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Vitals will not update the phone number of our practice. This is a simple request that should be handled immediately. The purpose of their site is to provide the correct information, most importantly the phone number. We have gone down every avenue to change this on our own and through contacting them. They do not respond to anything and do not help in any way. Extremely disappointing.

Dec 05, 2017
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  • Go
      Apr 02, 2018

    They have my home address published instead of my pulmonary office address.
    They have not changed and will not take me off their website.
    Horrible and dangerous.

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  • Er
      May 08, 2018 is very suspicious. I've tried to understand who writes the reviews so we can contact them regarding their concerns. There is no way to do this and vitals do not reply to any emails I send to them. Is this an actual business? If it is, they should be shut down. Not good for Providers or Patients.

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  • Ma
      Jun 22, 2018

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