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I am very displeased at Home Away at this time, I have followed all policies and rules only to miss a $3000 booking due to an error in your service. I had a booking from Nancy. She paid with a credit card through Home Away. I received an email stating that this was a high risk charge due to "charge backs" and that I should not allow her to stay at my property unless she provided me some other form of payment. I was also notified by your representative NOT to tell Nancy that they were not going to process the payment because of the charge back and that I should make up another reason for needing another form of payment. I requested another form of payment and when she asked why I told her her card was going to be declined and that maybe she could provide the site with another card. She was upset over the whole ordeal and stated that she had made other arrangements and would not be staying in my home. Nancy further advised that she had not used that particular card in a couple years and that there was no history of charge backs ever.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Spring Hill, FLNancy contacted me by phone and inquired as to why I have the funds for the rental where she is currently not staying, I advised Nancy that I was told that the card was declined and that the payment would not be processed. Nancy advised that she was told by Home Away that I would need to refund the money.
What kind of show are you guys running here. If there is a high risk transaction. WHY WOULD THE PAYMENT BE PROCESSED IN THE FIRST PLACE? Why do I have to be caught in the middle of something that Home Away is getting paid for? Home Away is supposed to provide not only the website and promotion of my property, but also be the customer service and money handler for all transactions. Now I have lost $3000 in bookings and potential for other bookings. My faith in your services is on shaky ground. Why was this transaction not handled by Home Away directly calling the potential guest and advising them that they maybe should contact there credit card company to resolve an issue before payment can be processed. If Home Away is going to take a fee for services, then please provide services worthy of the fee.
customer service was of no help and could not provide solutions to prevent this happening in the future.

May 10, 2017

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