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Volkswagen / help needed.

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To whom it may concern :

The number of people currently saying they will never, ever buy a Volkswagen car in light of my son's current experience grows by the minute. Thought you might like to know.

My son lives in San Francisco. We live in rural Wisconsin, formerly from Madison. His partner's family is in Chicago. This year he and his partner, along with their dog, decided to drive home for Christmas to visit friends along the way and see the Grand Canyon. He has a leased VW still under warranty, 2 years old (?). When they were in Nebraska, only 12 hours from Chicago, the car died. This was on 12/21 (?). Because the car is still under warranty, the service he contacted would only tow it backwards to Denver to be seen at a VW dealer. They said they would pick it up the next morning, so they spent the night at their own expense, and the towing truck did not arrive until the end of a very long day waiting. They got a rental car at their own expense and continued their journey, arriving later than had been planned. And the Dodge Charger they were given did not prove to be a good choice for snowy conditions, fish tailing often. Our Christmas came and went. When he finally heard from the dealer after Christmas, their first thought was he had run out of gas or had gotten some bad gas. A brilliant young man with a master's degree ran out of gas!? Right. Later, they told him none of that checked out and they needed a part that would take days to get, but the car would be ready on Friday. Our week long visit was cut short so they could pick up the car. When they arrived at the dealer and got in their car, the check engine light was on. While attempting to leave the parking lot of the dealer, the car died again just like it had originally. They have now been told the car will not be fixed until Wednesday next week. They are in Denver, supposed to be back at work in San Francisco on Tuesday. Returned their rental car they had to pay for. Now have a loaner from the dealer. Have to stay somewhere Friday to Wednesday at their own expense. This is a nightmare. And will the car even be fixed? They do not feel confident about that. Their fear is it will die again while driving from Denver back to San Francisco.

The service they have experienced so far is terrible. And the car's performance has given everyone a reason to question its reliability. I am hoping you might be able to offer some help for him. Would it be possible to negate the lease on the car and provide him with a replacement car? If it is not an easy diagnosis that cannot be easily remedied, that is problematic. And it would seem the cost of renting a car and having to stay overnight because of this should be refunded to him. Hopefully you will offer some help.

Thank you,
Linda Pelsoh

My son: Brian Pelsoh,

Dec 30, 2017

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