Volaris / volarís still got my money and did not let me fly to see my dying father for the last time on august 8, 2017

Santa Ana, CA, United States
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di not fly or. Ok with this company they did the most disrespectful thing to my mother who had bought a ticket and was at Ontario airport to take the flight to Mexico to see her dying father and couldn't lol due to there staff saying she couldn't board the plane she asked why and the answer was not given to her my brother took her so he is a witness of what the young lady did was laugh at my mother pleading to let her in the plane while the young lady laughed at her and said it wasn't her problem and that she wold not let her in. My mom had bought the ticket a day before her flight and paid for luggage that wasn't even on the plane also due that the young lady didn't care to let her go in . This company was in full blast on fb of what they did to my mother we had over more than a thousand complaints of what this company has done to people after that post went viral the airline asked fb to put it down and why I ask bc they rob people of their hard earned money . They even had the nerve to ask for my grandfathers death certificate to see if he really died we did sent it to volaris they haven't replied to my brother nor refund my mother.


Oct 22, 2017

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