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I submitted my Invoice for my husband's contacts because they requested I verify it was an legitimate charge... no problem. I contacted my Optometrist and the sent me an itemized Invoice for the contacts. I sent the form in and WageWorks sent me a notice they had received and processed the invoice. Well, I happen to log on to my account and still see the status of that $70 charge is "UNKNOWN." I contact them on the phone and they tell me the Invoice was denied. WHAT? WHY? We didn't understand the Invoice (SERIOUSLY? EVERYONE I SHOWED IT TO UNDERSTOOD IT)! So, I find myself contacting my optometrist to tell them WageWorks had employees that were not intelligent enough to understand a simple invoice and I needed a written explanation of what I received on company letterhead so they could understand it.
So, that is where I am at now. The thing that really annoys me is Wageworks NEVER bothered to tell me that Invoice was denied. They even sent me an email telling me it had been processed but not a denial! I assumed it was accepted! Anyway, it is another example of some people trying to find any way to denie a claim... they even went so far to say "we don't understand the Invoice."

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  • Lo
      Jun 19, 2009

    Wage works is totally not a customer service company. Even after talking to a supervisor, I got: I'm sorry thats not the way things work around here, nice customer service!!!

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  • Be
      Feb 02, 2010

    This story sounds very familiar. My invoice states "contact lenses - Proclear dailies" on a genuine invoice from my Optometrist, but apparently that, along with the firms name, address, phone/fax number, customer's name/address, date of transaction, description of service, and dollar amount before and after tax isn't descriptive enough to warrant approval. And again, no notification from Wageworks - just a note next to the website entry saying - Denied. Talk about lack of communication. When I phoned them initially they tell me they lost the invoice - surprise! so I'll have to send another copy. And if I hadn't phoned them I would never have known.
    I spend half my life duplicating copies of receipts for this company and they never do anything with them apart from lose them (even though I also send them recorded delivery so they can't blame the postal service for losing them). So naturally I'm upset that less than 2 weeks after sending the first receipt I'm already being asked to send a second one. So I ask to speak to a supervisor - hoping to reach some sensible conclusion to my problem. No such luck. She wheels out the old chestnut - your name isn't on the account I can't possibly talk to you!! Send a copy of the receipt and we might look into it one day! Customer service with attitude - nice.
    So this company has all my information on their files - including my social security number and even my latest gynae procedure (I had to send copies, so I think they've got them!) but they can't discuss the wageworks account with me 'for security reasons'! I've never heard such nonsense in my life.
    I sincerely hope their card covers the cost of blood pressure pills. The mere mention of their name makes my blood boil at the moment. I've dealt with some incompetent people in the past, but these people take some beating. They consistently offer bad customer service, little to no follow up on actions they request, and no means of contacting them apart from the phone.
    They do not offer customer service complaints services, complaints website or complaints address - I wonder why?
    Next time I receive a 'card verification form' through the post I might as well bang my head against a wall until it bleeds. The outcome will be just the same - if not slightly more satisfying - as if I'd followed the normal procedure of endlessly photocopying documents time and time again, and mailing them time and time again - all to no avail.
    Wageworks - Such a Great Idea - Wasted in Incompetent Hands!

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  • Ph
      May 20, 2010

    You should bang your head against the wall. How stupid can you be. Wageworks is following the law and we love the program where we work.

    Get your thumb out of your [censor] and log on and you can find the answers you need.

    I hope you end up in a call center to receive some of the attitude you most likely dished out to the reps on the phone. You make me sick.

    Get a life or move on.

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  • Ph
      May 20, 2010

    Right on! I have worked in the call center on the phones for over 5 years. All I hear is how I have destroyed someone's life.

    Don't you people get why call centers are all going overseas? It's becasue [censor]s that complain on this site first called into a call center and expected an hourly employee who makes minimum wage to solve your problem when they cannot because you are not following the program.

    People who complain, read the program before you call.

    If you don't like the program, don't use it. Save your time and a headache for the poor rep on the phone.

    P.S. I am going by the name "PhoneMonkey" because that is what I am considered in America.

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  • De
      May 31, 2010

    Hey Phone Monkey: You think you have it all figured out huh? Dont you think you should be taking Lauren or Edgars Job? I bet your skills and knowledge would be better then theirs. How long have you been working in the flexible spending dept? 5 years wowwww! Omg your so good! I wish I can be just like you! How far back are you guys behind on your data entry now wait wait let me guess 5 months now since open enrollment came into play? The offices in Arizona, Mexico, Utah, and wherever else are doing good? Here' s some good advice everyone if your having trouble dont ask for a supervisor cause they don't know what the hell there talking about half of the time ask to speak to the executive escalation team based in San Mateo trust me you will go further then now, get your human resources from your companies involved go back to them and complain and tell them to contact wageworks to see whats going on and ask them to speak to the project management team about their accounts? Ask the customer service rep how far behind are they in your paperwork? Trust me I guarantee you that your paperwork got there on time and tell that customer service rep or if you get a supervisor to get off their [censor] and go check in the data entry dept to see if they got your letter and when it will entered and updated. For the flexible spending people if you still are not getting the answers you want call the IRS and see how many complaints they received on WageWorks? Trust me I know theirs quite a bit! Good Luck on these tips!

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  • De
      May 31, 2010

    Btw phone monkey its people like you that make call centers look bad. No wonder why their leaving and moving overseas and going to Canada!

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  • Tr
      Aug 01, 2012

    I Have had the same problem, they did not notify me by email, as he receipt has stated when we oriented with them, found out my card was suspended due to verification of receipts. Receipts must be VERY detailed, which I think is a HIPPA violation, in order to get paid. Don't mind sending verification, but please notify me! Empyrean is a much better company than Wageworks. Having
    trouble understanding their reps. Call center - India! Our corporate wold must realize that they are major contributors to the american joblessness, but profits have a higher regard than humanity.

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  • An
      Oct 15, 2013

    This company is horrible...I work in the medical field understand my policies and I can't seem to get them to take care of an issue they have missed up on for over 2 months...I work for a company that sends things overseas and it kills me that others here may only end up with minimum wage jobs while the overseas companys get the higher $$$ jobs...I just want to speak to one person at Wageworks that can fix the problem without reading from a screen that they obviously do not understand. I have spoke to 3 supervisors and still nothing has come out of it...I am not sure why we went to this company Probably lower $ contract but I wish we would go back to Aetna if possible..I had no problems with them at all and I always spoke to some who understood the job they were doing.

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