeks to process, then 2-3 weeks to get a check, then a week for my bank to process.

Oct 10, 2009 9:09 pm EDT

I knew I could not be the only one with a problem.
I have had other companies provide the same type of benefit admistration and never had any problems.
Wageworks is horrible and they charge 7 times the amout I paid when I worked for a previous employer with a different company ASI.
Wageworks blocks you and holds all the cards, when you try to complain they leave you on hold until your call drops when you are on a cell phone which is how we all do it these days.
If you do manage to get someone on the phone they explain how they are protecting you from the IRS well lemme see will they be in the courtroom when the IRS is after me uhhh I think not.
They hold your money hostage and hope you give up, along with that nifty little 5$ charge they slam me with constantly on the benefits visa card, they want proof withing 21days yet my doctors billing cycle is 30 days uhhh duh it is set up so you will constantly fail.
I have asked doctors and other providers for documentation and they are baffled that I am requesting it.
It is also totally freakin embarassing when you try to use the visa card and they deactivate it so you look like you cannot pay when they are just holding your money hostage!
Their policies like the 21 day when everyone bills on a 30 day is a scam, how can you fight that?
Tip Whiting [email protected]

Jun 23, 2009 8:04 pm EDT

Wage Works should be shut down, My wife was laid off by a company in Boston . They had us conatct Wage Works to faciltate the Health care portion of her severance . It took us 45 days to become enrolled into their plan, every time my wife called they would tell here to call her Employer. When she called them tehy said it was all set. Now here it is 3 + months later and they sent us a letter that our health care has bbe canceled since 4/30/09 due to non payment. Well they cashed over $960 in checks since then. All in all there should be a class action law suit filied against this company for all the pain and suffering they infict on GOOD Paying people.

Jun 03, 2009 7:19 am EDT

I just wanted to say that this must be the worse company I have ever dealt with doing business and what for an health insurance. Not only did they cancel my acct for a whole $1.49 but when I called in regards to this the supervisior was quite rude asking me "What my issue was"? I thought that was rude and inconsiderate of him and I went on with how the account was incorrect and how it has been incorrect for a long time. He went on to say "I am terribly sorry there is nothing I can do the account cannot be reinstated"! Then the phone went dead. First of all, all my coupons were incorrect to pay, then they accidently added my payment on to someone elses acct per the customer service rep that I spoke to. What kind of company is this that were all dealing with? I ended up calling the Dept of Labor and they were no help. They just simply said "We know about wageworks and other cobra administrators". Well if you know don't you think you should do something about them? The lady on the other end stated that she would look into it and get back to me. As you can see these so called administrators are paying off the Dept of Labor to keep there mouths shut and this isnt right. I wrote to the local and newspapers and the news channels about this and I filed a complaint with the attorney generals office and they also told me that this seems to be an ongoing issue because these administrators are popping up all over and your former employer is a writing this off on there taxes and not having to take any responsability for their actions. I do encourage everyone on here who is just like me and having these kinds of issues to please contact your local attorney generals office, newspapers and tv channels for a full investigation into these administrators and the Dept of Labor cause alot of us are being scammed for being out of work

Jun 01, 2009 10:55 am EDT

WageWorks is terrible. They just terminated coverage for me after I sent in a payment that was $100 deficient - only problem is that their coupon book had the INCORRECT premium amount. They sent me a final notice AFTER the deadline to pay in full had already passed, but they have kept the money that I sent in (which they claimed was deficient) and won't give it back.

They are an administrative nightmare and their policies are set up and designed to frustrate users and prevent the proper resolution from being reached.

Nov 18, 2008 6:08 pm EST

Wageworks should be called Wagebroken. I have been dealing with them to release my money to pay medical bills for over 5 months. We have sent them every receipt and paperwork they requested 3 times over just for them to then tell us that they made a mistake and that we had to send them over $280 in additional funds, due to them realizing that the bill was for a previous year. Turns out the doctor service was in Dec. of 2007 so we were not billed until 2008, but they said we should of had paid it all up front and have it reimbursed before the end of that year. Does this even make sense to anyone. We were not billed until 2008. What is the point in having the card. I just got off the phone and they could not find our paperwork. They cashed the check I sent, and they still can not release the pending status. I still do not understand why I had to pay the $280. and they will not release the hold of and additional $500. Would you beleive that the man I spoke was was so confused that he asked my to send the $280 again. I'm ready to scream and in the meantime I stand to lose over $800 of my money that was set aside for medical bills that are not getting paid.

Nov 10, 2008 7:11 pm EST

Wageworks doesn't work. If you get your money back, trust me, you will have earned it. You'll give your hard earned money to them and then work just as hard a second time with all their stupid paper work to get it back. Good luck!


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