Volaris Mexico / Lost luggage, poor customer service.. Stay off this airline!! The worst!

El Cajon, Mexico
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Honestly, it has been a nightmare to have to deal with volaris about them losing my luggage, my passport, besides I had to purchase a new airplane ticket since I wasn't able to fly out with out my passport, then I had to purchase new clothing plus the necessary things to be able to clean and be able to have a normal life and then had to deal with the headache of having to call your company for days, then weeks and then months!.

Seriously what a shame on volaris.

At this point all I want is to get my credit my money (Which is really just the value of my luggage, the rest of the stuff that I had in there, presents, new clothing, old clothes etc.. Are gone.. And pretty much it is like they stole my stuff with out having to have an actual person to take my belongings, seriously awful

I will recommend everyone that I one in my inner circle to stop flying through your company, that I the only way I can make up for the stuff that you guys lose and that never took the responsible ways to remedy this problem.. Anyway, adios volaris y hasta nunca

Credit back provided: $5000 pesos for all my problems!! Seriously?
Screw this airline, I will rather prefer to pay a little extra but have the peace of mind when things like this happen

Mar 20, 2017

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