Vitalchekpaid for product I did not receive

Vitalchek claims to provide a variety of government documents such as birth and death certificates without the necessity of going through the regular state or county process. For this so called service they charge a great deal more than the various agencies charge.

What they don't tell you nor do they take any responsibility for, is the fact that what you are trying to obtain may not even exist, which is a gross misrepresentation of what they claim to provide.

I paid over $72 for a copy of my grand fathers birth certificate and after telling me that i would receive expedited delivery, i received a letter from the state of michigan 2 weeks later that the record does not exist. Direct communication with vitalchek is very difficult and they accept no responsibility for accepting payment for a product that they could not provide despite their claims to the contrary.

Avoid this company. Most states provide mail options to receive the documents you may require at considerably less money than this company.

Jan 19, 2015

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