VW Passat / epc, engin light and etc.

CA, United States

I have a 2009 Passat with 30, 000 miles on it. First of all, it is an expensive car to maintain and not worthy of the price we paid for it.
Although, the salesman will continue telling you that it is "German Engineered” car, but Volkswagen can be piece of junk as any other cheap and disposable cars out there. Because of that, (German engineered) they sell the car with a highjacked price tag.
Is a sells pitch, the "German Engineered", if is from Germany that doesn’t mean that is excellent or a wonderful or even underbar - good product, is a German product with things that are wrongly made and VW continues reproducing the same problem over and over again, is a German product and that’s it.
If you truly listen to these salesman, the entire picture of the car becomes like if Germans are the best engineers on the planet and unable to make junk cars.
At the same time, it seems that Volkswagen makes these cars only to work up to 20, 000 miles then the problem of all kind starts where charges are ridicules, oil change for almost a $100 dollars, that’s ridicules, now think about it, a ordinary car oil change will costs you $30 dollars and run 3000miles, now presuming that you drive 10.000 miles per year you have paid $90 dollars, now with VW and after 30.000 miles is recommended that you change your oil every 5000.miles which would cost you $200dollars per year. Off course they (VW) would argue that VW uses synthetic oil, but the difference is only $5.0 - 10dollars depending where you buy your synthetic oil and who changing it for you.
Volkswagen Passat is made of tons of plastic, so I guess that's one of the reasons for not being a good car anyway. After 20, 000 miles, the entire plastic mounting inside the car starts making disturbing noises, from sunroof to dashboard, doors and Etc, then every other thing start falling apart. With not even a thousand mile on the car the EPC came on and the device needed to be changed, thank god it was under warranty, then the seat problem, heating and cooling problem and with 30, 000 miles, the engine light starts coming on. This is not a first time nor this car is first, there is tons of complain everywhere, in almost every sites on the web and is not about Passat but all and every VW models.

While we were driving on 405 the engine light indicating EPC - Electronic Power Control turned on. It slows the car down dangerously, especially when you drive on a left lane on a freeway at 60-70 miles and need to get out of the way and get off the freeway all together. Engine starts to die down rapidly, where 100s of cars are behind you and you can be hit at any time if you are not careful in your decision-making. This is the second time that happens to our car, I wouldn't recommend Volkswagen at all and for no one to buy such “German engineered junk”, if they are so good why cant they solve the problem once and for all.


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