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I have been a loyal customer who regularly made online payment of my singtel bills via vpost for several years, ever since vpost has launched their utility bill services.

A payment of $375 was made online via vpost to an incorrect account in december 2013. To my horror, I was informed by singtel that I did not make payment. I checked vpost and noticed that the account number was incorrect. How come I could make payment to wrong account number after so many years???

I called customer hotline and and they told me that they will look into this - they send me reassurance email telling me that refund/transfer to right account is underway. Today 'march 19th' - I checked with vpost and they told me that they cannot refund/transfer my singtel bill payment to my correct account which I had been paying for years. Why the confusion? Why is vpost breaking their promises? Where is consumer justice? Where is the 'lemon law'? Is it valid and extended through paying online bills through vpost portals?

Vpost should look into resolving loyal consumer matters. Nobody wants this to happen...

If the vpost is so reliable, why are they converting to mbox that focuses on bill payment? $375 is a big utility bill for me to pay and to put my faith and trust in vpost, and I get this lousy disappointing reply in mar. Now the payment was made to a 'phantom account.

I would now consider to queue up at singpost office and irritate the front desk counter who would have to put off with this paper work because vpost is irreliable. I got 'played out' by vpost who was my trusted utility bill vendor for many years.


Mar 19, 2013

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