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Every part of my journey with Volaris was met with problems. They tried to charge us money to check in at the counter even though we had to do so with luggage, so we stood in front of the desk and checked-in online. Then they denied that we had paid for checked luggage and tried to charge us again. The service representatives were rude at every point.
Then on the flight, the flight attendants were rude again and almost ran down the plane with the drink trolley (of course, you have to pay for everything with this airline) and when we asked to pay for a drink they were condescending and rude saying that they had already been past, didn't we see?
When we waited at the baggage claim, my luggage was soaking wet and had the shoulder strap next to it on the carousel. It is a Moroccan leather holdall and each handle was completely ripped off, so was the strap. So I could not pick it up without carrying it like a baby. I put a zap strap through the zip to prevent theft from my bag and the whole zip was ripped off.
There was no one from Volaris at the airport (after 10 pm) in Puerto Vallarta so there was no one to report this to. There was also no one from general customer service, just guards, and cleaners. I tried to get help but no one would help me. I took photos of my luggage next to the guard for proof.
I contacted Volaris through Facebook, Twitter, email, phone and their online message system. I first gave my story on their website but heard nothing. I eventually got through on Facebook, went over my story, and then they stopped replying. Then email, then Twitter, then a phone call. I was offered a 1000 peso voucher for a flight with Volaris. Nothing about repairing my bag or giving money towards new luggage. I have been over and over with them for almost 3 weeks now and they are doing nothing to resolve this problem that they created. I loved my luggage, I took care of it and it is no longer usable and they only offer me a tiny amount of money towards another experience with them??


Jul 20, 2018
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  • Kl
      Jan 10, 2019

    Booked my tickets 3 months in advanced and yet they decided to sell my tickets because I did not print my tickets 3 days in advanced although it was their website that would not let me!!! Because I was carrying an infant on my lap it asked me to check in at the counter and after 3 hours of standing in line they said there were no more seats. They managed to leave my family of 4 and another family of 5 behind although we both had infants, yet out luggage did make it to our destination without us, this is how they lost one of my bags. 3 days later, they have not gotten in touch with me and the numbers they gave me do not work. Their employees have the WORST customer care service and attitude. They were leaving people behind in every single flight this weekend in Guadalajara and said it was their right to resell tickets even when the flight was full and then do first come first serve! Never will we be using their services again.

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