Volaris / delayed flight keeping us hostage

Guadalajara México, United States

They delayed our flight because there was a mechanical problem, they didn't want to say what it was or they couldn't find out. Then it was delayed longer because who knows why... then we had to come to GDL (maybe they couldn't fix it) which they had transported us in busses that's a two hour ride then once we got to GDL they delayed the flight even more then they kept delaying the flight now our flight isn't until the next day. We were told that the Tijuana airport had informed the airport 3 hours before that they were not doing any flights because of the weather yet they placed us on a bus knowingly that we were not going anywhere. We were supposed to leave Colima to Tijuana at 2:00pm not only did we have to come to Guadalajara to take another flight after they told us they had no flight available for today or tomorrow, now you had a flight available for 5:30 am. I am pregnant, I have gastric problems and on top of that I still have to drive 2 hours to get home. I haven't slept I feel uncomfortable and they still don't want to compensate us for nothing. This is not the service as a paying customer should ever receive. Specially one in my condition. I just recently found out there is a little girl here traveling alone as well. This is torture if you cancelled the flight I would have booked something immediately to leave on another plane but instead you are keeping us hostage here. This is not right. They can atleast provide us with blankets since they are not paying for a hotel. My trip has officially been ruined. I'm coming back home stressed instead of relaxed and I don't believe this is healthy for my baby. What I need is compensation for this horrible experience because not only did you waste my time, and my time is valuable, but I'm suffering my stomach hurts and I feel very uncomfortable. It also breaks my heart to see the little girl traveling alone and not knowing what to do. We are all helping her but as a family airline I would expect more done from you. You need to do something to compensate for this experience. I have never recived service such as this. Instead of worrying what benefits you think about others. If you as a company loose out on money ow well, I'm sure you'll make it up don't keep people hostage.


Dec 22, 2018

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