WageWorks / dependent care account

United States

On May 21st I became eligible for Benefits through my employer, I signed up for the $5000 deductions for my son's daycare. He was born on May 29th. I went on leave May 29th, I was lucky because my company provided me with a paid leave of 12 weeks, therefore they deducted bi-weekly deductions from my paychecks while I was on leave. I returned to work, my son went to daycare on August 21st. I filled a claim for his daycare expenses of $1465.00, this was denied because it was not within the May 21st-May 28th period (clearly I would not be sending my unborn child to daycare during this time, that's why you have maternity leave). I would also clearly not be incurring $1, 369.98 in a week of daycare costs. It has now taken over three weeks for anyone to understand and resolve this issue. Very unethical given they are holding $1, 300 in expenses that I cannot get reimbursed for, I would NOT recommend this company for any employer, I have previously used Discovery Benefits, they have a very efficient.

Sep 26, 2017

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