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I joined slimming services in VLCC civil lines gurgaon branch pin-122001 on May13, 2017. I took a package of rs 38, 300 for reducing 10kgs. I asked for the bill but they postponed it for the next visit and kept on postponing. They never provided me the bill.
I suffer from severe medical conditions, for which I showed them the report as well and kept myself open regarding all my health issues. I was promised that I wil be provided with diet according to my medical conditions.
But from the very first day I joined the services my diet chart contained all the items I was allergic to. I complained against it continously but nothing happened.
The therapy I was provided, caused me a lot of pain and I continously complained about it.
So I decided to ask for refund after having a week of session. when I did so on May24, 2017 the staff, they were not ready to attend us, nor they were to listen to pur problem. Untimately after waiting for an hour in the waiting room, they attended us and misbehaved with us and abused us. I have also tried to contact with there customer support but here isn't any kind of response from them..

I request refund of the amount.

Jun 20, 2017

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