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Completely true. VITALS.COM is deleting negative complains( from real patients) leave on their website for doctor registered there. Only positive feedback is welcome. If a Dr was neglected or disrespectful with you, logically you are in all your right to complain and make others that are looking for references, the truth of an specific doctor. Shame on them.

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  • Su
      Dec 30, 2011

    Toads Tool: Did you check the other complains about Similar ehh?
    I said the truth and follow the agreement and proper words of the website. But later found out that the doctors have access to their profile and delete bad reviews. Good way to keep lies on a doctor profile in, just keeping the good reviews. I won't trust Vitals anymore when choosing a doctor by reviews.

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  •   Dec 30, 2011

    Contact the admin at the dr's place of employment and file a grievance.

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  • Su
      Dec 30, 2011

    Already did!!!

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  • Vi
      Jan 23, 2012

    We at Vitals apologize that you had any difficulty with our ratings system!

    As hundreds of thousands of consumers visit our site daily and thousands of consumer ratings are successfully posted during the course of each day, we assure you that the services we provide are legitimate. We do understand that on the internet the occasional unavoidable technical error occurs; in the event that you encountered any such error/difficulty with our site, know that we have skilled, dedicated customer care representatives on staff that will be glad to assist you diagnose and correct your problem.

    If you have not already, we strongly encourage you to contact our technical service department at [protected] and explain the difficulty or errors you may have encountered so that we can work to assist you in having your rating successfully posted to your doctors profile.

    We look forward to assisting you!

    Customer Care

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  • Ju
      Jun 01, 2012

    Looks like snowprincess is at it again. WOW! She is one nut case.

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  • Ju
      Jun 01, 2012

    Susan Mcoy, Goldsnake (??????), drAharonovisajerk, and snowprincess are all the same person. She's mad at a Dr. in Ca. and now she's posting negative comments about him under different Id's. She's doing the same thing to because they know she is a nut job and won't post her garbage. read her posts under her different Id's and you will not believe this person walks around with the rest of us.

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  • De
      Jul 25, 2012

    Well I am not the same person I found this on a search and it is true. I left 2 negative reviews for "doctors" that misdiagnosed my wife and were belligerent. Both reviews have been taken down by the doctor or vitals. This is a fraud. Do not trust Vitals as the information can be accessed by physicians and they can choose what reviews to delete!

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  • Ir
      Jul 08, 2016

    I also wrote a negative review about a dentist on When the dentist saw it, he called me. Within a week it was taken down. I have tried to contact Vitals several times by emailing customer service as well as phone calls with NO Response. Do not use Vitals for reviews.

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  • Ch
      Jul 22, 2016

    These comments, particularly from Julia Sedona, that insult multiple contributions posted by others, are outrageous. Whether someone chooses to post several comments or not, does not negate the veracity of the posts. Those I've read, are true to my same experience.
    The rude condemnations of the person Susan McCoy as being "a nut case", sound a lot like the emotionally abusive responses I got from the cosmetic surgeon who botched my surgeries twice... claiming I had a mental illness. Oh really? Tell that to the 3 other cosmetic surgeons I'd gone to for multiple "second" opinions, who wouldn't even perform corrective surgery, because they did not feel confident of the outcome of such a profoundly negative outcome of the surgeon, who... Has ALL FIVE star ratings on Vitals, where MY truthful, negative reviews were taken down each time I re-posted them! Further, I am a professor at a respected university, respected by my colleagues and students, and earned both my masters, and my doctorate from two of the nations most respected, Ivy league schools. So, as I was declared 'a nut case', as is the person being insulted for multiple postings of her LIKEWISE traumatic experience due to fraudulent representation by her surgeon, (and it sounds like it may even be the same as mine!), then it's likely that these all too familiar insults, are coming from the all too familiar source... the doctor or his staff. Or, if not, from ignorant contributors who would do well to read the plethora of submitted comments, by SO MANY victims. Are they ALL the same person? Ridiculous. People don't take the time to write and warn, about traumatizing experiences that are fabricated. What is the point? However, people DO take the time to write and submit false positive comments and reviews, for obvious contrived, beneficial outcome . Use common sense.

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  • Je
      Nov 03, 2018

    Please delete my review on about Dr. Avinash Bhakta. I meant to write a review on this doctor in Lexington, KY. Not Albany NY. Thank you so much

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