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Wage Works Flexible Spending Agent / Will not pay claims with legitimate receipts

1 TN, United States

First of all, thank you for inviting me to fill out the online survey form. But it seems I didn’t qualify because of the limited number of characters I could use.

Moving forward, I would really appreciate if your representatives were more knowledgeable about Physician Office Protocols and how they operate in terms of the way in which receipts are distributed to patients and the way paperwork is processed. It is apparent that you are not taking the necessary steps to do a little research on this matter. I know I have certainly turned in legitimate receipts that were from my Primary Care Provider. And you continue to hassle me about the kind of receipt I’ve submitted. And then you suspend my card privileges. Honestly, I don’t know what else to do.

Question: Are your Representatives, your organization operating in compliance with HIPPA. I certainly hope so. You are negligent of my personal medical information. Who sees this information after it has been faxed to your company? Is it lying on someone’s desk for all to see? Is it being passed around for someone to process? These are questions that need answering.

Seriously, I would have never had money deducted from my paycheck had I known I wouldn’t benefit from participating in this tax savings program. This is an avenue I use to get the best health care possible with the benefit of saving tax dollars. Times are difficult enough without companies trying to scam and take advantage of hard working people (LIKE ME) who are doing what is ask of them. Are you doing what is ask of you? I sincerely hope you are and that you take this issue into consideration. Otherwise, you are merely operating under bureaucratic procedures. Please…

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