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I spoke with a rep by the name of Yaiz Gonzalez from the Puerto Rico VitalChek dept regarding the status on my wife's birth certificate on 2/14/13 after receiving a letter in the mail stating that they could not find records to match the name in the system. There was a customer service number attached at the bottom of the letter to give a call with the right info. I call on 2/14/13 and have my wife speak to the rep. The rep informs her that they DID find the birth certificate and that it would be mailed out tomorrow via regular mail. My wife receives an email the next day confirming 2/15/13 that the birth certificate was mailed out by regular mail. She calls again the next day and speaks to a Maria from the Texas VitalCheck location to confirm that it's been shipped and they confirm yes it has and that there's no way to track it since it's regular mail. After waiting for a couple of weeks, my wife receives a call from a rep named Oscar from the Texas VitalCheck location that the birth cerfificate was finally found and that it just shipped that morning of 2/28/13. I call Oscar back to get more info as to why I received an email and was verbally told by two to three different reps that the birth certificate was shipped on 2/15/13 and he could not tell me why but only just reiterate that it was just shipped on the 2/28/13. So that means my wife was lied to!!! We just now received it FINALLY on 3/08/13 via regular mail after countless calling customer service and emails. This is my experience with VitalChek. If you don't want a similar frustrating experience, I advise you to look elsewhere to retrieve your government records. By the way, I don't understand why VitalChek charges upfront and then asks you to send in more documentation in order to find your record. Why not ask for all documentation first before paying so that if for some reason the business can't find the government record then you don't get duped out of your money.

Mar 09, 2013
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      Mar 09, 2013

    It would have been much faster, easier, and less expensive to go through your State Department of Health or Vital Statisitics whatever it is called there. You can either call them or go to their web site and find the information needed and print out a form that you could fill out and mail with a check or money order and within less than two weeks you would have the item you requested. Some states even have it set up that you can go to your country court house and get the certificates needed.

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