VRL LogisticsWrong timing mentioned in the website and ticket

The actual arrival timing of VRL company bus from Hyderabad to Mangalore i.e. I-Shift Multi Axle Volvo A/C Sleeper is at 9.30 A.M, But they(wrongly) mentioned on the online ticket booking website is 8.31A.M. mainly to mislead the passangers. I travelled on 25th Jan giving more money thinking that it would reach Mangalore on 26th atleast by 9 A.M. The staff told me that the actual arrival timing is 9.30 am. and it will reach always after 10.30 A.M. Infact the other bus ORANGE had seats available for lesser amount Rs.1600. I paid Rs. 2536 for VRL mainly to reach early. But the bus reached late at 11.40 AM.

I request you to take action against VRL as they put wrong arrival timing mainly to attract and mislead passengers causing a lot of tension and inconvenience to the passengers.

Feb 02, 2017

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